1. Details
  2.  Education
  3. Introduction
  4. MCQ Paper
  5. Essay/Descriptive paper
  6. Physical Test
  7. Interview
  8. Tempo
  9. Service Preference
  10. Career Backup
  11. Wisdom
  12. Marketing Propaganda


Name Dhanjeev kumar (Shrivastava)
Rank in CAPF-2012 227th
Roll No. 153430
Age 23
No. of previous attempts in CAPF Nil
Home town/city Raxaul
Work-experience if any Active in family business(in vacations)
Details of other competitive exams, including success/failures- It was my first competitive exam.
Details of coaching for any competitive exam (if taken) I never had been in any coaching , thanx to habbit inculcated by Navodaya vidyalaya
Hobbies, Extra Curricular Activities, Achievements I’m movie buff ,  fan  of cartoon and animated movies ,teaching , Panchayati (local name for conflict resolution) ,UN Goodwill ambassador on social site (created facebook.com/igwa2013)
Do you have NCC certificate?- no


% in class 10 86%
% in class 12 70%
Schooling (Medium) Hinglish
Graduation course and % B.Tech(ME) -72%
Name of college and year of passing out GGSIPU-2013
Any professional courses


Q. Tell us something about yourself. When and why did you enter in the competitive exam field?


I am an Atheist and it is what which draw me more closer to underprivileged and have nots .

Studied in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya( east champaran)  the place nurtured my personality , I owe it most . Further I joined flock of Engineers(say sheep) went to GGSIPU Delhi done b.tech and stiil waiting for my final degree (that’s why I m in provisional list). I cannot give credit for my alignment toward UPSC xams to a single event…there was a series of event right from participating in Anna ji’s  aandolan , visits to slum area , reading books over contemporary issues , and even pics posted over facebook shaked me up…by now I have a thought and have decided to do something to realize my thoughts and I m striving for the cause.

MCQ Paper

Q. List of Essential books and tips for success in the CAPF written exam?

I dnt know which book I actually preffered but for sure I had exhaustive reading of Last year que. Although the pattern nw is more dynamic , one should go for Last year question first make a list of certain area like- defence , river proj. , commissions , budget ,viceroys ,UNO ,books n author , person in news , artists with specialization, NP & BR and unesco sites in india, overview of international disputes etc

The habbit of exhaustive newsppr reading is of immense use in essay writing as well as for current affairs(if done honestly hansom no. of que. of polity,history,geog. , S&T , Envn. Sci….can be solved by this habbit)

  1. Polity – laxmikant( I did it from my copy)
  2. Geography – NCERT  (upto 12th)
  3. History- NCERT(-do-)
  4. Science – NCERT (upto 10th) ,
  5. Economics- make notes from NCERT ( 11 ,12th)
  6. Current affair- I prefer chronicle over PD (1 year)- dn’t waste much time I did it in 2 days before xam all 12 monthly releases( provided u read newsppr daily or watch DD News)
  7. Walk or travel with keeping mind and eye open
  8. keep lucent beside ur pillow for revision or overview
  9. Last but not least – don’t miss any article of Mrunal ji , my room is in mess bcoz of him…all around my room is print out of his articles (you can read softcopy , I’m technically challenged that’s why I needed hard copy)

Essay/Descriptive paper

Q. How did you prepare the Essay, grammar, précis and report writing

My habbit of newspaper reading now gave me the fruit. I was aware with the structure of all type of writing from my school days as we had very good English teacher…. I just filled the skeleton with my views and data. As I had no time for writing practice , I made my mind for direct attempt in xam hall…. It was disaster – I was too slow too finish all paper ,the 2 precis writing remained untouched (30 marks) , the consequence of which is clearly visible( my Rank-227)

Lession – writing practice is must for good rank.

Q. In CAPF-2012 Exam, following essays were asked. Which essay did you write in and what keypoints did you include in it?

  • Emergence of regional parties and its effect on the federal structure of India.
  • Population stabilization—India’s critical need.
  • Migration from neighboring countries to India and its socio-economic impact.
  • The role of technology in coping with challenges to internal security.

My choice was population stabilization.

