[Aptitude] Time n Distance: Early and late to office (shortcut using product consistency method) for SSC, IBPS, CSAT, CAT, CMAT

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Case : Early Late Approach #1: Product consistency Approach #2 (STD Table) Case #2: Tappu’s school Approach #1: Product consistency Approach #2 (STD Table) Case: Pinku’s college (total time given) Mock Questions Answer and explanation Before proceeding further, make sure your concept regarding “product-consistency method” Is clear. If not, then go through my previous article click me Case : Early … Read More


[Speed Time Work] Three men can finish a work in x days, share in wages & other special cases

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Prologue Case: three men start the work simultaneously. Case: Three Men Start Working One After Another Case: Share in Daily Wage Case: Share in money after work finished? Case: Time equations: set of two people working Case: Time Ratios are given Prologue Speed Time work questions routinely appears in almost every aptitude exam A can complete a piece of work in … Read More