1. CAPF Topper Profile
  2. Education
  3. Introduction
  4. Electronic Vs Paper material
  5. Tempo and style
  6. Working professional
  7. GS and Aptitude paper
  8. Accuracy in GS paper
  9. Descriptive paper
  10. Four Essays
  11. Argument For-Against
  12. Report writing?
  13. CAPF Physical Efficiency Test
  14. Interview by UPSC Pan el
  15. UPSC Interview Transcript
  16. After the interview
  17. CAPF Marksheet
  18. Service preference
  19. UPSC CSE-2013 experience
  20. Career Backup
  21. Wisdom
  22. Credit: Friends/family
  23. Bogus Marketing Propaganda

CAPF Topper Profile

Detail Input
Name Ajay
Rank in CAPF-2013 173
Roll No. 293613
Age 28
No. of previous attempts in CAPF 0
Home town/city Village- Jhanj Khurd , City Jind (Haryana)
Work-experience if any 3.5 years Industrial Experience in 3 companies( Escorts ltd. , HMSI (Honda motor cycle and scooters india ltd. )Manesar , MSIL(Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Manesar)
other competitive exams

including success & failures

  1. 2013 Civil services (Prelims Not Qualified)
  2. S.D.O interview in environmental pollution control board not qualified(Haryana Public Service Commission)-2013
coaching/postal material (if used) ALS  Institute (Mukharjee Nagar)
  • Hobbies
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
Playing Cricket , Puzzle Solving

  1. Participated in National level Event “ JK TIRE BAJA 2009” ( All terrain vehicle fabrication and testing event organized by SAE , JK Tire , NATRIP & Mahindra and Mahindra)
  2. Coordinator of technical events ( ATV ) at college level.
Do you have NCC certificate? NO


% in class 10 89.17%
% in class 12 80%
Schooling (Medium) Up to 10class – Hindi Medium

10th onwards – English Medium

Graduation course & % B.E Mechanical with 77.4%
College & batch-year I.T.M college Gurgaon (2005-2009 Batch)
Post-graduation No
Any professional courses No


Q. Tell us something about yourself and your family. When and why did you enter in the competitive exam field?

CAPF 2013 Ajay Goyat


Ans : I belong to a middle class family. My father is a store clerk in Jind sugar Mills ltd. My mother is a house maker.  I have only one sibling i.e my younger sister.  She is B. pharm. My father recently got permanent  , initially he was a seasonal employee and hence we faced a lot of financial crisis during my studies.  I passed my 10th class from a local school (J.L .N high school) from Hindi medium (Haryana board) and stood first in whole district in boys(overall 3rd in district) . After that I took admission in Govt. sr. secondary school (Jind ) in non medical stream in English medium. It  was a challenging task for me at that time due to change in medium.  But I accepted that challenge and moved ahead.  I got an opportunity for meeting to the then President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam on the basis of clearance of an two stage interview at district and state level(in 2002-11th class).

I did my graduation in Mechanical stream from ITM college Gurgaon and got placed in Escorts Ltd. Faridabad.  I worked in three different companies ( i.e Escorts ltd Faridabad , Honda motor cycle and scooter India ltd.(HMSI) Manesar , Maruti suzuki India ltd(MSIL) Manesar as Asst. Manager) for 3.5 yrs in production dept.  I could not escape out myself from responsibilities towards my family ( i.e repay of study loan , Building a pkka house , Accumulation of money for my sister’s marriage) and that’s why I worked for 3.5 years to complete all these basic responsibilities.

I was aspired to become a civil servant and fascinated about uniform jobs since my childhood. I tried studying simultaneously with my professional carrier in companies but I was not able to succeed as I was in production dept. where normal working was 12 hrs a day. Hence I put my resignation in October 2012 and started preparations for Civil services for full time.

Electronic Vs Paper material

Q. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material- blogs, sites, pdfs, RSS-feeds. Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload. So, how much do you rely on electronic material and how much on the paper material (Books, newspapers)? If possible narrate a typical day in your studylife. What is your style of preparation (e.g. I continue making notes no matter what I’m reading, I just read multiple times but don’t maintain notes, I make mindmaps on computer …or xyz style)

Ans : Yes , this is true that there is no dearth of material both paper and electronic. One has to be very careful in selection of right source of material because we have limited time for study per day depends upon capacity of person to person . One should not go for collection of material from here and there , instead one should follow some specific sites like PIB , Mrunal (More than enough) plus one should go with NCERT and standard books of each subjects(Paper material).

I preferred Standard books on each subject , NCERTs , Class notes and in newspapers. I follow two newspapers ( one is English newspaper i.e Hindu and second is Hindi newspaper i.e Dainik Jagran). Apart from these paper material I followed Mrunal which is best source and makes you jack of all terrain.

I always keep cutting of newspaper on important topics on daily basis after reading and staple them according to index of notebook( Make an index in note book topic wise : eg. IR sections , Environment related , new bills and policies related , Economic related etc.). I prefer making notes from standard books or NCERT with flow diagram of topic.

Tempo and style

Q. People know what books and syllabus topics are to be prepared. But most of them lack consistency in their preparation. So, how did you keep study momentum going on? How do you fight against the mood swings and distractions?

Ans : Of course we are human being with full of emotions. Sometimes we stuck in the trap of our mood swings but at that time emotional intelligence is  thing which is required.  I always listen motivational songs at such time e.g we shall overcome , chak de india , never give up , Lakshya film motivational songs or Some one can do something which he or she like most.

I always believe in first three alphabets of English language ( A – Accuracy , B – Belief , C- Consistency). I always try to bring completeness in my approach while reading every topic.

Working professional

If you’re a working professional, share some tips on how to manage studies with job

Ans : I tried managing my studies during my working in company but I failed . I am a person who always try to do justice whatever I do.  I was best performer in the company but I was not a multitasking person. I believe that multitasking will reduce our efficiency.

In my opinion one should do one work in single time with completeness and focused approach.

GS and Aptitude paper

Q1. Please share the list of resources you used, your strategy and other tips for benefit of future aspirants.

Topic input
History Ancient NCERT 6TH AND 11TH
History Medieval NCERT 7TH AND 11TH -2ND PART
History Modern (Freedom Struggle) NCERT 8TH AND 12TH + ALS CLASS NOTES
Culture society ALS  CLASS NOTES
geography physical 6TH 7TH 8TH CLASS FOR WORLD GEOGRAPHY
geography world NCERT + WIZARD
Data interpretation ARBIND KUMAR WIZARD.

Accuracy in GS paper

How many MCQs did you attempt? 98
How many of them correct (When solved at home)? 74
official score (when UPSC uploads) Expected 120+

Q. What’s your overall experience with GS paper? (E.g. it was on expected lines as per my preparation, it was quite tougher than earlier years etc.)

Ans : I started my preparations in oct. 2012 from zero level. As I was preparing for the civil services so I was conversant with such pattern of questions. Standard of GS-1st paper was at equal par with UPSC Civil CSAT -1 paper(GS).   Without specific preparation it is not easy to crack it and get good marks.

Descriptive paper

Q. How did you prepare the Essay, grammar, précis and report writing?

As I already mentioned I am preparing for civil services so no specific preparations are done by me for essay writing and all. I am consistently following two newspaper ( Hindu and Dainik Jagran ) which give me a lot of conceptual knowledge regarding every day today current issues.

One suggestion from my side for making one’s essay attractive is to collect some basic data on poverty , domestic violence , climate change ( Temp and sea level change ), Economic data eg( CAD , Fiscal deficit , Inflation rate WPI or CPI). Data are facts and one can do a better analysis if one has the data. I always collect such data from Newspaper and try to use it. I know its difficult task to remember such data but if somebody use it with basic knowledge of concepts then it can fetch you some extra marks.

Four Essays

This time, UPSC required the candidates to write 4 out of 6 essays. Which of the following did you attempt? And what were your keypoints in them?

Topic your key points
doctor-pharma nexus
interstate water dispute I started with a quote “ water water everywhere but not a single drop to drink “. Mentioned about water sources of India.( Himalayan river system and southern river system , Ground water etc.) Mentioned different reasons of Interstate water disputes specifically there are a lot of disputes almost on every southern  rivers.  Southern river sytem are monsoonal fed and having a deficiency of water through out the year except monsoonal season. Mentioned about kavery water dispute , krishna river water dispute , Godaveri water dispute and many more in northern rivers ( Satluj –Yamuna dispute) etc.  Mentioned Constitutional provisions related ot dispute solving mechanism( Art.262).  In conclusion Mentioned about water policy should be there. Project of Interconnection of northern and southern region rivers .
social reformers in freedom struggle Started with Modern man of India Raja ram Mohan rai and his contribution ( Banning on Sati partha , criticised orthodox thinking and idol worship , believing in reason). Mentioned different role palyed by other social reformers e.g Ishwar chander vidya sagar ( widow remarriage ), Swami Dyanand Sarswati ‘s role, prathna sabha etc… And then I linked all there work towards restructuring of society . eg. Emancipation of women , people started believing in reasons , Inclusion of lower untouchable class , criticised idol worship , emergence of educated class which came to know about  French Revolutions & their ideals( Liberty , fraternity and equality ) , American revolution . Then people started demanding their rights and started thinking about liberty. etc
falling rupee & Indian economy Talked about macro economic indicators ( CAD , Fiscal deficit , Inflation ) and all these macro economic indicators are worsening day by day due to falling rupees. CAD has been increased ( more than $ 88 bn ) used some data.  Fiscal deficit more than 5 % of GDP and inflation is more than 9% . Then impact on Indian economy by showing less confidence of investors due to falling rupees which led to balance of payment crisis .  Further results into less industries or Jobs. More unemployment would be there . Poverty will increase . Health indicators will degrade. Malnutrition will increase. Talked about viscious cycle of Poverty and investment. In solution I talked about we should decrease our dependency on foreign import of coal and petrolium products by requesting honourable Supreme court regarding removing of ban on mining in goa and Orrisa which will fetch approx $ 11 bn annually to India.  I talked about Increasing export to foreign countries so that gap between import and export should be reduced. Etc.
China’s aggressive policy Mentioned About China’s south china dispute on parcle Island and Scarbroug Island , Issues with Vietnam  and Philippines . Then I mentioned about String of pearls Policy of china for increasing her dominance in Indian ocean and bay of Bengal .( Gowdar port etc.) I mentioned the policy of Unilateral negotiation of china with neighbors. Made a Map of China with South china Sea dispute and String of pearls( I don’t know whether it is right or wrong but I made a map). In conclusion I mentioned about Gujral doctrines that it should be followed by China being a big brother of small nations around it.
media publicity on terrorism

Argument For-Against

This time, UPSC required candidates to write both arguments for and against the given statements. so what were your keypoint in it?

Topic Argument for against
casteless society becomes distant through issues raised by reservation Reservation was a means to achieve an end  that was egalitarian society but now a days this means of reservation has been ended in themselves . Politicization of this issue for vote bank deviated it from its basic aim i.e casteless society ( Socialism).etc… Unequal can not be treated as equaly. Hence the discrimination which deprived section faced sinc e ancient times(Vedic age 1000 B.C) in our country can not be removed in just 60 to 80 years. Hence provision has been there in our constitution also through art. 14 ,15 and 16…..etc.Gave some data regarding the stake of deprived section / lower section (SC and ST ) in higher services( IAS ,IPS ,Professors in University) which is very low..ETC…..Reservation is a tool for the aim of casteless society but the need of the hour is it should be given with proper analysis and economically backwards sections so that Upliftment  of these sections can become possible in near future.
women empowerment is urban phenomenon Better Education facilities in urban area for women  and Education is the key for empowerment and emancipation of women. More employment in urban area.  Talked about economic , Social and Political empowerment of women in urban areas. etc Women are supporting hand for bread winning in rural areas so more freedom is there in rural areas. Talked about SHG role and Self employment of women which is almost absent in Urban area. Etc.

Report writing?

Did you write report the same way you wrote essay? or did you apply any special format/structure here?

Topic keypoints
Uttarakhand tsunami & Military Started with the Flash flood s on 14th 15th and 16th june which led to land slides caused a havoc on the people of Uttrakhand.  Mentioned about the  missiing no. of people i.e 6500 till now ( No clue) and death toll. Coming on Military operations talked about operation “Rahet” and “Surya-hope” b y Indian Army and Indian airforce. Then described the accident occurred in rescue operation and death of Military personnel in these operation. Etc….
Ethics crisis in cricket Starting from defination of Ethics. Mentioned different type of ethics crisis in cricket e.g Match fixing , spot fixing , Umpire’s wrong decision , Doping etc. Clearly came to the topic by giving example of Spot fixing and match fixing which recently occurred in Indian cricket  . Mentioned the enquiry committee report ie. Mudgal committee. Sought example of Shri shant , Bindu , Maypan Names in the report.  Then mentioned some bad consequences due the crisis on future of cricket with some suggestion for  strengthening  the values of players.

