Those who had appeared in Assistant provident Fund commissioner Exam (APFC/EPFO) exam of UPSC: recall the Jim Yong Kim question. All four answer choices were set wrong. Finally UPSC admits (indirectly) in R.T.I that it was a wrong MCQ.
See the answerkeys attached below, clearly mentions “items to be taken for scoring: 99 and No. of items dropped: 01” and one answerbox is left empty”
That dropped item being the fake/bogus MCQ on Jim Yong Kim and other chiefs of various international bodies. (Question 27 in Booklet “D”)

Background: The Fake/Bogus/Wrong MCQ in APFC-2012

UPSC had asked following MCQ (Booklet “D”, Question No.27)

  1. Jim Yong Kim
  2. Kamlesh Sharma
  3. Christine Lagarde
  4. Catherine Day
  1. President, World Bank
  2. Secretary-General, Commonwealth
  3. Managing Director, IMF
  4. Secretary-General of the European Commission

Answer choices

(a) 3 4 2 1
(b) 1 4 2 3
(c) 3 2 4 1
(d) 1 2 4 3

The correct Match was

  1. Jim Yong Kim= the head of world Bank (A-1)
  2. Kamlesh Sharma=the Secretary General of Common Wealth.(B-2)
  3. Christine Lagarde = the MD of IMF (C-3)
  4. Catherine Day = Secretary General of European Commission (D-4)

But no such answer choice was given. Hence all options are incorrect. Anyways, here are the official answerkeys received from UPSC for all four series A, B, C and D received through R.T.I.

PDF of the R.T.I reply:

RtI-ussc-APFC-2012-official answerkey

Yet another victory cum defeat

The regular visitors are aware of the ongoing RTI war between Mrunal vs. UPSC over a stupid issue called “disclose Answerkeys before exam process is over.”

October 2012: I filed an R.T.I to UPSC seeking official answerkey of APFC/EPFO 2012 exam + about that fake MCQ on Jim Yong Kim.

November 2012: The Public information officer (PIO) of UPSC refuses to give answerkey citing the same old excuse “exam process not over”

December 2012: I appealed to the first appellate authority (FAA) (Jt. Secretary of UPSC), he says PIO is right.

Jan 2013: I appealed CIC regarding this matter.

24 June 2013: finally matter came up for hearing. CIC ordered the UPSC to disclose the answerkey of APFC exam, within 10 working days of receiving his order. So theoretically transparency won. But UPSC only sent the letter on 19th August and I received It today on 27th August and in between APFC final result was declared. Thus in way UPSC continued its position/stand/character/Lord Curzon policy of “not disclosing answer key before exam process is over.” Therefore, it just victory on paper, not actual victory.

Anways, atleast UPSC sent the answer key, otherwise In case of CSAT 2012 answerkey, they’ve challenged similar order of CIC in the Delhi High court.