[Aptitude] Product Consistency: If Sugar price increases then consumption should be Decreased by What %, Time-Speed-Distance problems, shortcuts for SSC, IBPS, CSAT, CAT

Case: Sugar Consumption Budget don’t change Case: Salary comparison: How much more or less? Case: Increased consumption absolute value Case: Apples price decrease absolute value Case: Time-Speed-Distance Mock questions Food for thought IF you want to master this method, [...]

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[Aptitude] Long Division, Two-Digit Division, % Calculation without Tears (and without boring Vedic Maths) using % Approximation Method

Ok this isn’t about boring vedic maths technique so don’t run away, yet! One of  the biggest problem with IBPS/Bank, SSC, CAT, CMAT type of exams= you’ll encounter long division and percentage (%) calculation every now and then, directly [...]

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