Q. What is your overall experience with descriptive paper (e.g. too lengthy paper, grammar tougher than previous paper etc.)

Ans. There was a change in pattern from last year. In last year question paper (2012) there was only one essay of 800 words but this time there were 4 essay of each 300 words means we had to write 400 words more. So paper was lengthy but I completed the whole paper by managing my words limit and keeping my eyes on watch regularly. I wrote up to the last minute. I never did practice for writing 4 essay in single shot so its my suggestion to every aspirant please practice it at home once or twice  before entering into examination hall.  The topic of Essays are simple and a person who is reading newspaper on daily basis it may not be difficult for him or her , I think so.

CAPF Physical Efficiency Test

Q1. To pass Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), what preparation did you do at home?

Ans.  I never did physical exercise after my Degree and during preparation of civil services. I started preparation for Physical test after the result of written test.  I went through the interview of previous toppers from Mrunal site so that I can conversant about the requirement of physical test. I came to know that there will be no gap in between 100 m sprint and 800 m running during actual test. So I started practice accordingly. The most typical part is long jump after running for 100 m and 800 m.

Q2. Where was your PET held?

ITBP camp Tigri on 29th May 2014.

Q3. Please narrate your actual experience PET test with readers.

I had to report at 8.30 AM. I reached at gate of ITBP camp at 7.30 AM.  I asked the security personnel for entry but they denied. Exactly at 8.30 AM, they started their process by checking DAF and call letter.

They offered us seat and started verification of documents. One by one they called for physical measurement first. They asked us to come one by one after putting off T shirt and started measurement.

When I stood on height measurement scale, they had a doubt in my height as it was coming exactly 165 cm.  After measuring my all physical parameters of height, chest, weight , Chest -Expansion  they put me on hold for re –measurement of Height due to their doubt.  Then commandant level officer came and measured my height and it was coming same 165 cm. He also doubted on it and again put me on hold. He told me that the higher authority will be going to measure my height. My heart beat was increased at that time. Then DIG level officer came and measured my height. Once again and the result was same. He gave me clean chit and I felt relaxed.

Now the actual moment of test came when they gave us chest no. and started the first event 100 m sprint.  There were two groups each consists of 14 to 15 persons (Mine was first group). I am good in running so I came first in 100 m in my group.  One person out in 100 m sprint from my group.  Suddenly after completion of our running they gave us only 1 min and told us please prepare yourself for 800m running. The running for 800 meters was really a difficult task when temp. of the day was 46 degree c. But I completed it successfully within 3 mins before time. At that time the total energy was completely lost and my body was shivering at that time (some Aspirants started vomiting after running). They gave us a gap 5 to 8 mins for long jump and again started their process. It was most typical one but I was able to clear it in single chance.  Most eliminations were there in this event .Shot put was an easy event but  they were very strict in it. Two persons eliminated in this event due to their carelessness.
Suggestion : Try all the events without gap while your practice of Physical test at home. Keep your mental strength very high during running 800 meters  and always think in mind you have to  clear it without giving up , run continuously and don’t stop yourself.

Interview by UPSC Pan el

Q1. How did you prepare for the interview? Particularly college graduation subjects related questions?

I was having an experience of Interview during working in companies or campus placement but I am known to this truth that the interview of UPSC panel is totally different form that one. I went through the different toppers interview from the Mrunal site which is really helpful no doubt.  I came to know about pattern of questions or which area I have to prepare. Then I started my preparations with Detailed Application form. I prepared each word of my DAF. I prepared my Mechanical engineering basic concepts and prepared well about my company ‘s profile , my Job responsibilities etc.  I took some help from my friend and seniors who went through the Interview of UPSC.

Q2. Where did you stay for the interview? (Hotel / friend’s home …) and what books/material did you bring for the ‘revision before interview’?

I have been living in Mukharjee nagar since last one and half year.  I read regularly newspapers( 2) so that I can be in touch with current on going events at national and international front. I revised my class notes on international relations and internal security issues( AFSPA, Insurgencies , Militancy , Left wing extremism etc ). I prepared different bills and acts from Mrunal .org. and from class notes . I revised articles on new state formation as this is the hot topic and It proved fruitful to me when interview board asked question on new states formation.

