[Download] Anthropology Optional Subject Paper 1 & 2 of UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS Mains Exam 2013

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  1. Instruction
  2. Anthropology Paper 1: Section A
  3. