[Diplomacy] India-UK: David Cameron Visit, Student Visa, Jallianwala, Kohinoor, Agusta Westland

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!
  1. Fodder points: India – UK relations
  2. David’s Dilemma
  3. India-UK talks
  4. Joint Cyber taskforce
  5. Agusta Westland inquiry
  6. Jallianwala Massacre
  7. David’s regret
  8. David’s refusal
  9. David’s promise
  10. Questions

Fodder points: India – UK relations

  • India is among the top five investors in Britain with over 700 Indian companies having set up shop there.
  • Since 90s, India has following agreements with UK
  1. double taxation avoidance agreement
  2. Bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement

UK Supports India’s full/permanent membership in

  1. Nuclear Suppliers Group
  2. United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

David’s Dilemma

  • David has to face election in 2015. He needs to do something about his nation’s failed economy.
  • Britain faces huge fiscal deficit. There is not enough demand for its goods and services within Europe. (because most EU-states are on verge of going  bankrupt and France, Germany dominating whatever “market” is left in Europe.)
  • Hence, Britain’s economic future lies outside the EU — in Asia, Africa and South America.
  • So, David came to 3-day visit to India, along with big delegation of businessmen.
David Cameron Conservative Party PM
Nick Clegg Liberal Democrats Deputy PM.

India-UK talks

During his India visit, as per the diplomatic protocol, David met Mohan + Pranab, consumed desi-liquor to provide sustainable livelihood to liquor mafias of UP+Noida. After the discussion, following deals/discussion were made between India and UK

  1. UK will Investment in infra + energy projects in India.
  2. UK will help developing 1000-kilometer Industrial corridor in the Mumbai-Bangalore region.
  3. MoU for setting up Metro rail network in Mumbai.
  4. India-UK will invest in joint research projects.
  5. British retail giant Tesco is eager to enter multi-brand retail in India.
  6. Vodafone tax case.
  7. David wants to sell fighter jets to India.
  8. David wants to negotiate bilateral Civil Nuclear Agreement.

Joint Cyber taskforce

  • A proposed joint cyber taskforce of India+UK.
  • Because David wants to secure the personal information of millions of Britons stored on Indian servers against cyber attacks by terrorists, criminals and hostile states.  (=China).

Agusta Westland inquiry

  • AgustaWestland is a helicopter manufacturer company in Britain.
  • In 2010 we signed deal to buy helicopters from Agusta Westland.
  • But Augusta Westerland’s parent company= Finmeccanica= in Italy.
  • Recently, the chief of Finmeccanica was arrested in Italy on charges that he paid bribes to win contract in India.
  • David has assured Mohan that his Government is fully help in this investigation.(lolz)

Jallianwala Massacre

  • Happened on April 13, 1919
  • Brigadier General Reginald Dyer marched with his troops and opened fire on a crowd without warning or provocation.
  • Government  of India (then in the hands of Britishers), setup Hunter Commission.
  • Hunter Commission criticized General Reginald Dyer for: a) opening fire without warning, and, b) that he went on firing even when the crowd had begun to disperse.
  • General Reginald Dyer had died of natural death.
  • In 1940, Udham Singh shot dead Michael O’Dwyer, the governor of Punjab who had praised General Reginald Dyer.

David’s regret

  • During his India visit, David said, “it was deeply shameful event in British history.”
  • He merely expressing “regret” and did not “apologize”.
  • Anyways, this is seen as an attempt to win the Indian voters in UK (before 2015 elections). Indians are the single largest minority in UK: About 1.5 million.
  • + winning goodwill in India (mostly for trade-investment).
  • And he did not say “Sorry” because otherwise it might offend his traditional conservative “white” British vote bank.

Kohinoor Diamond

  • 105 karat diamond, worth around 20 billion dollars.
  • It was mined in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Mughal Emperor Shahjahan affixed it on his Peacock Throne.
  • Persian King Nadir Shah attacked Delhi and took away the Peacock Throne.
  • Later it came in possession of Ranjit Singh, the king of Punjab -> Queen of England.

David’s refusal

  • During his India visit, David said Britain will not return the Kohinoon diamond.
  • Besides, if Britain starts “returning” the things to original countries then most of its museums and crown-treasury will get empty, after all they enriched themselves only by stealing, looting and plundering others during the colonial era.
  • (Counter argument) Kohinoor is more safe in UK than in India. Because thieves broke into Vishwa Bharati museum and stole Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel medal while security personnel were busy watching an Indo-Pak cricket match on TV.


  • UK would introduce same-day visa services for Indian investors.
  • Foreign students are important for the economy of UK, Australia. But recently the Indian students have been avoiding UK like hell because
  1. Rise in hate crimes.
  2. Economic downturn in Europe, Job opportunities =not good.
  3. UK universities offer one-year Masters’ degree but it is not recognized by most Indian Government universities (or Government job exams).

David’s promise

To fix this student immigration issue, David did two things

  1. David made promise: “no limit on the number of Indian students that can study in British universities, so long as they have a place and an English-language qualification.”
  2. Talked with HR ministry of India (for recognizing UK degrees in India.)


India-UK relations Cameron visit
Q1. Find incorrect match

  1. David Cameron
  1. Nick Clegg
  1. Obama
  1. Mitt Romney
  1. Only 1,3 and 4
  2. Only 2 and 4
  3. Only 3 and 4
  4. Only 1 and 2.

Q2. Which of the following are correct?

  1. Kohinoor diamond was mined from Panna mines in Madhya Pradesh.
  2. General Reginald Dwyer was responsible for Jallianwala massacre and he was later shot dead by Udham Singh.
  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. Both
  4. none

Interview questions

  1. What are your views on this whole issue of “demanding apologies” for the crimes committed in past?
  2. In ancient and medieval times, India was plundered by foreign countries. And almost all of those countries are in bad shape right now (in terms of economy). Britain who once was our master, now comes begging for Indian investment and students. Do you believe in Karma cycle? Or is it just a coincidence?
  3. What Reforms are necessary to attract foreign students in Indian universities? OR to retain Indian students from migrating to US/Canada/UK/Australia etc?

For More articles on diplomacy, visit Mrunal.org/diplomacy

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  2. My views on 3rd interview questions:
    1. Government should invest more in research and development in Indian universities which might seem lucrative to foreign students as cost of studies would be less here.
    2. Interlocking with more foreign universities which would start a trend of visiting Indian universities for international students and more awareness to foreign mass.
    3. Infrastructure is the key to foreign student investment. Make universities equipped with more facilities and an international outlook.
    4. Equal focus should be on developing the universities other than IIMs, IITs and NITs.
    5. More GDP would boost the nation economically, more jobs, more placements, higher R.O.I (studies).

    Please add/share your views !

    1. @Deepak This is the normal outlook that we have. The major problem that India is facing currently is lack of good teachers in many departments. We are seriously facing shortage is faculty talent pool. Most of the good faculties in the country go outside. This mainly due to the good payment that they get there[other that facilities]. When a course like Econometrics was stopped in one of the IITs due to lack of faculty, we have a serious problem.
      When most of the Ivy league colleges abroad have Nobel laureates to teach them what do we have. I suppose innovation should start from here.
      Another major overhaul is needed in the Syllabus. Think of how gross a syllabus we have when comparing to some of the UK based syllabus like that of GSCE.

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