1. What is Unacademy-PLUS?
  2. Who are the Faculties?
  3. How will these Live Classes work?
  4. What will be the Schedule of lectures?
  5. Which subjects will be taught?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • As the auspicious day of Makar-Sankranti, Lohri and Pongal approaches, Unacademy conveys its greetings and best wishes in advance to all the readers of Mrunal.org.
  • We are also pleased to inform you all about our new platform “Unacademy Plus”:

What is Unacademy-Plus?

  • Unacademy Plus is a Live-Lectures platform where the Top-Educators of Unacademy will help Learners thoroughly master the fundamentals of various subjects for UPSC civil service IAS/IPS examination.
  • With Unacademy Plus, we want to revolutionize the way people prepare for civil services exam. Why should you have to learn only from any educator who is near your locality, when you can learn from India’s Best Educators on Unacademy Plus, using only a smartphone and an internet connection.

Who are the Faculties at Unacademy-Plus?

  • Ayussh Sanghi (B.Com (H), CA, LLB, specialist in GS Economy and International Relations).
  • Yasmin Gill ( Qualified for UPSC CSE 2015 mains, Rank 24th in Punjab PCS ).
  • Khushboo Singh Rajput ( 33.5 K Followers – Expert in CSAT for UPSC & PIB )
  • Deepanshu Singh ( UPSC CSE and IFoS| Public Speaker| NTSE Topper | National Debater | YouTuber and GS Faculty
  • Rahul Agarwal ( 37.6 K Followers – Expert in solving previous year doubts and questions)
  • Mudit Gupta ( Engineer (Electronics and Communication) – JIIT, Sec-62, Noida. AIR = 76 (DU LLB Entrance Exam, 2016) LAMP FELLOW, Active Quora writer )
  • Jatin Verma (thrice appeared in UPSC CSE with Public Administration as the optional subject).

Apart from helping learners comprehend the core fundamentals of each subject, our smart Educators who are driven to create impact in your lives will share strategy tips on how to prepare for the exam, how to score high in their respective subjects, and overall improve your chances at cracking the prestigious civil services exam.

How will these Live Classes work?

Unacademy Plus brings the classroom to you. Learners from all across India can log in using their smartphones or laptops, using just an internet connection, and start learning from India’s Best Educators.

Apart from bringing together the India’s Best Educators who will deliver high-quality classes, Unacademy Plus strives to provide a complete learning experience to its every learner. To achieve this, we are providing:

  1. Recordings of every lecture,
  2. creating a personalised learning experience,
  3. providing quality study material,
  4. hosting doubt-clearing sessions to clear concepts,
  5. improving preparation with live quizzes…and much more
Unacademy Plus inside the login page

(left: Live Class, right: Private Discussion Group)

Learners who enroll in Unacademy Plus live classes are part of their respective Private Discussion Groups, where Educators engage with you directly, clear your doubts by conducting live doubt-clearing sessions, hold weekly quizzes that help in clarifying learner’s concepts, as well as answer queries that may be related to the exam. Lecture notes are shared in the private groups after every live class.

What will be the Schedule of lectures?

  • Live classes on Unacademy Plus are typically scheduled for three times a week, and take place during the later hours of the day so as to accommodate all our learners coming from various backgrounds.
  • However, there’s no worry if you even miss a class, as every lecture is recorded and made available to you as soon as the live class ends.

Which subjects will be taught?

  • Listed below are the live classes that are currently open for registration on Unacademy Plus. For more details on the course schedule and syllabus, please click on the Registration Link given below.
  • Please note that there are limited seats for every batch, and seats will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hurry and register today!
Course Curriculum Registration Link
International Relations and Internal Security by Ayussh Sanghi In this course, Ayussh will comprehensively cover International Relations and Internal Security of India, which will provide a detailed understanding of the topics that will be helpful in solving objective based questions as well as the analytical understanding of the topics. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (GS-4) by Yasmin Gill In this course, Yasmin Gill will comprehensively cover entire GS-4 paper and elaborately explain topics, which will be helpful in gaining a conceptual understanding of each topic, relating topics in syllabus with current ethical issues, solving ethical case studies and analysing UPSC GS-4 papers. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Ancient, Medieval History, Art and Culture by Khushboo Singh Rajput In this course, Khushboo Singh Rajput will comprehensively cover entire Ancient, Medieval & Art and Culture and elaborately explain topics, which will be helpful in UPSC CSE, other UPSC exams such as CDS, CAPF, State PSC exams and other government exams like SSC. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Geography by Deepanshu Singh In this course, Deepanshu will comprehensively cover entire Geography and elaborately explain topics, which will be helpful in solving objective-based questions as well as analytical-understanding of the topics. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Current Affairs – April 2017 to May 2018 by Rahul Agarwal In this course, Rahul will comprehensively cover all the current affair topics from April 2017 to May 2018 and elaborately explain General Studies topics in the current, which will be helpful in solving objective-based questions as well as the analytical understanding of the topics. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Modern Indian History by Mudit Gupta In this course, Mudit Gupta will comprehensively cover entire Modern Indian History and elaborately explain topics, which will be helpful in UPSC CSE 2018. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Upcoming Indian Economy by Jatin Verma In this course, Jatin Verma will cover all the important aspects of Indian Economy and related Current Affairs relevant to the UPSC Civil Services Exam, other Exams conducted by UPSC and the State PSC exams. This course will also be relevant for Economy section of SSC, Banking and other Govt exams. Click Here

(Enrollment Open – Limited Seats)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the medium of instruction during lectures? English, Hindi?
A. All live classes are primarily taught in English, although Educators might speak in Hinglish during some parts of their lectures.

Q. I don’t have a fast internet connection. What do I do?
A. Unacademy Plus LIVE Classes can be accessed via regular 3G or 4G internet connections. Best quality can be expected from using a WiFi or broadband connection.

Q. What if I don’t like the teaching or want to discontinue the program for any other reason. WillI get a refund?
A. We offer no refunds on fees. However, we do promise the highest-quality education to you.

Q. What if I’m unable to attend a class?
A. Recordings for every class will be made available shortly after the lecture. All students will have lifetime access to all course material and lecture recordings.

Q. I’ve some other query.
For any other queries, please reach out to help@unacademy.com