SSC had released the marksheets for Tier 1 of CGL-2013 Exam and set the new heights of stupidity. They uploaded everyone’s mark in a single 50 MB PDF with more than 23,000 pages. Disregarding the fact that most Indians don’t have fast speed internet connection to download such a big file!

Now there are thousands of panic aspirants,  unable to access their marks. But Worry no more. I’m splitting that large PDF file into nine smaller pdfs so you can easily download it even on slow speed internet. Same PDFs uploaded on two servers to prevent any slowdown. Click on any one of the following links:

Server #1: Google

Server #2: My own


I’ve classified the marksheets as per first digit of Roll Number. (CGL has ten-digit roll numbers)

  1. From Roll Number 1********* onwards (ie. 1001000002 to 1601507568)
  2. From Roll Number 2********* onwards (ie. 2001000004 to 2409500613)
  3. From Roll Number 3********* onwards (ie. 3001000005 to 3206593290)
  4. From Roll Number 4********* onwards (ie. 4001000001 to 4802500068)
  5. From Roll Number 5********* onwards (ie. 5001000001 to 5701500331)
  6. From Roll Number 6********* onwards (ie. 6001000003 to 6204605523)
  7. From Roll Number 7********* onwards (ie. 7001500001 to 7801700999)
  8. From Roll Number 8********* onwards (ie. 8001000001 to 8401500648)
  9. From Roll Number 9********* onwards (ie. 9001000001 to 9212500144)

Although due care has been taken to ensure no page was missed while splitting the PDF, but still if you can’t find your roll number, and / or want to download the original big PDF worth 50MB, then click me
Forgot Roll Number?
Goto this page (for Central Region). Type your registration number and it’ll tell your roll number.
Candidates from other regions, visit your region’s SSC site, there would be similar links to retrieve roll number.
Confusion over Job Codes?
“J” means Income Tax inspector. For entire code list, refer to official notification of SSC CGL click me
Confusion over Job Profiles?
Click me to read article about the job profiles, promotion opportunities in various posts offered under SSC-CGL
Sidenote for geeks: yes I did try compressing the PDF, but it didnot lead to any significant reduction in size, not even with 7zip ultra-settings.