1. Studyplans for Aptitude Exams
  2. Percentages, Marked Price, Discount, Bank Interest
  3. Number System
  4. Averages, Alligiations, Wine-Water
  5. Time Speed Distance Work
  6. Trigonometry for SSC & CDS
  7. Permutation Combination Probability (PCP)
  8. Reasoning: Syllogism
  9. Reasoning: Others
  10. Aptitude Answerkeys
  11. Comprehension English reading
  12. Statistics for Mains

Archive page for all the aptitude, Maths, English, reasoning related articles published for CSAT, SSC, CDS, CAT and other competitive exams

Studyplans for Aptitude Exams

UPSC CSAT Prelims Paper 2

  1. Comprehension and Reasoning
  2. Mathematics & Data Interpretation: high priority topics
  3. Decision Making + Mathematics: Medium & low priority topics

Bank PO & Clerks

RBI jobs

Staff Selection

CDS Combined Defence Services

  1. Maths Paper: Number System, Quadratic Equations, Surds, Indices, Linear Equation (Part 1 of 3)
  2. Maths Paper: Percentages, profit-loss, Simple,Compound Interest rate,Time,Speed,Distance,Work and Statistics (part 2 of 3)
  3. Maths Paper: Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Area, Volume, Perimeter (Part 3 of 3)


Percentages, Marked Price, Discount, Bank Interest

Fast track to objective arithmetic

Number System

Averages, Alligiations, Wine-Water

Time Speed Distance Work

Trigonometry for SSC & CDS

This topic is Important for SSC, CAT and CDS exam. Not asked elsewhere.

Type#1: Height-Distance Questions

Other types

Permutation Combination Probability (PCP)

Was a hot topic back in the 90s era. But nowadays hardly any question come from this.

Reasoning: Syllogism

MK Pandey

Reasoning: Others

RS Aggarwal reasoning

Aptitude Answerkeys

Comprehension English reading

Objective English

Statistics for Mains

This is no longer part of UPSC syllabus but still some state service class 1 class 2 exam have it. So, use it accordingly.