Q3. Who was the chairman of you interview board?

Mr. Chattar Singh.

Q4. How long was the interview?

My interview went for 30 to 35 mins.

Q5. Why do you want to become an Assistant commandant? Why don’t you continue in your graduation field? [Since I don’t know whether they asked you this question or not. But if they had asked- what will be your reply?]

I was fascinated about uniform jobs since my childhood. I tried to be active part of prestigious organization of Indian Army, Air force and Indian Navy through NDA and TES( Technical entry Scheme) but could not clear SSB. I also wanted to contribute directly in society. My grandfather, my parents and my friends inspired me to take civil services when I was working in the Industry immediately after graduation. But I can not leave my job due to responsibilities towards my family. After completing my responsibilities, I entered in competition field as a civil service aspirant. Accidently came to know about CAPF exam through one of my friend when I did the analysis, I felt happy as this exam can give me an opportunity for becoming the part of Uniform jobs from where I can contribute directly in society. So I started preparing for it simultaneously with Civil services.

UPSC Interview Transcript

Q. Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. I would appreciate if you give both Question + your original answers)

I was the last candidate of that day (23rd June 2014) in my board. One person escorted me towards Interview room. When he directed me for going inside then I walked in…

I asked permission for going in.

May I come in Sir ?

CM- yes please come in.

Me – Good afternoon sir  ( for Chairman) and then Good afternoon sirs to all of other members( There were no lady member in my board)

CM- showed my Photo and asked who is this?

Me- Sir Its me Ajay.

CM- Okay. You belong to Jind which is a backward district from education point of view specifically in Science and technology. What are the measures to encourage students for opting science ?

Me – I agreed CM point that Jind is backward city and explained my point that there should be some change in curriculum. More practical subjects and lab facilities should be there in schools since starting at Primary level. Then I raised a point of English language education in Haryana board which was going to be started after 5th class. The students feel really dejected due to backwardness in English language in rural areas when they are going in higher classes.

CM – Gave a nod and moved ahead. Puzzle solving is your hobby how did you develop it?

Me- I encountered first puzzle i.e difference finding between two similar figures in Balbhaskar magazine of Dainik bhaskar newspaper in my 8th class. And moved ahead in puzzle solving later on.

CM- Gave nod … do u know about Shankutla Devi ??

Me- Yes sir

CM- What do you know about her?

Me- She was a great mathematician and entitled with a name “ Human computer”. She wrote many books on Puzzles.

CM- tell me the name of one book?

Me- Puzzles to puzzle you and More Puzzles.

M-1 : Have you gone through that books?

Me – I have read one.

M-1 : Can u tell us one puzzle ?

Me : I asked permission for using Pencil and paper ..they permitted me.

Puzzle :   five dots in single row and there are five rows . We have to draw a boundary in which five dots should be inside and eight dots should be outside.

CM and other persons gave a nod.

M-1 :  You did mechanical engineering .

Me : yes sir.

M-1: what is Machine ?

Me :  I gave two definition of machine one is generalist form( 3 Idiot movie wali hahaha) and 2nd technical definition.

M-1: he suddenly put off his spectacles and asked me is it a machine or Tool?

Me : Sir it is a machine.

M-1 : how pls explain?

Me : sir there is a linkage mechanism in arms of spectacles which is revolving around the pivot point and hence it is a machine.

M-1 : If I will fix these arms then?

Me : Then this will be converted into a Tool as there is no relative motion in linkages of tool.

M-1 : Gave a nod and asked me other example of tool.

Me : Screw driver is a tool ….Sir this pencil is also a tool. M-1 smiled…

M-1 : Why do you want to become an Asst. commandant?

Me : Explained my fascination about uniform jobs.

M-1 then y did you do Engg. ?

Me : This 21st century is the era of science and technology . From early in the morning to late mid night we have to interact with technologies eg. Computer , air conditioners, coolers , fans etc. it would be better for one is if one is having the basic knowledge of these technologies.  It will give me a scientific temperament and analysis power which can be proved a better asset for any organization.

M-1 : Gave a nod. You met president of India .

Me : yes sir

M-1 : What type of personalities he is? Where did he work before becoming president .

Me :  He is a person who dreams a lot and then he works for achieving that dream.  He is a very hardworking person.( skipped 2nd question here  by mistake)

M-1: Did you get a chance of interaction with him?

