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  1. Datewise Upload
  2. History / Culture related
  3. Polity related
  4. Environment Biodiversity (EnB) Related
  5. Economy / Infra Related
  6. International Relations (IR)/ Diplomacy related
  7. Defense/ Security related
  8. Yearbook/Schemes related
  9. Fodder / Speech Summaries / Essay related
  10. Persons in News(PIN), Books-authors, Sports-Awards 2014
  11. Misc. Topics
  12. About the [Current] Series

History / Culture related

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Rajiv Ahir . Rajiv Ahir hindi

All incorporated under

  1. Tantric Worshipper Satvahan Kings
  2. Satvahan Architecture
  3. Buddhist Rock cut caves
  4. Chola patronized Buddhism too!
  5. Tipu sultan, Lord of the ring
  6. Bhagat Singh: Bogus FIR
  7. Tatya Tope: 200th Birth Anniversary
  8. Arab Serai: Restoration by ASI
  9. Buddha’s bowl in Afghanistan
  10. Padmanbhaswami temple Controversy
  11. Naduvattam jail, Tamilnadu
  12. Suhrawardi-Sarat Bose agreement | Bengal Pact
  13. Hoysala Temple Architecture
  14. Kirtinarayan Temple (Hoysala)
  15. Muziris Port
  16. Gandhi in South Africa
  1. Hazrat Mahal: 135th Anniversary
  2. JalliKattu: Guidelines by SC + Government
  3. Truckload of Harvest Festivals
  4. Anavaal pidi Ritual
  5. Gangaur festival
  6. Angkor Vat Google Street view
  7. Menhirs sites in Mizoram
  8. Rakhhigarhi-the biggest Harappan site
  9. Australian Nataraja
  10. Tablighi Jamat
  11. Rani ki Vaav, Patan
  12. Bara Imambara
  13. Anayottam race
  14. Timbuktu mausoleum
  15. Ghadar party & Transvaal March [Mains Answer-writing]
  16. Sculpture @Sarnath
  17. Stree shakti purshkar
  18. Pratihar Mint in Haryana

Polity related

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Laxmikanth English . Laxmikanth Hindi

page under construction,you’ll find the links under soon.

  1. EVM Totalizer: Form 20 vs Voter confidentiality
  2. Electronic Voting Machine (EVM): Basics
  3. President didn’t cast his vote
  4. How pays for Lok Sabha election?
  5. Code for Compulsory Costs
  6. Pramati Judgement: RTE doesn’t apply to Minority schools
  7. Plight of paramilitary forces
  8. RPA Section 126-A and 130: Modi’s Selfi
  9. Prasar Bharati Autonomy
  10. CBI needs no Prior sanction
  11. Lokpal selection rules
  12. Chief Justice of India: Fixed tenure or not?
  13. Judicial appointment commission
  14. [SC order] Mother tongue education in Karnataka
  15. [SC order] Kerala Dam law for Mullaperiyar is void
  16. Supreme Court guidelines on Sting Operation
  17. NR MadhavaMenon Panel for Sarkari Ads
  18. Transgender rights, SC Judgment
  19. CAG right to audit Private Telecom companies
  20. Section 376/E of IPC: Death Penalty in Shaktimill
  21. Relevance of NIA? (federalism/internal security)
  22. Twin Nominations in Election
  23. Voting rights of Defence Personnel
  24. Manual Scavenging
  25. Primaries method- why #Epicfail in India?
  26. RPA Section 8 vs. Law commission’s recommendation
  27. UID Biometric data= Not for solving crime
  28. Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT)
  29. Indelible ink: Principle
  30. Booth Officer
  31. Benefits of registered political party
  32. Snatching Deposit
  33. RPA: Media coverage related provision

