1. Prologue
  2. Vice President as President?
  3. Governor’s Power
  4. Campaign manager
  5. Election Commission related
  6. Freedom of Expression
  7. Judicial overreach
  8. Polity: Sasikala, RPA, PCA


  1. Like any other daily wage laborer, I find seasonal employment as mock interview panelist after declaration of UPSC Civil Services Mains result.
  2. Here is the partial compilation of the questions for this year, from polity and Constitution:

Vice President as President?

Q.Who is Dilma Rouseff?

Ans.Sir, she is the president of Brazil.

Q.”is” or “was”?

Ans. sorry sir. She was president and then impeached on charges of corruption.

Q. In some countries, if president is impeached or dies, then VP becomes president for remaining term. Do you think we should do it in India, to save cost of election? Should we have similar system in India? It’ll save cost of re-election before expiry of tenure, after all, president or VP is having a ceremonial role?

Ans. Yes sir, definitely, we should do it. [MISTAKE jumping to good conclusion. Because in India, electoral collage of President and VP are separate. President represents states also.]

Mock Interview Questions for UPSC

Governor’s Power

  1. During election season, state governments pass bills to legalize residential encroachment to gain vote bank of the people living in illegal colonies. If you’re governor and such bill is passed by SLA what will you do?
  2. Preet Bharara is a US Attorney appointed by President Obama. After Trump became president, he ordered Preet to resign, but Preet did not, so he was fired. Suppose you’re a governor in any state and after general election, a new political party comes at centre and the new home minister conveys via his Secretary over the phone to resign, will you do it or not?
  3. In a speech, PM Modi asked Governors to act as catalyst agents of national development. Given that Governor is mostly a ceremonial head, how can he do this? [Hint: administrator of Scheduled areas, Speeches as VC, during his at-home program on 26th January and 15th August he can invite and honor citizens who’ve done some good work for the community etc.]

Campaign manager

Q. Who is Prashant Kishor?
Ans. He is an election campaign manager/strategist.

Q. Campaign managers are hired in developed countries, do you think it’s a good sign for Indian democracy?

Ans. Yes sir definitely. [MISTAKE, he’s jumping to good conclusion without taking pause for 3-4 seconds to think this over..and now starts the grilling]

Q. Prashant Kishor helped Modi in 2014 General Election and JDU in 2015-16 Bihar election but then failed in UP election to help Congress Win. Don’t you think he’s like a wedding event manager without ideological loyalty, and doing this activity for money? Don’t you think hiring such consultants further raises the cost of election for parties and after winning, party will try to recover the cost by indulging in corruption?

Ans. unsatisfactory.

Q. Who is Irom Sharmila, why did she get only 90 votes? As friend, would you have advised her to hire a campaign manager?
Ans.No sir. [MISTAKE, now grilling starts.]

Q.Irom Sharmila was defeated for her inability to mobilize resources and reach people in effective manner. She did not have election experience like BJP/Congress persons have. So, Irom should have hired a manager. Don’t you think so?

Q. What is the skillset of an election campaign manager? He may also have to do backdoor negotiation and secret-alliances with other parties, yes? Then Who will make a better campaign manager- a retired IAS or retired IFS?

Ans. unsatisfactory. Common Mistake is- if candidate has given first preference to IFS, he’ll say IFS. But, it depends on nature of work – IFS may be away from grassroots political structure, unlike an IAS from the given state-cadre.

Election Commission related

Q. Tell me something about contempt of court?

Ans. Sir, it can be used against a party a) not obliging by the court order or B) criticizing judiciary in such manner that it can spread disaffection among people against judicial system.

Q. Do you think election commission should also be given power this power. After all, some parties saying EVM machines hacked- such allegations spread disaffection among people to go for voting/ participate in democratic election?

Q. What is EXIT poll? What are provisions in Representation of People’s Act 1951 related to this? EC has ordered 15 district’s election officers to file separate FIRs against Dainik Jagran for publishing UP Exit poll. Do you think it’s an ‘over-reaction’ by EC? Otherwise why don’t they file single FIR at any one station?

