How to donate to Mrunal foundation?

Mrunal foundation is registered under Registration of Societies act 1860. Reg.No: GUJ/2388/Gandhinagar
To donate, please visit SBI Collect facility at
donate to Mrunal Foundation

  • Select “Gujarat” State; Select “Charitable Institutes” and Click “GO”
  • Next page: Select from Charitable Institutions: Mrunal foundation, and click on “Submit”

donate to Mrunal Foundation

  • Select Payment category: “Donation”, fill up name, address and other details and submit.

donate to Mrunal Foundation SBI Payment Form

  • IMPORTANT: DONOT USE COMMAs (,) in your address box. Otherwise, it’ll give error “invalid address”.
  • At present, the donation given to this foundation not eligible for income tax deduction, But the file process is ongoing to get such status.
  • We cannot accept donations in foreign currency or foreign sources.