1. Video#1: Pre cum Mains preparation?
  2. Optional subject selection
  3. Geography optional preparation
  4. Video#2: Interview & Hobbies
  5. Hobbies for interview?
  6. Video#3: Demotivation during preparation

Pre cum Mains preparation?

Q. Many toppers say they prepared for the mains first and then moved to Prelims. What is your approach?

Ans. In 2010, I prepared for GS prelims, because in that time we had to face one GS and one optional paper at MCQ level. I didn’t GS prelim for 2014. I was lazy and Aptitude paper helped me get through. And I’ve cleared because of that only. Otherwise I got just 76 marks in GS Prelims.

There are people who get 134 in GS prelims alone. If those are the people clearing, then you too have to prepare hard. Although in Prelims they ask factual GS while in Mains they doesn’t ask factual GS, so effort goes into vain. still, you’ll have to prepare for both.

Optional subject selection

Q. What are your tips on selection of optional subject?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/XrPgBcs2jz0

  • Pick an optional in which you can hope to clear the exam.
  • It’s wrong to say, this optional is good than that optional is bad.
  • You have to ask- can I study this thing subject again and again? I chose Geography which is the worst optional in practical sense because takes minimum six months to complete, still I picked because I loved it.
  • Geography / public administration is not a really good idea, unless you can love it. Because there are thousands of people appearing with them, so difficult to outshine against them in answers.
  • But if you take commerce where hardly 500 candidates would be answering, so there is scope to write differently,  and there are factual / calculation type question wherein no debate over ‘what constitutes a good answers’.
  • If you are uncertain about two-three equally good looking optionals, then pick an optional which is less popular, because then it is less difficult to outshine against other people’s answers.
  • Although, I myself didn’t pick Management despite having done MBA, because each year hardly 10 people take it and there is no material or guidance available on how to go about this subject?And back in 2010 then even internet groups / blogs were not active for UPSC group.
  • So, largely when picking optional keep two things in mind: (1) subject you love (2) subject that is less popular.

Q. Do you think Engineering optional subjects are bad scaling and we should pick humanities subjects?

Ans. But I think technical subjects have better success ratio on better than Humanities. In top one to hundred ranks, you’ll find good number of toppers with technical subjects. For example this, Third rank: physics,  Renu Raj took Malyalam. Aman Mittal with Electricial engineering.

Geography optional preparation

  • For Geography optional strategy- I’m going to post a blog article.
  • Overall, I’ve studied ~35-40 books for Geography optional. Every single topic I’ve done 10-12 times. There are people who just read 4-5 books multiple times and clear but I can’t.
  • I’m terrible at map. But since they’re asking so many unknown places, they are not even available on google maps, I tried many times. So cost benefit not that good. Although my fundamentals about geography are very strong, I can teach it to you within three hours- enough for the prelims.
  • Not all Geography optional questions are such that you can draw diagrams but as and where you find opportunity, you should do it.
  • In map questions, the marks are divided on basis of map location and information about the location. But don’t lie. Example, you can’t write “it falls in the region of heavy rainfall!”. Better discuss soil and agriculture.

Video#2: Interview & Hobbies

Ira Singhal Interview

Left: Mr. Mihir Patel (Rank-27), Right Ms. Ira Singhal (Rank-1)

Q.You’ve given interview four times, how was your experience?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/hLhy1wB_EN4
Ans. Female panelist focus on “personality”, “about you”, “situational reaction test”. I get 190+ in my previous two attempts.

Male chairman focus on “factual” questions where I perform not so good, and hence get lower marks- 151(2013) and  162(2014). I go at interviews assuming I’m going for a chat. If they want factual and structured answers, then I don’t perform well but I’m not scared of interview. Panelist have more experience than you but let’s not give them too much credit. They’re not sent on earth to judge you.
You should give straight forward answers without being rude. Don’t try to show fake personality. Be polity and be honest.

Hobbies for interview?

I’ve many hobbies- reading, dance, theatre, astrology, travel, cooking, creative writing, football, music and so on. Why shouldn’t you have hobbies? Please don’t create hobbies, genuinely create hobbies. If you’re doing something naturally, you’ll have some knowledge.  Don’t make your life that boring. You got only one life, do all type of things. Thankfully I had great parents. Although my dad torn away lot of my novels but he promoted me to do many other things.

Kids of my neighbors would stay in front of books for 12-15 hours but day dream, while I read only few days before the exam, and yet got better marks in my school exams.

Video#3: Demotivation during preparation

Q.How did you handle demotivation during preparation times?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/UHNyNcF1ONg

Ans. Don’t take UPSC so seriously.

How can you be depressed about an exam, if can’t get this job, you’ll find some other jobs, India is full of opportunities. You can be a contributing part of the society in many ways. So, let’s not take this exam or yourself too seriously. It’s nice to get this job, but it can’t be the only thing in the life. Who you are, can’t end in an answer of “IAS” behind your name. You’ve ‘traits’ that’ll define you.

I was very clear, why I was coming here. I loved my job in Cadburry. I had quit that cool job and nice salary. I didn’t take that decision casually. But in my first three attempts, I got same rank and service, I felt may be god wants me to be in this IRS service only. But then my friends were really nice, who forced me to give this fourth attempt. So, I wasn’t very keen on this attempt, hardly prepared for 15 days before the exam. But the good thing was this year’s mains was not about mugging up. This time, it was just about connecting the dots. So people like me, could clear this.

Yes demotivation happens to everyone, but it wasn’t about system is wrong aur ‘nahi hogaa’..my demotivation was mostly from that fact that I was lazy so opening books itself or hunting material online – that too truly boring. You get demotivated when you start listening to world around you. Don’t make this exam about your ego. You see this as a life you want to have. Most people that I speak to – their only aim is “I want to become IAS”….but what after that? That’s just 25-30 years of your life. Why do you want to become IAS? I get 2000 messages per day “Ma’am I want to be an IAS like you!”. But I have not become an IAS yet. I’ve not done anything as IAS yet. So, why do you want to become like me?

Think beyond this. Your motivation will come, only when you find true aim in your life. If you think your identity will be defined only by you clearing this exam, then you’ll be pressurized. This exam is no parameter. You’ve admit this UPSC has element of luck, you can’t blame yourself for vagaries of luck. There are many other opportunities. If you think it carefully, you are preparing hard for this exam so that you can work even harder for the rest of your life (as a bureaucrat!)

You’ve to bring rationality in your thought pattern, else ethics paper won’t be cleared. If you becoming officer just to satisfy your “ego”, then you’ll only ruin the country.