UPSC Topper Ms.Ishani Pandya’s Lecture Series on Indian Art and Culture

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Mr.Pratik Nayak’s Freedom Struggle Lecture Series

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Freedom struggle स्वतंत्रता संग्राम

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1
Weighage Mains-2014: GS-1

Indian Art & Culture by UPSC Topper Ishani Pandya भारतीय संस्कृति

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1
Weighage Mains-2014: GS-1

Old NCERTs Ancient India

  1. [OldNCERT] Ancient India: Geographical Background of Ancient Indian History and Civilization
  2. [OldNCERT] Ancient India: Modern Historians of Ancient India: Utilitarian School, Marxist School, Nationalist School
  3. [OldNCERT] Ancient India: Sources of History, Paleography, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Archeology
  4. Left the article series, because Tamilnadu Class11 Textbooks have parallel coverage on ancient India similar to Old NCERT. You can download them for free via

Mrunal recommends these books for competitive exams

Spectrum History

For Freedom struggle topic in UPSC prelims & Mains, use this.

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Alt Text

उसी अंग्रेजी किताब का हिंदी संस्करण. UPSC-प्रारंभिक एवं मुख्य परीक्षा के लिए उपयुक्त.

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Lucent GK English
Lucent’s| GK

For non-UPSC exams like SSC Tier1, ACIO etc. this book is sufficient

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Lucent GK Hindi
ल्युसंट| सामान्य ज्ञान

उसी अंग्रेजी किताब का हिंदी संस्करण. यूपीएसी के सिवाय की परीक्षाओ के लिए काफी है.

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[World History] Mrunal’s “Jack Sparrow” series

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1 (Not in syllabus)
Weighage Mains-2014: GS-1
  • Timeline World History
  • Timeline World History
  • Timeline World History
  1. Gandhi in South Africa, Transvaal March, Zulu War, Boer War, civil rights movement
  2. Imperialism and Colonialism: Meaning, Factors responsible
  3. Imperialism & Colonization: China, Japan, Asia, Boxer Rebellion, Open Door policy, Sphere of influence
  4. Imperialism & Colonization: Africa, Scramble for colonies, Paper Partitions, Slave Trade, Boer War
  5. I’ve been unable to finish remaining ‘episodes’ of this series due to time and man power constrains.

[World History] Old (पुरानी) NCERTS

World History: Mock Q&A

Bipan After Independence
Bipan Chandra
Post Independence

Sufficient for UPSC Mains General studies paper1 Topic “Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country.”

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Post-Independence India

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1 (Not in Syllabus)
Weighage Mains-2013: GS-1

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Answerkey with Explanations

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  2. [Mains-2013 Answerkey] Culture Questions Sangam, Chola, Tandav & Studyplan, Booklist for UPSC Mains-2014
  3. [Answerkey Mains] 2013: Freedom Struggle Qs: Dalhousie, Women, Foreigners & Studyplan, Booklist for UPSC Mains-2014
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