[CAPF Topper] Paramjeet Rank 175: Technical Consultant in Telecom sector, ECE, Rhotak, Haryana

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. CAPF Topper Profile
  2. Education
  3. Introduction
  4. Electronic Vs Paper material
  5. Tempo and style
  6. Working professional
  7. GS and Aptitude paper
  8. Accuracy in GS paper
  9. Descriptive paper
  10. Four Essays
  11. Argument For-Against
  12. Report writing?
  13. CAPF Physical Efficiency Test
  14. Interview by UPSC Panel
  15. UPSC Interview Transcript
  16. After the interview
  17. CAPF Marksheet
  18. Service preference
  19. UPSC CSE-2013 experience
  20. Career Backup
  21. Wisdom
  22. Credit: Friends/family
  23. Bogus Marketing Propaganda

CAPF Topper Profile

Name Paramjeet
Rank in CAPF-2013 175
Roll No. 029523
Age 25
No. of previous attempts in CAPF 1(Qualified written exam,but didn’t go for PET)
Home town/city Rohtak
Work-experience if any 1.5 year with Orange Business Services (Telecom Sector)
other competitive examsincluding success & failures
  • Cleared UPSC Prelims2012,Screwed in Mains like one has done ever before
  • Got selected for ACIO in IB 2012
  • Cleared SSB for Indian Navy 2011
coaching/postal material (if used) Not for CAPF ,but joined ALS for Civil Services
  • Hobbies
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Reading Inspirational and motivational articles on Internet
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Jogging
  • Have done Bungee and River rafting
Do you have NCC certificate? No


% in class 10 86
% in class 12 72
Schooling (Medium) English
Graduation course & % 68
College & batch-year Gurgaon Institute of Technology and Management 2006-2010 ECE
Post-graduation No
Any professional courses No


Q. Tell us something about yourself and your family. When and why did you enter in the competitive exam field?

CAPF 2013 Paramjeet Ahalawat Orange Business Services

My name is Paramjeet.I have been born and brought up in different parts of Haryana(I have resided in 15 of 21 districts in Haryana at one time or the another) because of the frequent transfers of my father. My father works as a Sub-Inspector with Haryana Police and mom as a home maker. After completing my graduation  I worked as a Technical Consultant with OBS for 1.5 year, then I left my job to prepare for civils.I gave my first attempt in 2013 but couldn’t clear the mains exam….while at the same time wrote CAPF 2013 for job security….and would join the  same and continue with my preparation. Coming  from a police background I always wished to join the same and landed up in this game.

Electronic Vs Paper material

Q. In recent times, there is spur in electronic material- blogs, sites, pdfs, RSS-feeds. Many aspirants feel bogged down by this information overload. So, how much do you rely on electronic material and how much on the paper material (Books, newspapers)? If possible narrate a typical day in your studylife. What is your style of preparation (e.g. I continue making notes no matter what I’m reading, I just read multiple times but don’t maintain notes, I make mindmaps on computer …or xyz style)

In recent times there has been  a flood of electronic material all over the internet.Infact I myself know the name of many a  sites which help in preparation of the aspirants.But like the old saying goes…too many cooks spoil the broth. I would like to make a few points here

  1. E-material preparation should be limited to only those topics for which you have insufficient material at hand for eg current affairs are best prepared from internet
  2. Ideally you should not spend more then 2 -3 hours per day surfing the material…otherwise preparation is in serious danger…I used to do it at earlier stage
  3. The 3 best sites are PIB :for govt schemes issues, Mrunal: for everything(Environment Economy CA  mains preparation, material are exceptionally brilliant), Gktoday.in for one markers the daily section in which daily quiz comes

And u need to revise these 3 particularly

Tempo and style

Q. People know what books and syllabus topics are to be prepared. But most of them lack consistency in their preparation. So, how did you keep study momentum going on? How do you fight against the mood swings and distractions?

I am not the  right person to discuss about mood swings and distractions….mine are horrible…I would not study  for 3-5 days at a stretch …and then crib .Mood swings depression etc etc are inevitable part of preparation.it takes 1 entire year to get over with upsc exams and in mean while you will definitely start doubting yourself…its human nature.But try to be calm…all are sailing in same boat …even the  toppers have fears…I would suggest have friends who are also preparing for this exam…so you can discuss your problems…..and don’t think too much…keep studying…take frequent breaks….go out…but then do come back…

Working professional

If you’re a working professional, share some tips on how to manage studies with job

I began my preparation only after leaving my previous job.so no idea

GS and Aptitude paper

Q1. Please share the list of resources you used, your strategy and other tips for benefit of future aspirants.

