[Internal Security] ISIS Islamic State, Left Wing Extremism, North East Insurgency, Communalism, Secularism Revision by Pratik Nayak

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Mrunal's Win22 Series for Economy Updates for UPSC Prelims & Mains 2022
  1. Prologue
  2. IR1/P1: ISIS-Islamic State-Rise & Implications on India’s security
  3. IS1/P1: Internal Security-Naxal Movement & Left Wing Extremism in India
  4. IS1/P2: Internal Security-Insurgency in North East
  5. IS2/P3: (Self Study) GS1: Communalism, Secularism


  • Mr.Pratik Nayak (CEPT University) will be covering selected topics from Internal security and International relations for the Mains examination revision.
  • Lecture Videos available under: Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel
  • Powerpoints Available under Mrunal.org/Download within that you go to “Mains Revision Folder”=> Internal Security

IR1/P1: ISIS-Islamic State-Rise & Implications on India’s security

ISIS Islamic State

  • Difference between Shia and Sunni, and the background of their conflict
  • Understanding the Middle East
  • Fall of Ottoman Empire- Sykes Picot Agreement
  • Iraq History and Rise of Saddam
  • Reign of Terror for Shia and Kurds
  • US Invasion of 2003- Civil War and Ethnic Cleansing of Baghdad
  • Role of the Government in 2006 – Tripartite Agreement and New Constitution
  • Protest Movement
  • Background and Parallel Developments in Arab Countries
  • Rise of ISIS and Syria’s civil war
  • Reasons for rise of ISIS
  • ISIS’s organisational Set up, geographical reach
  • Global Strategy to tackle ISIS
  • Implications and policy options for India

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/8wwk4fLn834

IS1/P1: Internal Security-Naxal Movement & Left Wing Extremism in India

left wing extremism & internal security

  • Kautilya’s  Arthashastra on how the state could be at risk from different threats
  • Major Challenges for India’s internal security
  • History, Timeline and Ideology of the Naxal
  • Reasons for Growth of Naxalism
  • Organizational Structure and financial resources  of CPI(Maoist)
  • Cadres, military and Arms of the naxals / LWE Extremists
  • Geographical Reach and Cross border linkages of Naxals
  • Cross Border Linkages
  • Andhra Model for combating naxalism
  • Response by the Government to naxalism and future strategy

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/GxBtxJpcods

IS1/P2: Internal Security-Insurgency in North East

North East insurgency Naga accord

  • Conflict in North-East – National, Ethnic and Sub regional
  • What is India doing against insurgency?
  • Reasons leading to insurgency
  • Major Insurgents groups in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Manipur
  • Insurgency in Nagaland
  • Insurgency and Autonomy Demand In Assam
  • Statehood demands in Assam – 1. Bodoland 2. Karbi Anglong 3. Dimaraji 4. Kamtapur
  • Insurgency , Secessionist Demand and Autonomy Demand in Manipur
  • Insurgency and Secessionist Demand in Mizoram
  • Reasons for the existence of the Armed Ethnic groups
  • State Response to this conflict and way ahead
  • North East Vision 2020

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/TdPBnJqRPCI

IS2/P3: (Self Study) GS1: Communalism, Secularism

This was not taught in the lecture due to paucity of time, but powerpoint has been uploaded, so do self study.

  • Definition and characteristics of Communalism
  • Steps to Communalism
  • Factors responsible for growth of communalism and its impact on Indian society?
  • How to fight against communalism?
  • Globalisation and its effects on Communalism
  • Definition, History and rise of secularism
  • Positive and negative aspect of secularism
  • Features of Western Model of Secularism
  • What is Indian Model of Secularism?
  • Gandhi and Nehru’s views on secularism
  • Why India adopted Secularism?
  • Is India a secular country?

Next lecture: Revision of PM Modi’s foreign visits during 2015.
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