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    1. How will this webinar benefit me in UPSC Mains?
    2. What Will be taught In this IR-Webinar?
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About the FREE Webinar on Mains Answer writing

  • McGraw Hill education in partnership with Mrunal.org is pleased to announce a webinar on Mains answer writing for UPSC civil services IAS/IPS exam.
  • TOPIC: The art of Answer writing for UPSC Mains GS Paper2: International relations (IR)
  • SPEAKER: Pavneet Singh, Faculty (International Relations) at Vajiram and Ravi, Delhi and Author of the best selling book on International Relations
  • Date: 7th July 2018.
  • Start Time: will be notified to you after registration.
  • Venue: Any place where you can access uninterrupted internet for a duration of minimum 60 minutes.
  • Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2HQLTab

How will this webinar benefit me in UPSC Mains?

  • In 2013, UPSC changed the format of Mains stage of Civil Services IAS/IPS exam.
  • The new format includes four papers of General Studies. However, since its inception, the new General Studies paperII (Polity, Governance & IR) has been a challenge to candidates, because of its conservative and strict evaluation.
  • International Relations (IR) as a complex and contemporary subject demands an allinclusive study in tandem with the latest and ongoing national and international developments in and around the world. This is one of the most dynamic sections of the Main examination as well as the most analytical segment of the syllabus of Paper-2.
  • The subject is vast and requires skill to write an well structure and articulated answer.
  • But how to do that? How to understand the analytical demands of a question, and address the same? How to attain accuracy in articulating and connecting the correct dots? How much to explain? What kind of language to use? How to pick the appropriate words?
  • All this and much more shall be answered by Pavneet Singh, Faculty (International Relations) at Vajiram and Ravi, Delhi, Author of best-selling book on International Relations on 7th JULY 2018.
  • So, REGISTER without delay at https://bit.ly/2HQLTab

 Answer writing for UPSC Mains GS Paper2

What will be taught In this IR-Webinar?

The art of answer writing for International Relations in GS Mains Paper-2 by Vajiram’s faculty Pavneet Singh will cover following:

  1. Brief Introduction about the IR syllabus in GS Mains Paper-II.
  2. The art of answer writing: How to understand the key directives of the questions, what are the mistakes committed by the candidates in Mains answer writing, how to avoid them?
  3. Analysis of past questions including model answers.
  4. Practice questions on IR/Diplomacy after the discussion.

About the Speaker: Pavneet Singh, renowned faculty for IR / Diplomacy

  • Pavneet Singh graduated with Honors in Political Science from Delhi University. He then followed it with an MBA from IMI, Belgium. Following the completion of his formal education, Pavneet sought to make a mark for himself in the field of the teaching for the UPSC Civil Services exam.
  • He has taught various subjects, including Political Science and Current Affairs for almost a decade now. It is this expertise, earned through years of voracious reading and enriched through interactions with thousands of aspirants, that he brings to this textbook.
  • Since 2013, he has been associated with Vajiram & Ravi, India’s premier institute for the civil services exam, at New Delhi. His area of expertise here has been International Relations.
  • Pavneet Singh has written a book titled ‘International Relation’. International Relations for Civil Services Examinations is an allencompassing manual on world politics, foreign policy and international relations that is a must-read for all UPSC candidates.

Book on International Relation for UPSC Mains GSM2

Book on International Relation Pavneet Singh

  • Covering the complete IR syllabus of General Studies (for Prelims and Main exam) and Political Science (optional) syllabus, Pavneet Singh’s IR book is especially designed for an in-depth analytical understanding of the global world order and has been supplemented with numerous case studies and diagrams to aid the mnemonic reading of aspirants.
  • The book is completely up-to-date, with events ranging from the rise of the modern nation states to the events of the present year. India’s relations with all continents and regions of the world have been thoroughly discussed, along with the changing paradigms of its foreign policy over the decades.
  • The Book is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.

About McGraw Hill Education

  • McGraw Hill Education began operations in India in 1970.
  • Today, we offer a comprehensive range of educational content and digital tools, empowering and preparing professionals and students of all ages to connect, learn and succeed in the global economy. Therefore, we are most pleased to announce this webinar in collaboration with Mrunal.org one of India’s largest portal for competitive exams.