Topic input
History Ancient NCERT
History Medieval NCERT
History Modern (Freedom Struggle) NCERT + SPECTRUM
Culture society NCERT 11 + Nitin Singhania notes
Polity (theory + current) Laxmikant
Economy (theory + current) Mrunal + wizard als
Science (theory + current) Ncert+ lucent
Environment (theory + current) Mrunal+ interent material
geography physical Ncert+ als wizard
geography India Ncert+ als wizard
geography world Ncert+ als wizard
other national/international current affairs Pib mrunal gk today
Schemes, Policy & Filler Stuff Pib
Maths Career launcher csat material
Data interpretation Career launcher csat material
Reasoning Career launcher csat material

Accuracy in GS paper

How many MCQs did you attempt? 90-95
How many of them correct (When solved at home)? 70-75 (approximate )
official score (when UPSC uploads) Would upload the same at the earliest

Q. What’s your overall experience with GS paper? (E.g. it was on expected lines as per my preparation, it was quite tougher than earlier years etc.)

I think the GS  paper was on the expected lines…nothing new …except that the Current affairs was a bit more than other years.

Descriptive paper

Q. How did you prepare the Essay, grammar, précis and report writing?

I solved previous year question papers prior to writing this exam so that helped…otherwise no specific preparation .

Four Essays

This time, UPSC required the candidates to write 4 out of 6 essays. Which of the following did you attempt? And what were your keypoints in them?

Topic your key points
doctor-pharma nexus
interstate water dispute Talked about how water is a scarce resource in our country (18%population…2.6 % land ) then its use agricultural industrial daily needs etc …then the geological nature of rivers (Godavari kaveri krishna and others) …y disputes  are arising…then constitutional provisions…inter state water dispute accord…problems underlying them and so on
social reformers in freedom struggle
falling rupee & Indian economy Was a straight forward topic…talked about the causes of falling rupee and its effects
China’s aggressive policy Talked about china as a country …its economy army  etc  and then its aggressive foreign policy with neighbours india  south china sea  isssues with ASEAN  its aggressive nature on trans boundary rivers being a upper riparaian country and so on
media publicity on terrorism Started with how media brings issues to fore front expecially the electronic media …then gave pro and cons…how it sensitizes the public and govt …make them aware…help form public opinion…and then how it goes overboard with trp 26/11 case  need to regulate

Argument For-Against

This time, UPSC required candidates to write both arguments for and against the given statements. so what were your keypoint in it?

Topic Argument for against
casteless society becomes distant through issues raised by reservation Aggravate differencesCreates feeling of we and they

Merit issues

Reservation not reaching poorer sections…usurped by upper layers

Necessary to bring obc sc st at par with common peopleGives them opportunity

Ensures healthy mix of people ..faciliate interaction

women empowerment is urban phenomenon Women empowered only in urban or metropolis cities..Job opportunity…education opportunity …meaningful employment all available in urban areas

Meanwhile rural women continue to languish …sub human treatment met out to them

Not so empowered …crime …violent cases on rise in urban areasIt is in rural areas where actual empowerment is taking ..SHG…panchayat members

Gave eg AMUL

Report writing?

Did you write report the same way you wrote essay? or did you apply any special format/structure here?

Almost in the same manner as a 3rd person

Topic keypoints
Uttarakhand tsunami & Military Inhospitable terrain..infrastructure issues…connectivity issues..admin not available in remote parts…military much better equipped to deal with these issues…timely effective coordinated response …ITBP 1st force to response to disaster in Himalayas…
Ethics crisis in cricket Cricket  kind of religion…followed by masses…opportunity to become hero in eyes of masses…and huge remuneration …but off late credibility ethics issues…spot fixing …IPL…easy access to player in parties….easy money  booze etc …blurred the distinction between right and wrong ..need to set priority right…called for some institutional mechanism to deal with it

Q. What is your overall experience with descriptive paper (e.g. too lengthy paper, grammar tougher than previous paper etc.)

It has grown lengthy over the years. Initially we were supposed to write just one essay …now we have to write four …reports..Comprehension..Precise..u really need to have good ..actually great speed otherwise u won’t be able to complete the paper

CAPF Physical Efficiency Test

Q1. To pass Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), what preparation did you do at home?