Me : yes sir .

M-1 : Okay

M-2: Can you compare two cars in technical terms as you worked with automobile industries.

Me : yes sir.

M-2 : one is swift desire and second is Hundai I 20 compare..

Me : I started with engine specification . Horse power , swept volume , break horse power ,Max Torque at maximum rpm. Then coming on safety features air bags and inflation sensors..compared steering systems technicality and breaking system . Then tires ( tubeless or with tube).. blaaa blaaa.

M-2 gave nod. You worked with Honda motorcycle and scooters  . what are the reason behind separation of Honda and hero Honda?

Me : Sorry sir  I am not conversant with actual reason but royality may be the one of reason.

M-2 : R u sure?

Me : No sir m not sure sir.

M-2 : How many states are there in India right now?

Me : 29

M-2 : Before 2nd June how many states were there?

Me:  28 states . One new state has been carved out from Andhra Pardesh and name of new state is Telangana.

M-2 : Do u know about historical background of Andhra pardesh ? Pls explain

Me : I explained from Protest of Potti sriramlu and his death after hunger strike after 56 days. Explained JVP committee and its recommendations. Then Faizal Ali state reorganization commission and its recommendations

M-2 : Gave Nod

M-3 : What is the concept of Nuclear Reactor?

Me :  I explained Nuclear Fission  taking an example of U-235 interaction with a slow moving neutron.

M-3 Gave nod and asked about relationship with Energy and mass ?

Me :  Explained E=mc^2. Given by Einstein.

M-3:  What is c in this?

Me : Speed of light

M-3 : What is its value?

Me :  3 * 10^5 km /s

M 3 : Is there any material which travels even faster then the speed of light?

Me : me confused ..sorry sir I don’t know.

M3 : No tell if such kind of material is available then?

Me : It will be beneficial for humankind as we can use for our benefit.

M:1  : Suddenly said to  M-3  Sir I have a relevant question ?

M 3 : yes sir Please Ask.

M:1 : What is the speed of mind?

Me : Sir we can not calculate its speed as it is having an infinite speed.

M3 : This is the answer of my question and he smiled.

M3 : Do u know about DRDO ? what is the full form?

Me : Defence Research and Development organization.

M 3: can u name a personality who worked with DRDO?( Recalling the question which was asked by M-1 Initially)

Me : Yes sir , one of eminent personality was Dr. A.P . J abdul Kalam .

M-3 : But you haven’t answered the same question when it is asked to you by M-1 sir(Pointed out)

Then he said may be you did not recall at that time and smiled both.

Me : Yes sir.

M:1 can u please tell us the contribution of A.P J abdul kalam and more about his life?

Me  : I explained the Era of 1980s when the two project Devil and Valiant were a big failure in Missile technology and how Abdul kalam appointed for helping in missile technology. About his family background I explained from the book (My journey – Transforming dreams into actions). I went through his book when It was published.

M :1 what is farthest location in south upto which u travelled?

Me (Never expected this question ) I answered Hyderabad for the Air force recruitment.

M:3 : What is AFSPA and what is your views on this?

Me: Armed forces special power act is implemented in 1958 in Nagaland which later on implemented to whole northern -eastern region and J& K. It is a special type of law for enforcement agencies. Most controversial section of this law is section 4 due to which complete immunity is there for army personnel for their actions.
In my opinion the need of the hour is there should be a high level committee for reviewing this act with consultancy at all levels with all stake holders.

M -3 Gave nod

CM- You told that you are fascinated about uniform jobs then why didn’t you try for Military?

Me: sir I have tried for Military through NDA and TES but couldn’t success in that. I was selected in campus placement by Indian Navy but I skipped final interview due to my project of final year.

CM : Okay Mr. Ajay  , your interview is over.

Me : Thank you sir and thank you sirs and walked out.

After the interview

Q1. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions?  Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it?

Ans . Interview board was very co-ordial and environment was very cool . I am feeling very comfortable in the whole interview. Initially there was a stress but as the interview moved on the stress went away and I felt relaxed. The whole interview have gone well.

Q2. Any side details about technicalities like “make sure you bring xyz document or do xyz thing, or you’ll face problem”?

Ans. All details are given in the interview letter so prepare your documents according to that.

CAPF Marksheet

Mail me your prelim, essay and interview marks, when UPSC uploads.

