[Answerkey] UPSC Prelim-2018: International Relations (IR) / Diplomacy: Senior player friendly section?

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Analysis of UPSC Prelims
Prelim-2018's IR/Diplomacy section was more comfortable for senior players, because mostly it was contemporary affairs. There were no cliched current affairs IR questions like “What was the theme / venue of 2017’s xyz high profile summit?” Nothing from India’s own defense development or joint military exercise. Read More...

[UPSC Official Answerkey] Right to vote is Constitutional right & Harappans didn’t know abt Horse in Prelims-2017

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Finally, UPSC released the official Answerkey for the Prelims-2017, which had turned online forums into battlegrounds जहां भाई भाई का और Captain America Iron Man का दुश्मन बन चूका था about whether right to vote is Constitutional right or legal right and whether Harappan junta knew about horse or not? Read More...