[Location Factors] Timber, Paper & Pulp Industry: why developed in Northern Hemisphere High Latitudes?

Prologue overview of factors Types of industries Timber Based industries Factor: raw material Factor: River Factor: River direction Lumbering on commercial scale: Canada commercial lumbering: temperate vs tropics Paper-Pulp Industry Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway [...]

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[Location Factors] Commercial Fishing Industry: Why concentrated in N.America, Europe, Norway & Japan?

Commercial fishing (Europe+America) VS Asia VS Southern Hemisphere Norway Japan Continuing the [Location Factor] articles series for UPSC General Studies paper 1. Commercial fishing: Location factors Why is commercial fishing developed in middle to higher latitudes of Northern hemisphere? [...]

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[Location Factors] Why Cotton & Textile industry developed in Osaka, Manchester, Lancashire, Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Cotton and textile industry Climate factors Mumbai, Maharashtra Osaka, Japan Industry Ahmedabad, Gujarat Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Manchester & Lancashire industry American cotton industry Chinese textile industry: Shanghai In the previous article, we saw the factors responsible for location of Lumber, [...]

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[Location Factors] Milk & Dairy industry in USA, Europe, New-Zealand : near & away from market

Dairy: Near & Away from Market Dairy: New-Zealand Dairy: Europe Dairy: Africa=non-existent Dairy: USA Regional specialization: ice cream/cheese/butter In the previous article, we discussed the geographical factors affecting the location of wheat and corn cultivation & allied industries. In this [...]

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