Essay Topic list for UPSC Civil service examination

[Essay] No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. — HERACLITUS

✍️[EssayPoints] No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. — HERACLITUS कोई भी आदमी कभी भी एक ही नदी में दो बार कदम नहीं रखता, क्योंकि [...]

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[Essays] February Week2: Equidistant diplomacy, Strategic Autonomy without Military Alliance, Censorship & Moral responsibility

Diplomacy & globalization Democracy & Development Society, Culture, Religion GS4 Diplomacy & globalization Strategic autonomy and no military alliances: the two tenants of India's foreign policy. India's growth and development agenda requires Equidistance diplomacy with all major powers of [...]

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[Essays] January Week2: competitive vs. cooperative federalism, God above all gods, Suicide- a social shame

Democracy, Development Globalization Society, Culture GS4- Ethics Democracy, Development The simultaneous need of competitive federalism and cooperative federalism. (Modi says both necessary.) Humour and freedom of expression: two important markers of a healthy democracy. (Context: protests against PK movie [...]

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[Essays] January 2015 Week1: Religion-A form of Enslavement, Market Oriented Education, Constructive Criticism

India, Democracy, Development Diplomacy, Globalization Religion, Society, Culture Education and research GS4: Ethics Paper Write essay on following topics in 1500 words each. India, Democracy, Development Importance of constructive criticism in a democracy. (Modi says criticism prevents democracy from [...]

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[Essays] December Week4: Apoplectic Secularism, Syncretism, Spiritual Alzheimer, Pragmatic Diplomacy

Democracy and Development Globalization, Diplomacy Science, Education, History Society, Culture, Religion GS4: Ethics Paper Democracy and Development Essay list for December week2 and week4 will be released soon. Apoplectic secularism, paranoid minoritarianism and repressive majoritarianism in India. Democracy is [...]

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[Essays] November Week3: Garrison Governance, Dignity of Labour, Rationalist Thinking, Age of Knowledge

Globalization, Diplomacy India, Democracy, Governance Ethics, Good governance, Accountability Science-Education Frontline Fodder Nehru Essays Globalization, Diplomacy Secularism: The compelling necessity for today's world. 21st Century: An age rich in promise, An age full of challenges. (Modi in Australia) The [...]

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