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Environment as a topic in IAS Prelims

  • Over the last 7 years, Environment related questions asked in the UPSC Prelims GS-1 Paper ranges from 12-28 out of the 100 questions. In 2019, 21 Questions were asked on this topic.
  • These numbers signify the importance of Environment with regards to the UPSC CSE Prelims Exam. Your Knowledge of Environment could decide whether you qualify for UPSC 2020 Main Exam or not.
  • Keeping this very fact in mind, Skholar has decided to provide you with a Free Environment Current Affairs eBook in PDF format.
  • This eBook would contain all the important Environment related current affairs of last 3 months, i.e. July, August and September 2019. It is a most comprehensive Quarterly summary of all Environment related Current Events.
  • Along with the current affairs notes, you will also get a free Environment Quiz of about 25 Questions along with their answers.
  • You can download your copy of the eBook from the direct download link given below.

What is “Skholar”?

  • Skholar is a 100% FREE UPSC preparation platform. You will just need to register on the website to access all the UPSC preparation material and mock tests.
  • The preparation material includes, Daily and Monthly Current affairs summary, Topic-wise Study Notes, Subject-wise Video Lessons, Important monthly magazine reviews, CSAT mock tests, etc.

Environment Current Affairs Ebook: Contents & download link

Get a head start over your competitors on the race to UPSC 2020 Prelims exam by downloading and preparing from the Free Environment Current Affairs Ebook.

Following are few of the topics covered in this free Quarterly Summary of Environment Current Affairs -:

  1. Climate Targets
  2. UN Climate Action Summit
  3. Just Energy Transition
  4. Amazon Fires
  5. All India Tiger Estimates 2018
  6. 4P1000 Initiative
  7. Microplastics in Arctic Region
  8. Draft Environmental and Social Management Framework
  9. Marine Fisheries Regulation and Management Bill, 2019
  10. Animal Species like Cat Snake, Indian Pierrot Butterfly, Dragon Tree, etc.
  11. And much more….

? Download the Full eBook Here

For more such Study Notes, Video Lessons, Practice Questions and Log on to Skholar.com now.  All the best for your UPSC 2020 Exam preparation.