Freedom of Expression

  1. Famous photojournalist Nick Ut had photographed a naked girl running away from napalm attack during Vietnam war. Won Pulitzer prize. But Facebook removed this photo, for obscenity. So as a lawmaker, how will draw a line between journalistic or artistic freedom vs vulgarity or hurting feelings of a group? What are your views on the ongoing controversy about Padmavati Movie?
  2. San Francisco NFL quarterback sits in during Anthem to protest against police atrocities on black. will you do something in India? Suppose an Indian athele does it, then as Sports secretary will you consider stopping TOP (Target Olympic Podium) scheme funding to him? Why did India win only 2 medals in Rio Olympics despite this TOP scheme?
  3. CM Fadnavis brokered the 5 cr peace deal between MNS, and Karan Johar to secure peaceful release of movie Aie Dil Hai Mushkil. CM justified himself saying, “why should I allow tension in Diwali, when people and police want to enjoy Diwali, instead of wasting time in badhobast.” do you agree with his stand?

Judicial overreach

  1. What is the difference between Judicial overreach and judicial activism?
  2. Who is Ramchandra Guha? He is a critique of IPL and its ‘tamaasha’. SC appointing him in BCCI Committee. Given his views on the IPL matter, Mr.Guha may try to internally dismantle this revenue generating activity of BCCI. Would you consider this as an example of judicial overreach?
  3. In Spain, Bull-fighting is allowed. But in India, SC has banned Jallikattu despite popular sentiment in favour of this sport? What are you views?
  4. Justice Jasti Chelameswar refused to sit in collegium meeting citing lack of transparency. Fali-Narmian says he should better resign and then complain, rather than stalling the proceedings with his absence. What are you views? If you’re in place of this justice, what will you do?
  5. Prison administration comes under State list. Recently, SC ordered Shahbuddin to be transferred from Siwan jail to Tihar Jail. From where does Supreme court get this power? [Hint Art. 142].
  6. Out of 10 cases coming to appeal in Supreme Court, 9.5 are from Delhi and 2.5 from Kerala. One of the many reasons being Kerala person can’t afford transport cost for every hearing to Delhi, justice is costly for them. Should we then up regional benches of SC? What are the provisions in Article 130 and 136?

Polity: Sasikala, RPA, PCA

Q. Tell me something about V.K.Sasikala.

Ans. She was a confidante of Jayalalitha and convicted for inappropriate assets.

Q. Inappropriate assets or disproportionate assets?

Ans. Sorry, disproportionate assets.

Q. Where can I find the definition of disproportionate assets?

Ans. sorry sir.

Q. It’s given in prevention of corruption act.

Ans. ok. [MISTAKE: “ok” nahi “thank you sir”, because panelist himself giving you the answer.]

Q. So for how many years, she’s debarred from politics?

Ans. 10 years

Q. where is this provision given?

Ans. sir, in prevention of corruption act, exact section I don’t know. [MISTAKE: bluffing because it’s given in RPA]

Q. Then What is Lily Thomas Case?

Ans. sir, in Lily Thomas case, SC had ordered Government to implement this 10 years ban. [MISTAKE: again bluffing. Lily Thomas case is ‘MLA/MP will be disqualified immediately, no need to wait till he exhausts appeal structure till SC.]

Q. Suppose after 10 years, Sasikala comes to your house seeking vote for local municipal councilor election and says “I’m a changed person, and I want to reform the system, please give me second chance.” will you give her second chance or not?

Ans.No sir, I’ll first prefer other candidates without criminal background, otherwise I’ll opt for NOTA.

Q.(Counter) if you don’t give second chance to a criminal who has served his term, then he’ll be forced to go back in criminal activities.

Ans. Sir, if a person convicted in DA case has served jail term and then starts a restaurant or handicraft business, I may purchase it to give him livelihood opportunity. But allowing them another shot at public office, is something I would prefer to avoid as a voter.