Environment Biodiversity (EnB) related

  1. Polavaram Project
  2. Kudankulam: 1000 MW mark
  3. Star Tortoise vs Olive Ridley Turtle
  4. [Newfound] Dancing frogs in Western Ghats
  5. Lake Kolleru & its bird sanctuary
  6. Hyacinth: hazard to fishes
  7. Jhum cultivation: pros and cons
  8. Avalanche Mitigation
  9. Jackfruit =Food security in Climate change
  10. Mattu gulla & Vengeri brinjals
  11. Vulture restaurant
  12. More birds: Short eared Owl & Houbura Bustard
  13. Mangar forest NCZ
  14. Rainbow warrior 3
  15. El Nino, its impact on Indian Agriculture and Monsoon
  16. 15 Indian birds globally endangered
  17. Biodiversity Management Committees
  18. Japan’s Scientific Whaling
  19. Railsaver: IT platform
  20. Robber crab-Habitat destruction
  21. Long billed Vultures
  22. Olive Ridley Mass Hatching lights OFF!
  23. Moving Gir Lions to Madhya Pradesh: pros and cons
  24. Cess on Diesel Cars to fight pollution?
  25. Sahara Dust Storm in London
  26. IPCC latest report
  27. is it the time to close Digboi refinery?
  28. Rhino Poaching Problem vs Dehorning solution
  29. Great Himalayan National Park: UNESCO nomination
  30. Western Ghats: Draft notification
  31. Chagos people: Rehabilitation
  32. Natural Aerosols: effect on Monsoon

Economy / Infra Related

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Ramesh Singh Hindi . Indian Economy Ramesh Singh 6th Ed

  1. Banking rights for Bachchaa Party
  2. Bancassurance: Reena Benerjee Committee
  3. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC)
  4. What is Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)?
  5. Enforcement Directorate: role in FEMA vs PMLA
  6. [WTO SPS Agreement] EU Ban on Indian Mangoes
  7. [Banking] HDFC Bank vs FIPB: Foreign investment Problem
  8. [Banking] Cheque Bouncing: SC guideline for faster case trial
  9. [Banking] RBI- Public Key Infrastructure in Online Banking
  10. IMF Quota & Governance: Need for reforms
  11. Crowdfunding- Need SEBI guidelines
  12. Bifurcation of CMD post in Banks
  13. IRDA’s highway ambulance pilot project
  14. RBI: Monetary Policy April 2014
  15. GI Tagging & EC model code
  16. Predatory pricing by Aviation Companies
  17. BIS New labelling guidelines for Electronics
  18. SEBI ordinance
  19. Bank of India: Instant Money Transfer Scheme
  20. EPFO- Permanent Account Number
  21. Green E-Clearance
  22. RBI: RFPI = FII + QFI
  23. RBI: more banks can import gold under 80/20 rule
  24. CPSE-ETF Exchange Traded Funds
  25. State GSDP: Chindu feels something fishy
  26. Gas Pricing postponed on EC order
  27. Three more Industrial corridors
  28. DMIC project launch in UP
  29. NTPC new power projects

