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Intro to Skholar-a free portal for UPSC Prep!

The UPSC CSE 2020 Notification has now been released. A Total of 796 vacancies have been announced in this year’s notification. This is now the final lap of UPSC 2020 Exam preparation. Special focus needs to be given for Paper 1, i.e. General Studies preparation. It would involve study, revision and practice of various GS Topics like History, Geography, General Science, Environment, Polity, Social Issues & Current Affairs.

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  • Free UPSC Preparation Resources on Skholar
  • Free UPSC CSE 2020 Model Paper – Download Link Below

Free UPSC CSE 2020 Study material

Skholar – Complete Resources

Skholar has one of the most comprehensive FREE UPSC Preparation resources package available online.

It comprises of Prelims Test series, Study Notes, CA Revision PDFs, Monthly Capsules, Videos, Daily & Monthly Current Affairs, Infographics, CSAT notes, Online Quizzes, Monthly Magazine Summary, Previous Year solved papers, etc.

Let’s have a closer look at each of these features -:

UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series

At Skholar, a user can practice for the 2020 prelims with the help of -:

  • 30 General Studies Mock Tests
  • 5 CSAT Mock Tests
  • Previous year Question Paper
  • Special Monthly Mock Tests

Attempt Now to Know where you stand with your preparation till date.

UPSC CSE Study Notes

With Skholar, an aspirant will get exclusive access to subject-wise free study notes -:

Subject Sub-Topics
Environment Principles of Ecology, Ecosystems, Climate Change, Renewable Energy & Pollution, Agriculture, Environment Conservation Efforts and Important Institutions.
Polity Basic Framework of Constitution, Emergency Provisions, Union & State Executives, Parliament and State Legislature, Bills & Majority, Centre-State Relations, Judiciary, Local Bodies, Union Territories & Special Areas and Constitutional Bodies.
Economy National Income, Development & Un-Employment, Public Finance, Taxation System, Money Market and RBI, Capital Market, Inflation & Business Cycle, External Sector, International Organizations and Important Financial Institutions.
Geography Earth & its Interior, Geomorphic Process, Landforms, Atmosphere, Climate & Weather, Ocean, Indian Drainage System, Indian Physiography, Climate, Soil System in India, Types of Vegetation in India and Human Geography of India & the World.
History – Modern India Socio-Religious Reforms, Administrative Reforms, Educational Reforms, National Movements, Rise of Communal Politics, Important Congress Sessions, Towards Transfer of Power, Movements and Revolts, Associations and their objectives & Press during Colonial period.
Science & Technology Space Technology, ICT, Nuclear Technology, Health, Defence Technology and Biotechnology.

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Download free study material

In this section, Users will get access to exclusive preparation resources like -:

  • CA Revision PDFs for various sections like Science & Technology, Environment, Economy, Social Justice, History – Art & culture and Polity & Governance. In this special PDF ebooks, all the important current affairs from May to December 2019, related to the aforementioned topics are compiled, making it easier for the aspirants to revise these topics before the exam.
  • Monthly Capsules include Economic Survey Summary (2 parts), Special  Mains Compilation, Prelims Dose, etc. These capsules would help students with their Crisp & comprehensive Subject-wise coverage and Multi-dimensional analysis using Kipling’s method.
  • Old UPSC CSE Question Papers from 2015 to 2019.
  • Special UPSC CSE Model Paper containing 100 MCQs with Solutions. – Download Now

Video Lectures:

Skholar also has a special Video section, where Experts at Skholar have explained Important Topics from the General Studies Syllabus.

Daily Analysis of Current Affairs

  • Daily Newspaper Analysis – Daily Notes and updates of current affairs are prepared by Skholar Experts.
  • Explore -: Introducing Word-Cloud Technology for Current Affairs preparation, in this section, all current affairs are categorized as per keywords.

wordcloud for UPSC General Studies

  • Daily Current Affairs Quiz – After Going through the Daily current Affairs Notes, Candidates can give the FREE Daily Current Affairs Quiz. This Quiz contains 5 questions based on the topics covered each day.
  • Analysis of Rajya Sabha TV & All India Radio (AIR) debates & Discussions – Skholar covers all the bases for Current Affairs preparation, so apart from newspaper, Analytical Notes of Rajya Sabha TV & AIR news bulletins and debates.

Extra Dose of General Studies

In this section, a scholar user will get access to special Topic Specific Infographics. Topics like Revolt of 1857, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, Karst Topography, Ecological succession, etc. are explained in easy to understand manner through an Infographic.

This section CSAT Quiz, Previous year Quiz, etc. that will give an additional edge to your UPSC CSE 2020 preparation


This section contains the Summary of all the important monthly magazines – Yojana, Kurukshetra & EPW, which over the years have proved to be very important sources of preparation for UPSC CSE.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your UPSC 2020 preparation to next level for FREE now.