Excel File Containing Current Affairs, Topicwise

🗯🙋‍♀️Q) Above Excel thing is not working/displaying

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🗯🙋‍♀️Q) Frequently asked questions by students / candidates / visitors?

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🗯🙋‍♀️Q) What is the objective / use behind this?

  • In these videos, I am providing daily current affairs commentary – what topics are important for the competitive exams in India such as:
  • 🔠- Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) UPSC civil services exam for recruitment of IAS IPS and other Group-“A” officers – including its Prelims, Mains, Ethics- Case Studies for GSM4
  • 🔠- Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam for recruitment of officers in Army, Navy, Airforce, AFCAT exam For recruitment in Indian Air Force, Central Armed Police Forces  (CAPF) for recruitment of officers in BSF CRPF ITBP and other services
  • 🔠- Staff Selection Commission for recruitment of group “B” & “C” staff in Central services
  • IBPS, RBI & SBI exams  for recruitment of officers and clerks in the banking services
  • 🔠- State public service commission (StatePSC) Exam for Class1, Class2 officers
  • 🔠- UGC NET Exam for qualifying research Scholars and assistant professor. and more

🗯🙋‍♀️Q) Why should I read the newspaper? When so many learning websites are providing free CA-PDF files Covering the entire month’s current affairs?

Ans) Yes, you may read CA-PDF, but in addition you should also observe the daily English newspaper because: वैसे तो VisionIAS, IASParliament, Vajiram etc पूरे महीने की CA-PDF डालते ही हैं उसको भी आप देखते रहे. लेकिन रोजाना अंग्रेजी अखबार भी पढ़ना चाहिए निम्न कारणों से →

  • ✅1) you can remember, recall and connect the points in a better manner (Daily 10 almond x 30 days = 300 almonds body can absorb. BUT if eating 300 almonds in a single day= Body cannot absorb All the nutrition.) पूरे महीने की 300 बादाम एक ही दिन में खा लोगे तो शरीर पर उसका असर दिखेगा नहीं। रोज थोड़ा थोड़ा पढ़ोगे तो लंबे समय तक याद रहेगा
  • ✅2) Helps you gather interview related points about your state, graduation, hobbies (cricket, football, chess etc) for the UPSC interviews
  • ✅3) Help cultivating clean vocabulary, grammar and language proficiency for the MCQ/essay papers.
  • ✅4) Even for non-IAS exam SSC/IBPS/CDS etc exam ask ‘find grammar/spelling error in sentence’- You can easily solve it, if you have habit of reading formal English on daily basis.
  • ✅5) Provides Case studies and quotable quotes for the ethics paper (in UPSC IAS Exam)

🗯🙋‍♀️Q) Should I make notes from a newspaper for the IAS Exam? खुद से नोट बनाने चाहिए या नहीं?

Ans) You should make personal notes for:

  • ✅✍️interview specific information related to your hobbies,  home state,  graduation related current affairs development,
  • ✅✍️quotable quotes for essay /  ethics (GSM4 Paper)
  • ✅✍️Optional subject  (e.g. e-governance project case study- for public administration optional)
  • ✋✍️Do not waste time making notes for general studies- Polity – new bills/acts, science technology, environment, International relations (E.g. New government scheme, G20 summit, ISRO satellite launch etc) Because many e-learning websites provide the free monthly current affairs pdf file covering those things. While it is to the lot of that content is not important for exam but you can easily grab 5-7 good points out of them for writing in 150-250 words limit in real exam
  • ✋✍️Do not waste time making notes for Economy- Because I am providing comprehensive exam oriented handouts for Economy- targeting UPSC-2021. You can join my unacademy plus course use 🔖coupon code “Mrunal.org” for an extra discount!🤑 (Registration URL: https://unacademy.com/@mrunal.org)

🗯🙋‍♀️Q) Which newspaper to read for the competitive exams? Indian express or the Hindu for the IAS exam?

join Pratik Nayak's History courses for UPSC and use coupon code Mrunal.org to earn 10% discount in unacademyShort answer: if south India= theHindu, if north India=Indianexpress. Because,
  • If you are located in Non-South, Non-Delhi states such as Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, etc then Indian Express state specific coverage (page 3-4) is better and useful for UPSC interview related to your home-state. Whereas the Hindu not covering them exhaustively. हिंदू में दिल्ली के अलावा वाले उत्तर भारतीय राज्यों की खबरें कम होती है लेकिन यूपीएससी इंटरव्यू में आपके राज्य और प्रादेशिक खबरों के बारे में पूछा जा सकता है- ऐसी परिस्थिति में इंडियन एक्सप्रेस बेहतर है
  • All the current affairs pdf file-walla are covering The Hindu newspaper exhaustively in their monthly PDF. So if you are reading Indian Express you are learning something new Which may not have come in the Hindu newspaper.
  • Economy coverage in Indian Express is relatively better than theHindu newspaper.
  • Since the last one and half year Indian Express is also providing exam oriented coverage sometimes even better than theHindu newspaper.
  • and most importantly, In collaboration of ICICI sponsorship, Indian Express is providing free e-paper through this link https://pdf.indianexpress.com/icici/ whereas theHindu demands ₹₹ even for accessing its web-articles after five articles limit.

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