It was the toughest part for me…I went to stadium for running…started going almost 4 weeks before the PET and practiced  long jump there only…brought home a shot put of same size and started practicing .one need s to start practicing one month before if he wants to make it to the interview .Although the requirement are not tough(12 feet long jump 3:45 for 800m)  but when one starts preparing for these exam…u actually don’t indulge in physical sports and that’s where the problem starts …fortunately made it

Q2. Where was your PET held?


Q3. Please narrate your actual experience PET test with readers.

We were asked to report at 9.when all the aspirants came… a bus took us inside to the stadium where a small camp was built up

Initially the  documents were checked…we were asked for  10 12 and graduation degree .After it was complete… were allowed to change  and then measurements were taken chest height weight etc

Finally around 11 the exam started…1st event was 100 m.Then after a gap of 2 min 800m and then long jump and finally shotput.One word of advice to all aspirants…always do the 100m and 800m practice without break and if possible try doing them in a sunny and warm atmosphere…as you will be made to run only after sun is up there…we were made to sit half an hour (10:30 -11) just because it was not hot enough there

The officials were very helpful and encouraging…but they were not so at other camps as reported by others

Interview by UPSC Panel

Q1. How did you prepare for the interview? Particularly college graduation subjects related questions?

I prepared a lot from my DAF …my job profile and my home state.Since my home state(harayana) ,DAF and job profile provided enough fodder…I was not asked about my graduation

Q2. Where did you stay for the interview? (Hotel / friend‚Äôs home ‚Ķ) and what books/material did you bring for the ‚Äėrevision before interview‚Äô?

I stayed at my cousins house in gurgaon …with regard to books/material  nothing specific…I was focued on my DAF job profile and home state…but used to read newspaper daily

Q3. Who was the chairman of you interview board?

Razni Razdan

Q4. How long was the interview?

15 -20 min

Q5. Why do you want to become an Assistant commandant? Why don’t you continue in your graduation field? [Since I don’t know whether they asked you this question or not. But if they had asked- what will be your reply?]

I was not asked this question…but would have replied that as I come from a police background… I was always fascinated inspired by the role that police plays…their role in the society ..law enforcement…vip protection…investigation…etc  challenging job…job satisfaction …pride and respect in the eyes of people…opportunity to serve nation and people…and a decent career option

UPSC Interview Transcript

Q. Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. I would appreciate if you give both Question + your original answers)

C: is this you …showed me a photo ..asked my roll number

Me: yes mam

C: ok, so what have you been doing since 2011(I left my job in 2011)

Me: preparing for competitive exams …wrote many exams upsc capf acio ssc etc

C: met with any success…what about uspc

Me : replied honestly that cleard prelims…couldn’t go past mains…here for capf

M1: ok tell me where you jog..how much time you take ..since when

Me: I told in the stadium, gave  a vague number say 10-15min since graduation ..blah blah

M1: where do you go for riverrafting…where it is done…safety  precautions etc

Me: I go to rishikesh…done in upper portion…safety: life saving jacket helmet etc

M1: ok tell me about the mandate of CAPF forces

Me: gave a copy book definition… to assist state forces…then went on to brief about the mandate of each force in particular

M1: tell me the difference between left wing extremism and terrorism and why left wing extremism still persists

Me:  told the difference …ideology etc … the told him the causes poverty illiteracy unemployment apathy of admin political leadership etc etc

M1: what would be the first thing you would do when u are asked to do a operation in naxal area

Me: I gave  him a long list: verify the info…see whether civilians are there or not….prepare arms and men…plan accordingly…inform the local admin and my superiors…long list

M2: why did you leave  the Indian navy

Me: wanted to go for police forces…had age on my side …so took a risk…

M2: ok tell me about superconductor

Me: again a clichéd definition

M2: started asking about my job profile…wht kind of job it was ..how you helped people …its use etc

Me: replied to all of them …

M3: ok relate our relations with SAARC countries and their effect on CAPF

Me: told them about pak bsf ,china itbp, Bangladesh bsf , Nepal ssb …gave a positive answer that saarc forms our immediate neighborhood.. so peace and security essential…capf guards border with these nations… so related all the stuff

M3: women empowerment why we should empower them

Me: told them about universal declaration of human rights gender equality inclusive sustainable growth

Women their role in society and their imp

It continued for 15 minutes…and then I was told to leave…Board was kind of cordial…all the questions were on expected lines except a few… so was kind of comfortable …

After the interview

Q1. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions?  Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it?

