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“RAFTAAR” tag means

  • Only HARDCORE UPSC-Prelims oriented preparation.
  • PhD intellectualism will neither be taught, nor I’ll entertain such questions from students.
  • If I do not teach a topic, it means it is either
  • Topic Not important for exam – because 1) technical/BizGK 2) ball by ball commentary 3) PHD 4) Outdated for 2023-24 5) out of fashion in latest exam trend
  • Topic Maybe little bit important, but poor cost benefit in terms of amount of time invested to learn it versus the probability of getting asked in real Prelims.
  • Topic Maybe important for Mains but not for prelims
  • Topic is still in the nascent / developing stage, and I’m waiting for the next budget and economic survey or govt / parliament / courts to give the final verdict about it.

Economy-PCB9-RAFTAAR-PRELIMS ONLY Course Philosophy

Target Target-2023 Target-2024
Economy for Prelims ✅Done (PCB8: Nov to Jan).
If you missed then sit in PCB9.
Starting (PCB9: Feb to May)
2022-23 Free Updates (Win23) Need to study (Feb to May) ✋No need to study. It’s EMBEDDED in your PCB9 handout/PPT
MicroEconomics for Prelims Need to study (May’23) Need to study (May’23)
Economy for Mains Need to study (Jun-Aug’23) Need to study (Jun-Aug’23)
2023-24 Free Updates (Win24) ✋No need if u get selected Need to study (Feb’24 onwards)


Note: You don’t have to pay extra for any course. All of them embedded within your subscription just like Netflix.

FAQ1: You are launching the Mains Course very late. I will not get enough time for revision!

Ans. Economy for Mains is not that big. UPSC asks questions mostly centred around the reparative themes of GDP, Inflation, Unemployment, Inclusive Growth etc. which is not more than 10-15 lectures worth maal. Nonetheless, if you are in hurry to finish it, then go through the previous recorded course PCB7.

FAQ2: Why have you kept microeconomics separately?

Ans. In last 10 years only two MCQ have been asked. YET, it requires minimum 5 hours of lecture video and 20 pages worth of handout. It breaks the speed / ‘raftaar’ for Prelims syllabus completition. So kept it separate. In May-2022, if you have time, go through it, if you want to take risk of skipping it- to finish other subjects, then it is your decision.

Economy-PCB9-RAFTAAR-PRELIMS:– Coverage

Topic Covered in this course?
THEORY Economy for Prelims (EXCEPT Microeconomics)

Þ NCERT Economy Class11-12

Þ Tamilnadu TN Board Economy Class11-12

Govt schemes, Ministries and Departments YES
Current Affairs for Economy upto 2023-Feb YES
Current Affairs/ contemporary issues of Economy:

– Last 10 years’ Budgets and Economic surveys upto 2023

– Exam worthy economic issues/events since Independence UPTO 2022-Oct e.g. LPG Reforms (1991), Bitcoin (2009), Demonetization (2016), IBC Code (2016), GST (2017), PM Gati Shakti (2022) etc

Þ Budget and Economic Survey 2023

Þ Current Affairs after 2022-Oct

PYQ (Previous Years Qs) YES
Practice Questions / Mock Test Yes on Wednesday

Revision flow for PCB8-RAFTAAR

1st Reading of handout After a classes over, Read pages which I completed in the lecture
1st Revision Before the Wednesday quiz
2nd Revision Before the 100 MCQ megaquiz at the end of the course.
3rd Revision during Feb to May-2024 parallelly while I am running free lecture-PPT-Handout series Win24 to give you free updates for budget and economic survey 2024 and other annual current affairs updates of economy.
4th Revision / Glance Over 2-3 weeks before the real Prelims in May-2024

💲Economy Reading List / Self Study List:

  • ✅Mrunal’s lecture series and its handouts for Theory, Contemporary, and Current issues.
  • ✋✋No need for NCERT 9-10 or Class12 Micro/Macroeconomics or Old NCERT or Tamilnadu State Board textbooks.
  • ✋No need for Ramesh Singh, Sanjeev Verma, Nitin Singhania, SriRAMIAS or any other book/material. All embedded in my handout.
  • ✋No need for NITI Aayog reports/ World Bank Reports etc. Important aspects covered in handout.
  • ✋ No need to self-prepare Govt Schemes. They’re covered in this course / handout.
  • ✋ No need to self-prepare Ministries and Departments. They’re covered in this course / handout.
  • ✋No need to self-prepare current affairs of the past months. All embedded in handout
  • ✋No need to self-prepare economic current affairs for future months – they’ll be embedded in Win23 Series of FREE lectures and Handouts.

To improve vocabulary & expression skills for Mains you may do following:

  • ✅# NCERT Class 11 Indian Economic Dev. Yes Read it.
  • ✅# After my course is over, read Introductions and conclusions of each chapter of vol1 of all economic surveys from 2015 onwards from (But need not do for Economic Survey which was published in 2022-Jan. Because it does not have such a great content)
  • ✅# Chief Editor’s Desk (Preface page) of last 2 years’ Yojana & Kurukshetra magazines.

🏛🎙Instructions for Live Class

  • If audio/video stuck then refresh page by Ctrl+SHIFT+R; If electricity / internet outage, fear not, because recording will be available in your account.
  • Keep following things ready before the class (1) Handout PDF saved in your harddisk. No need to take printouts. You may get them printed after Corona is subdued. (2) Pens (3) Unruled A4 sized pages. Don’t staple/spiral the pages or printouts, so you can add more blank pages in future to add your own thoughts/answers.
  • If doubts in lecture itself, notedown in paper/diary → Ask in Google query form after class, which I’ll reply in a combined PDF file on weekly basis. (गूगल फॉर्म से मिले आपके प्रश्नों का साप्ताहिक क्रम से जवाब दिया जाएगा, निश्चिंत रहिए!)
  • To Download Handout:  (🔖Discount Code: ‘’)   → click on ‘updates’ button → a sidebar opens → download from there.