[Diplomacy] Liancourt Rocks/ Takeshima/ Dokdo Islets Dispute Between Japan and South Korea

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Whare are The Takeshima or Dokdo Islets? Background History Reasons for the dispute American angle How to solve this problem Whare are The Takeshima or Dokdo Islets? These islets are located in the Sea of Japan and are a bone of contention between Japan and South Korea. They are 210 kilometers across the water from Japan and South Korea and … Read More


[Diplomacy] Joseph Koni, Lord’s Resistance Army, Uganda Child Soldiers

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Lordโ€™s Resistance Army Timeline Joseph Koni and his atrocities Kony 2012 โ€“ Viral Campaign on Youtube Lordโ€™s Resistance Army The Lordโ€™s Resistance Army is a rebel group led by leader Joseph Kony. The group originated in Northern Uganda as a movement to fight for the rights of the Acholi people. The group has been fighting the Ugandan army for years … Read More