Question papers of various competitive exams along with answerkeys

[Ebook] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject: Topicwise Question papers for UPSC Mains Exam (2007-19)

Prologue Gujarati Literature Paper1: Topic Frequency Chart GLP1-Block#1: ભાષાનો ઇતિહાસ, ઉચ્ચારણ,બોલીઓ GLP1-Block#1A: ભાષાનો ઇતિહાસ GLP1-Block#1B: શબ્દ ભંડોળ, વ્યાકરણ GLP1-Block#1C: ધ્વનિ-ઉચ્ચારણ વિજ્ઞાન GLP1-Block#1D: બોલીના પ્રકારો Guj.Litt Paper-2: Topic Frequency Chart GLP2-Block#1-કૃતિઓ મધ્યકાળની GLP2:- વસંતવિલાસ GLP2:- કાદંબરી-ભાલણ ? Additional Prep. Sources [...]

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[Download] Topicwise UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-3 (GSM3): Economy, Agriculture, Disaster Management, EIA, Science, Internal Security since new Syllabus of 2013

Prologue GSM3 Topicwise Papers since Syllabus Change [Block #1] Economy, Investment, Infrastructure Growth and Resource mobilization Economy: Budget Economy: Investment and Infrastructure Economy: Liberalization [Block#2] Agriculture Food: Cropping-irrigation Food: Tech. in aid of farmers Food: Food processing industry Food: [...]

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[T25] UPSC Mock Round#45: Polity practice MCQs: ‘Ma Gridhah Kasyasvidhanam’ is the motto of which organization? & more

Prologue Fundamental Rights and Duties Rights → Women Rights Issues: SC/ST & others Federalism Amendments to Constitution Judiciary: Supreme Court & HC Bodies: Statutory / Constitutional Defense related practice MCQs Defense → Institutions Defense → Military Exercises Defense → [...]

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[T25] UPSC Mock Round#41: Freedom Struggle to Medieval History for Competitive Exams- Mughal Painting to Hyderabad Accession & More

Prologue Medieval Dictionary Terms Mughal Painting, Travellers & Authors Freedom Struggle: art-culture, edu & Social Reforms Pratik Nayak's Full course on Art & Culture Freedom Struggle: 1857 to entry of Gandhi Freedom Struggle: Entry of Gandhi onwards Prologue Time [...]

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[T25] UPSC Mock Round#40: Geography & Environment for Competitive Exams- Avian Botulism, NOx emissions, NEPA Act & More

Prologue Geography Agriculture Environment  → Flora Fauna Environment →  Disasters & Development Environment  → Pollution Environment  → Organizations/ Treaties/ Laws [Free] Full length (100MCQ) walli Mock Tests with All India Ranking Prologue Time Limit: 30 minutes. 2 Marks for [...]

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[T25] UPSC Mock Round#39: Environment & Geography for Competitive Exams- Sclerophyll vegetation, anthropogenic radiative forcing, Nyishi tribe & More

Prologue Environment: Flora, Fauna Environment: Agriculture Environment: Pollution and Climate Change Geography: Physical → Weather, Climate Geography:  Indian Geography Geography: Rivers and Oceans Geography: Human → Languages [Free] Full length (100MCQ) walli Mock Tests with All India Ranking Prologue [...]

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[Free] FIVE Full-length UPSC Prelims Mocktests with All India RANKING & Video CLASSES for Analysis cum FEEDBACK by Unacademy

Prologue: 5 Prelims Mocktests for free Features of the Unacademy Prelims Mocktest Brains behind this Testseries MockTest timetable & REVIEW classes Register for FREE Prologue: 5 full-length Prelims mocktests for FREE This test series consists of 5 full-length Mock [...]

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[T25] UPSC Prelims Mock Testseries Round#38: Economy Practice MCQs from 2020’s CDS, IES & Geoscientist exams

Prologue Pill1A2: Monetary Policy Pill1B2: burning issues Pill1C: SEBI Sharemarket Pill1D: Financial Inclusion → Insurance Pill2A: Budget & Taxation Pill3A: Import export Pill3B: BoP & International Org Pill4B Industries, IPR, EoD Pill4C: Planning, NITI, PC Pill4D: Macroeconomic Indicators Roadmap [...]

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