It was completely on the expected lines…it was in afternoon..so I guess the board members were also tired …no uncomfortable questions…

Q2. Any side details about technicalities like ‚Äúmake sure you bring xyz document or do xyz thing, or you‚Äôll face problem‚ÄĚ?

Pls bring your original 10 12 graduation degree and 2 -3 set of photocopy

CAPF Marksheet

Mail me your prelim, essay and interview marks, when UPSC uploads.

For sure would mail you when it arrives

Service preference

Q1. What is your service preference order BSF,CRPF, CISF, ITBP?


Q2. How/Why did you pickup that order?

  1. CISF: because life is easy
  2. ITBP: because no naxals plus the Himalayas
  3. BSF: because better infra
  4. CRPF: because left with no other option

UPSC CSE-2013 experience

If you had appeared in UPSC civil service exam 2013, please reply following

Q.Your marksheet for prelims and mains

  • 100 mark in paper 1
  • 170 in csat
  • Total :270
  • Mains:400

Q.Your overall experience and words of wisdom about CSAT, GS, Aptitude, optional and essay

I’m Not the right guy….not at all

Career Backup

Q1. If you were not selected, what was your career backup plan?

Continue with Civil services while writing other exams too

Q2. When were you going to execute that backup plan (e.g. after third attempt, after dad retires, after girlfriend dumps me etc.)

  • CAPF was a backup plan only‚Ķ.would continue with my preparation for UPSC.
  • Before the joining takes place I would give my 2nd attempt‚Ķtill 3rd attempt couldn‚Äôt take a risk
  • Girlfriend dumped way back‚Ķand dad has many years of service so no issues with that

Q3. If you were to re-appear in CAPF-2014 then what modifications would you make in your studies?

Prepare a lot of current affairs for 2014…


Q1. Through this journey and success, what wisdom did you gain about life and competitive exams?  What is your message to new aspirants?

Keep going..it would take a lot of time…but the wait is worth it…u wud have mood swings…desperation…doubts… in between …but at the end of day we all are humans…so fight them off…be happy make lot of friends…. Goof up a little…but at the end of the day work hard …nurture your dreams and belive in yourself

Q2. UPSC had cleared nearly 2500 candidates from CAPF-prelims. You’re selected but many others did not. They’re feeling dejected with this whole competitive exam business. What is your message to them?

Life is tough…there s no doubt about it…you will have more failures than you ever succeed ..you will be pushed down..stepped upon…but every time that happens you get back up…success is defined and continues to be defined as getting back one more time than you go down…work hard…everything happens for a reason…may be destiny has greater plans for you

Credit: Friends/family

Q. Behind every topper are many people who stood by him/her during those uncertain times when he/she was merely an ‚Äėaspirant‚Äô. Would you like to tell the world, who were those people in your case? Any specific incidence that you would like to share with the readers?

  • I have a truckload of people¬† working behind my success:
  • first of all my parents and my aunt¬† who supported me throughout this process thick and thin
  • Then my elder cousin brother who motivated me and inspired me to start this preparation
  • Then my younger brothers : Ravi n Pradeep who made this journey easy by accompanying me along

Bogus Marketing Propaganda

Q. You are well aware for the sacred rule. The last question in topper interview, ¬†must be about self-marketing. So, Did you use Mrunal.org for your preparation and if yes, how did it help you?¬† And you can even reply ‚ÄúNo‚ÄĚ. I‚Äôll publish your answer without tempering.

I have used only 3 sites PIB Mrunal and GKtoday during my preparation. And of the given 3 I Spent a huge chunk of my time on Mrunal for the  right reasons. I think Mrunal rocks…his articles are fabulous..whether it is environment polity economy ….u name it and he has written awesome articles from the point of preparation. I owe my success to this site without an iota of doubt.Thanx a lot

Not much… you have been doing a fabulous work…And Please ignore the spelling mistakes if any(actually there will be many).

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

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  1. congrats sir…………
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    does any one is rejected due to medical constraints ???

    1. shiv: as such there is no level for medical examination….they would be performing normal tests which are carried in all other forces(army navu air force police)as well for eg looking for any deformity blood test knock knees x ray blood test and other such stuff
      yes people are rejected due to all this stuff…but they are given one chance to reappear for the medical stuff

  2. Many many congrats sir….
    Can you shed some light on the relevance of book Ramesh singh in capf exam . u find it useful or not??

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