1. Normal economy for competitive exams (CRR, SLR, Repo etc)
  2. Accountancy
  3. Labour laws
  4. Resources

Economy for EPFO is subdivided into 3 parts 1) Normal economy 2) Accountancy 3) Labour laws.

Normal economy for competitive exams (CRR, SLR, Repo etc)

From normal economy hardly 56 Qs came in last 5 exams. That is not enough a question bank to come up with a trend.

  • Nonetheless, overall Pillar1a2 (monetary policy), pillar1d (Financial inclusion related schemes), pillar3 (Currency exchange/intl.org ka GK), pillar5 (infra schemes), pillar6 (HRD schemes) seem to be notable areas.
  • little bit of microeconomics.

You’ve two options

  • A) If you have done my full course on unacademy for UPSC OR
  • B) Self-studied theory & then completed my free current series Win22 and Win23 (REF: https://mrunal.org/win23)
  • Then it’s enough for most parts.
  • Yes, some questions will come outside of it. but now, you do not have enough time to pick up new things. Spend your time on other subjects


  • not my subject to difficult to say much.
  • You can selectively prepare a little bit from either Tamilnadu or Maharashtra State Textbooks of class11–12 Accountancy.
  • These books have little bit easier coverage compare to NCERTs.
  • or consult YouTube videos

Labour laws

  • Go thru PYQs and accordingly prepare only 4–5 major acts / topics namely Minimum Wages & Graduity
  • Industrial Dispute, Factory
  • Trade Union, Maternity Benefit
  • Outside of it as well, but then cost benefit not good considering the time constrain.


  1. Mrunal EPFO playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAMBum9_RkuMds6pCyeMILF2IMcmvK6qw
  2. PDF Topic wise PYQ download from: https://unacademy.com/content/upsc/epfo/?12323655 (🔖unlock Code: ‘Mrunal.org’)
  3. PDF Accountancy books for Maharashtra board: https://books.balbharati.in/ebook.aspx