Question papers of various competitive exams along with answerkeys

[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: Optional Subjects-Public Administration, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics

Public Administration Paper1: SECTION-A Paper1: SECTION-B PubAd: Paper-2 Section-A PubAd: Paper-2 Section-B Other odd optionals Compulsory Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati language Public Administration Paper-I and II: Each 3 hours and 250 marks. There are 8 questions divided into two sections, [...]

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[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: GS2-Polity, Governance, Policies, Schemes, International Bodies, Diplomacy

Analysis INSTRUCTIONS for General studies paper-2 (GS2) Constitution (50m) Governance, Administration, Bodies (30m) Policies: Economic sectors (20m) Policies: HRD /Welfare type (50m) IR/Diplomacy (50m) Question Paper: Linear Format Bogus marketing propaganda Analysis Overall, same like GS1- wordlimit decreased but [...]

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[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: GS1- Culture, History, Geography and Social issues

Analysis Instructions Culture (40m) Indian History (30m) World History (30m) Social issues (50m) Geography (100m) Industrial Location (30m) Physical Geography (20m) Climatology (30m) Resource distribution (20m) Mains-2014 GS1 Question Paper: Linear format Bogus Marketing Propaganda Analysis of Mains-2014 GS1 [...]

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[Download] General Studies Paper4: Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, 20% repeat questions from UPSC’s own sample paper

Prologue Repeated Qs. from official sample paper! Section 1: theory/definitions [125m] #1: Term/Definition based questions (35m) #2: Personal opinion/Experience based (40m) #3: Quote Based Questions (50m) Section-B Case Studies [125m] Case#1: RTI: To hide or not to hide (20m|250w) [...]

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[Download] General Studies Paper3:(Economy, Agro, Disaster, Sci-Tech) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated

Prologue GS3 Question Paper: Topicwise Economy (60m) Agro and Food Processing (50m) Environment+Disaster 45m Sci-tech 45m Internal security (50m) GS3 Question Paper: Linear GS3: Original Scan / Hindi Medium Bogus marketing propaganda Prologue For UPSC Civil services Mains-2013 Question [...]

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[Download] General Studies Paper2:(Polity, IR) of UPSC Civil Service Mains Exam 2013, topicwise separated, original-scan uploaded

Prologue General Studies Paper II: Topicwise Polity(80m) Indian Constitution (40m) Fedaralism (30m) Statutory Bodies (10m) Yearbook/Planning/Development(70m) Welfare Schemes (50m) NGO/SHG/Pressure Group (20m) Transparency/ Good Governance (20m) IR/Diplomacy (80m) Neighbours (60m) Policies of countries (10m) Intl.Organizations (10m) General Studies Paper [...]

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