1. Oliveboard’s Win2kTests
  2. 3 Simple Steps to enter the contest:
  3. When will the result come?
  4. What’s the prize?

Oliveboard’s Win2kTests

  • Dear aspirants, as the UPSC IAS/IPS prelim exam approaches, your preparations will be in full gear. To help you gauge your level of preparation against all-India competitors, we are proud to present Oliveboard’s Free All-India Test .
  • Top-100 scorers will win 10 free full length mock tests for the UPSC prelims worth Rs.2,000/-, for themselves and for their one friend as well.
  • This contest is exclusively for Mrunal users!

3 Simple Steps to enter the contest:

1) Use this linkhttps://bit.ly/2qtsvt8 to login/sign up and take the Free All India Test for UPSC Prelims.

UPSC online mock test

You’ve to give the first test. if you’re among the top-100 scorers, then you’ll win mock tests worth Rs.2,000/-

2) Follow the Instructions, Complete the Test and Submit your Results

Read the instructions, then start the online test!

oliveboard mock test

click on submit button on bottom right corner, once you’re done with the test!

3) Contest is open from 15th to 20th April (8 pm) for Mrunal Users. Make sure you use this link only : https://bit.ly/2qtsvt8 : Only entries from this link will be considered.

When will the result come?

Results will be announced on 21st April.

What’s the prize?

oliveboard mock test prize

  • Top 100 scorers will receive the free series worth Rs. 2,000/- and also get to nominate a friend to receive the same! We will reach out to you for details!
  • This test series prepared by exam experts covering latest syllabus and following up to date UPSC prelims exam pattern.
  • Covers entire General Studies Paper – 1. It is the best way to revise your syllabus and test how much more efforts are required to get there.
  • You get better over the course of 10 mock tests, and it can be a major boost for your studies.
  • You get to realize the pressure, the nerve racking feeling of giving a UPSC exam. But at the comfort of your home. So, don’t wait up. Participate now!