First 45 min. I spared structuring the whole essay(I took much time bcoz it was first essay I was writing after school days but one should not take more than 30 min)

  • Intro- started with “ to feed 9 billion mouth by 2050 we  will need to produce as much food in next 40 year as we have in 8,000 yr”-UNO then importance of population as HR , Russia has MR but not HR , japan has HR hence developed its MR…..population not nurtured is nt resource but a luggage….as india has
  • Body – pressure over health sector, housing , over agriculture , pollution and finally over Govt. exchequer….etc
  • Conclusion- need to control and whatever is should be nurtured for greater demographic dividend…because there is something that can not be mend

Q. In CAPF-2012, they asked counter-arguments for following, in 75 words. Please provide your answer.

argument your counter argument
(i) FDI in retail in India is a bane for a small trader. Gave data of 30% procurement from small indst. And only in cities with 10 lac population and for a country like india with huge population it is like drop in ocean.
(ii)  Control of social media is an anti-democratic proposition. Gave the view that with every freedom comes sm discipline and with every right comes duty.

Physical Test

Q. To pass Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), what preparation did you do at home? Where was your PET held? How was your experience, share some tips.

I was regional level volleyball and kho-kho player…have athletic body so it was nt tough for me. Morning & evening track running with stopwatch for 20 days ….in initial days I was scared of my timing but by time I managed.

The commandant for my PET was fortunately the person whom I hv known for 5-6  years , whom I later mentioned in my interview.


Q. What specific preparation did you do for the interview? Who was the chairman? Provide the list of questions asked in CAPF Interview. (and if possible, the answers as well). How was the overall interview experience? And any tips for future aspirants.

No preparation at all . I was confident that they would’nt allow me for interview as I had no degree but luckily I received a call from UPSC ( I was at home completely involved in family business) saying send us 7th semester result and come for interview…I was left with only 10-15 days  , I don’t know why but I decided not to prepare much as I had no one around me to help . . . being regular newspaper reader was aware with current events , just googled my sports liking , state , …and nothing spcl becoz I had one thng in my mind that they will give good marks only I have that quality which they are searching for and that quality cannot be inculcated in 10-15 days.