Ans. : Sure , I will disclose.

Service preference

Q1. What is your service preference order BSF,CRPF, CISF, ITBP?


Q2. How/Why did you pickup that order?

As per discussion with my Uncle who is in Army (Posted in Leh in 8 MT DOU) , I concluded that it would be better for me if I will give CISF as first choice keeping civil services preparations in my mind.

UPSC CSE-2013 experience

If you had appeared in UPSC civil service exam 2013, please reply following

  1. Your mark sheet for prelims and mains
  2. Your overall experience and words of wisdom about CSAT, GS, Aptitude, optional and essay

My performance was really bad in prelims 2013 as I gave this exam in hurry( 7 to 8 months of preparations) and stress.

GS-1st Paper score = 85

CSAT -2nd paper = 90

Total =  175

Major Reason of Failure :  Could not attempt paper 2 properly  as I was not slept whole night before the exam due to Stress.( Attempted only 44 question out of 80)

My personal Exp. : Take proper sleep and regulate your schedule properly before CSAT exam.

Career Backup

Q1. If you were not selected, what was your career backup plan?

Ans.  Being a mechanical engineer and having an exp. Of 3.5 years I can go back in industry and earn well.

Q2. When were you going to execute that backup plan (e.g. after third attempt, after dad retires, after girlfriend dumps me etc.)

Ans. If I were not selected as asst. commandant or civil servant ( After Finishing all Attempts) then at that point of time I have to execute my back up plan.

Q3. If you were to re-appear in CAPF-2014 then what modifications would you make in your studies?

Ans.  I can do well in first paper as I am expecting 125+ but one can easily score more than 150 + in first paper by preparing  in organized manner and Writing practice for second paper which I want to improve upon.


Q1. Through this journey and success, what wisdom did you gain about life and competitive exams?  What is your message to new aspirants?

Ans. I am a beginner in this field of competition. Many veterans are there in this field  but according to my experience all that I can say is “ There is no short cut for Hard work” .  Every work ( whatever it may be) which is done by hard work and commitment pays back to him or her in life (early or late).  Every success requires a sacrifice and be ready for that. Bring completeness in your day today work it gives you confidence for moving ahead.

Q2. UPSC had cleared nearly 2500 candidates from CAPF-prelims. You’re selected but many others did not. They’re feeling dejected with this whole competitive exam business. What is your message to them?

Ans.  This is not the end of life if someone is not going to be selected in this exam. Something better is waiting for them definitely in future.  Just recite the below song in your mind and move ahead with a fresh commitment  :

“Man mein hai vishvas pura hai vishvaas , Ham honge kamyaab ek din.”

I always think “Failures are the key to success “ .  One should analyse that what went wrong and how can I improve upon by taking counter measures so that the mistakes which happened, should not happen again in future.

Credit: Friends/family

Q. Behind every topper are many people who stood by him/her during those uncertain times when he/she was merely an ‘aspirant’. Would you like to tell the world, who were those people in your case? Any specific incidence that you would like to share with the readers?

The list is very big. Every known person in my life contributed in my success. My parents , my relatives(Uncle –Jagdish chander and all others) and All of my friends stood like a rock for supporting me at every moment of this journey which is still going on for civil services.  All of My friends but specially Virender Mor (Auditor in CAG) who helped me financially throughout my preparations and instilled a confidence in me that I have ability to clear these exams. Anil Redhu (IES Aspirant), Jasbir redhu(Business man) ,  Mukesh(FCI) are my Friends who gave me confidence at the initial stage when I was planning for leaving my job for civil services.
My parents are just like God for me who never asked me to deliver anything . My family (parents and my younger sister ‘s family (she is married))supported me in every decisions of my life un-conditionally and told me that they are always with me mentally & financially ( In every manner) whatever decision I will take.  I want to say  that this success is due to support of  my family,  friends, my room mates , relatives and other well wishers . Love u all…J

Bogus Marketing Propaganda

Q. You are well aware for the sacred rule. The last question in topper interview,  must be about self-marketing. So, Did you use Mrunal.org for your preparation and if yes, how did it help you?  And you can even reply “No”. I’ll publish your answer without tempering.

Ans . Yes I am using Mrunal.org  on regular basis which is a panacea for civil services and other such type of competitive exams. Mrunal Sir hats off for you for such a nice Job.