[Download] Indian Culture and Heritage Study Material (Hindi/English) from NOS/NIOS for Free

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Here is some really good study material on Indian Culture and Heritage from National Open School (NOS) now renamed as NIOS.
The content is less boring and more structured than Spectrum’s book on Indian Culture + truckload of 2 markers scattered throughout the paragraphs.
By the way,

  1. Here is the link: https://files.secureserver.net/0fdAWETp4sONW5 You may download required papersets, study material etc from it, as per your requirements.
  2. Use Foxit PDF reader (Free) to read these PDF files, because it allows highlighting, commenting, notes making, text-selection and other good features. Click ME to download
  3. If the Zip files are not opening in your compter, then use 7-Zip (Free) Click Me to download

Index/Content of Indian Culture NIOS material

  1. An Introduction
  2. Indian Culture
  3. Ancient India
  4. Medieval India
  5. Modern India
  6. Indian Languages and Literature-I
  7. Indian Languages and Literature-II
  8. Religion and Philosophy in ancient India
  9. Religion and Philosophy in Medieval India
  10. Religious Reform Movements in Modern India
  11. Indian Painting
  12. Music, Dance and Drama
  13. Indian Architecture
  14. Science and Technology in India
  15. Scientists of Ancient India
  16. Science and Scientists of Medieval India
  17. Scientists of Modern India
  18. Education in India
  19. Indian Social Structure
  20. Socio-Cultural Issues in Contemporary India
  21. Spread of Indian Culture Abroad

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    Which subject is good with political science as an optional 4 ias ,,, which can save time and can also help G.s. paper…plz reply if possible ..!!?? plzzz….


    plz sir ….answer me which subject is good combination of political science 4 ias as an optional..??? plz reply if possible ….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………….

    1. anvi

      hey rupi now there is only one optional in mains , and if you want to take political science then it can help you with your general studies mains pol sci sections .. i hope it helps

  3. manish choudhary

    indian culture is the most greatful culture in the world. they are stay many cast people.

  4. ABHISHEK SINGH (8182839179)

    sir plzzzzz send study materials in English……………………………………….for Complete geography (G.S + OPTIONAL)………………………………

  5. Surabhi Panda

    Sir, piz tell me which subject should take as optional combination with Chemistry? Is History prefferable.

  6. bharti

    ques 1 Give a critical exposition of the hedroonism of the charvaka
    plese give me answer this question

  7. sir aap ki koi aise website hi jismey saarey hindi medium me notes mil sakey ager ha to please sir mujhey jaroor de danywaad sir

    sir aapki koi aise website hi jismey saarey hindi medium me notes mil sakey ager ha to please sir mujhey jaroor de danywaad sir ……………….Mrunal sir

  8. Arpita Soni

    Sir plz tell me how to study paper 3rd which included governance part..i dnt ve any idea also suggest book or any class notes..

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