  • d-day – 26 july ; table 6 ; certificate checked—I was supposed to be debarred but they allowed me saying just have a experience of intrvw , ur candidature most probably would be cancelled.
  • As my candidature  was almost cancelled (due to not being graduate) I by nw was out of any feeling of fear…was taking care of all paintings in waiting hall (I was stupid).
  • My call I rested on chair outside chamber waiting for callbell to ring…meanwhile I confronted a bhojpuri speaking gardener and we share few laugh and my mind got recharged…( these act should nt be imitated I was doing bcz I was nt serious)
  • My call
  • May I cmin
  • Chairman- rajni razdan madam (I had already googled abt her )
  • CM- sit … so mr dhanjeev wt is ur roll no.
  • Me- confused ……….153430
  • M1- u r engnr , why police service ?
  • Me – in school days I was influenced by an SSB commandant of btlion adjacent to my school campus.
  • M1- wt quality of him influenced u ?
  • Me – his horse riding….pause ,every eye on me !…..further his social responsibility toward neighbouring villages.
  • M1- full form of cllg , and why delhi.?
  • Me- told , delhi bcz I had no other option …..etc
  • M1- what do u think of indo-pak relation ?
  • Me-both cntry has immense economic potential for each-other , should solve their contention by bilateral talk….etc (he was nt happy as he wanted firm step from my side like war thing , and I went diplomatic)
  • M1 – tell me smthng about naxal issue ?
  • Me – told him abt red corridor and that the govt. policies has less penetration in tribal area making them economically vulnerable( every eye on me ) creating a vaccume and that vaccume is being filled by naxals.
  • M1- then tell me hw we can increase penetration?
  • Me- its not tech. issue its moral issue. We often start putting allegation over higher authority for any irregularities , but the lower strata of govt( clerck , babulog..) keep themselves aside who are actually at public interface…they also should be accountable for their duty….citing example of chapra mid-day meal incident.( All happy)
  • M2- u r mechanical engr ?….wht will u do in uttrkhnd flood as an engnr.
  • Me- I told him about transit problem , people are stuck at single place with no food and water….as an engnr will find temperory transit option….etc
  • M2 – you r from Nepal border , what is problem there?
  • Me- I told him about my real life experience of nt being checked by Indian check-point , it may provide route for terrorist . ( india has open border treaty with Nepal) further Chinese involvement in infra. Development but no initiatives from india ….etc (all happy)
  • M3 – u r from JNV system…what is unique abt it ?
  • Me- told him about 3 lingual system of navodaya and rural education.
  • M3- ur hobby is cartoon…hv u ever been at any exhibition ?
  • Me- no sir
  • M3 – name 3 cartoonist?
  • Me- pran of chacha chaudhary…..forgot other.
  • M3 – name 3 animated movie ?
  • Me- in comfort zone (with smile)…hw to train ur dragon , kung fu panda , up(for Oscar)
  • M3 – wht is prblm of autombl industry in india ?
  • Me- paused……sir we do nt expand over R&D just import tech from other…..etc
  • M3-why GOI is angry over autombl industry?
  • Me- sir I dnt know but may I guess. ?….(YES)…there might be tax evasion from them…..( all laughed )
  • (I answered a lot  no but still I was in good mood)
  • M4- mr. dhanjeev I hv been at ur hm town…(he started narrating his journey then suddenly..) there is a ashok pillar 29 km from ur city name that?
  • Me – sir nandangarh lauria pillar
  • M4- over same road few km north there is forest area ?
  • Me – sir that is Valmikinagar
  • M4 – wt is it
  • Me – sir, it is national park , and tiger reserve too , updated him with no of tiger there.( all very happy with my navigation skill)
  • M4- again few km in north ( I was about to say – no more north sir pls) inside Nepal , hv u heard of narayani river project…?…who is engineer of tht project
  • Me- sir I know about river but no idea about project
  • M4 + M3 – the engnr is from ur delhi area.. u know him..( I thought wht the hell they were talking , hw could I know !)
  • Me – E. Sreedharan ? ( only name of engnr I hv ever known)
  • M3 +M4 – named sm goondappa…(I dnt remember)….they further narrated their story for few minutes…(I with smile and straight vertebral column was listening them)
  • Cm – mr dhanjeev u can go now
  • Me – thanku mam….left chair and shut the door with smile after exit

Q. How was interview: normal, stress, mixed? Did they ask any uncomfortable questions, if yes how did you answer it?

Interview was very normal . if u r not under stress no question is uncomfortable.

Be very much honest bcoz members sitting are very much professionally competent.

If u dn’t know answer politely say I don’t know sir , they will not mind.( prefer using “we” rather than “ I “ )


Q. How did you maintain the study-mood, motivation and tempo throughout this period? There are ups and downs- phases of mood swings, sometimes boredom and even depression. How did you fight that psychological battle? On an average, how many hours do you study?

–  Nothing ! Nothing! Nothing !……just watch an animated movie  and chill .

Study as many hr as u can , dnt gv stress to ur little head ( xam time may ask 10-11 hr ). Its easy you can do it !

Service Preference

Q. What was your service preference order (CRPF>CISF>SSB etc) and why did you pick up the particular order?


It was suggested by one of my senior currently an IAS officer in bihar .

Career Backup

Q. If you were not selected, what was your career backup plan?

I m very good businessman….my family business is always open for me.


Q. Through this journey and success, what wisdom did you gain about competition and life? What is your message to the aspirants?

It is start point of my journey.

WISDOM = intelligence + experience

I have little intel. (I m not narcissus) and experience I will gain from now on.

One intresting thing I came to know is that for many upsc exam ratio of recommendation is less than (1) , it means vacancy is enough but we are not “LAYAK” ….we lack somewhere , mind it !

Dear Aspirants , I m great believer in “ whatever u think of urself – u became the same” ….so think you are good and you can do it man !

Marketing Propaganda

Q., Did you use Mrunal.org for your preparation and if yes, how did it help you?  And you can even reply “No”. I’ll publish your answer as it is.

For sure mrunal.org is one of the best site for conceptual reading…his way of representation is in such a “THETH” (real life example)  manner that any new player can play it safely. Mrunal.org has contribution in my success.