International Relations (IR)/ Diplomacy related

All of the following topics covered under

  1. Ukraine crisis basics explained for non-UPSC exams
  2. Syrian Rebels to get Non-Lethal aid from UK
  3. India’s stakes in Syria
  4. Geneva II conference
  5. WIPO structure functions and Marrakesh Treaty for Visually Challenged
  6. ICJ structure functions and Marshal Islands case against India @ICJ
  7. Pakistan: Conditional NPT signature
  8. US report on Indian Counter Terrorism measures
  9. D8: USA: Work permit to H1B Spouses
  10. Fair share from Teesta?
  11. India Bhutan Love n Hate over Hydroprojects
  12. Sino-India BDCA Pact
  13. FACTA Treaty India US
  14. Israel-Palestine: HAMAS-FATAH Unity Deal
  15. UN Security sector reforms (SSR)
  16. UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace
  17. Maritime Silk Road (MSR) policy?
  18. What is Project Sagarmala? and Port Infrastructure bottlenecks
  19. What is NEW Cold War?
  20. Afghani get Russian weapons on Indian money
  21. India’s No First USE policy for nuke weapons- should we update it?
  22. Arab Integration- What is it? Why do we need it?
  23. UN ECOSOC: Structure functions
  24. Rwanda Genocide & French involvement
  25. Reforms in MEA/IFS?
  26. Arms Trade Treaty, India’s Stand, Ratification
  27. Sino-Indian partnership in Afghanistan post NATO withdrawal
  28. Chinese Democracy = won’t work, says their President
  29. Palestine wants to join UN bodies
  30. Obama’s NSA reforms
  31. Navy War-room leak & Transfer of Technology contracts
  32. Sri Lanka Resolution: India Abstains
  33. Mohan’s Foreign Policy
  34. MFN Status for India
  35. Railway link to Arunanchal Pradesh
  36. Exercise Komodo
  37. Indo-China: Economic Dialogue and IT Pact
  38. Rohingya illegal migrants in India
  39. USA hands over ICANN to world
  40. MH 370 & Anti-hijacking Policy in India
  41. Tourist visa on arrival
  42. Energy coop with Sudan + USA
  43. BIMSTEC Summit @Myanmar
  44. India UAE BIPA

Defense/ Security related

  1. [Internal security] Chhattisgarh attack
  2. TROPEX-2014

Yearbook/Schemes related

India Yearbook English . India Yearbook Hindi

  1. PPP in TB
  2. Nirbheek Revolver
  3. OTBA scheme
  4. Minorities related
  5. Youth/Sports related
  6. Polio Vaccine Lelo yojana (for foreign tourists)
  7. BRGF: penalty for delay in release=penalty
  9. Primitive Tribal groups (PTG)
  10. One less Rajiv Gandhi Scheme

Fodder / Speech Summaries / Essay related

  1. (Essay Fodder) Role of Cinema (from President’s speech in National films award)
  2. VP-Speech: Education related Essay points
  3. VP-Speech: Culture, Diversity, Democracy
  4. Pranab @CRPF
  5. Pranab @Health conference
  6. Pranab: International Women’s day
  7. VP about WW1
  8. Mohan @BIMSTEC summit
  9. Mohan @MSME

Persons in News(PIN), Books-authors, Sports-Awards 2014

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Lucent GK English . Lucent GK Hindi

  1. [PIN-2014] Part 1/6: National- Official Posts, Committees, Stamps-2014, Defense, Telengana & more
  2. [PIN-2014] Part 2/6: International- Presidents, Prime ministers, Summits, bodies & Ukraine Crisis
  3. [PIN-2014] Part 3/6: Sports, Mascots, Athletes, Awards, FIFA-2014, Sochi-2014, Grand Slams, Hockey, Kabbadi, Cricket & more
  4. [PIN-2014] Part 4/6: Economic Regulators, Banking Sector CMDs, RBI monetary policy, RBI Committees, Business GK CEOs
  5. [PIN-2014] Part 5/6: Books, Authors, Movies awards & Beauty Pageants
  6. [PIN-2014] Part 6/6: Diaspora, Civilian awards & Dead in News, Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, Padma 2014, Able Prize & more

Misc. topics/Sports type

  1. Should we stop National games?
  2. Sports-New format of Hockey

About the [Current] Series

These compilations will contain summary of

  1. PIB.NIC.IN (Almost all important topics)
  2. TheHindu (only selected topics)
  3. IndianExpress (only selected topics)

These [Current] compilations will NOT contain following:

  1. Person in news (PIN) / Sports related data because it’ll be put under separate [PIN-2014], before SSC CGL re-exam.
  2. Sci-tech related items, because they’ll be separately done in sci-tech compilation.
  3. Long Topics that require standalone full-fledged articles e.g. Ukrain, capital account liberalization or xyz other big topic.
  4. Clichéd topics and ball by ball commentaries.


Just because will release weekly current affairs, doesn’t mean you are free to stop reading newspapers. This is mere supplement and not substitute of any newspaper. I’m not covering each and every MCQ worthy topic here. Just a few that I feel most important ones.

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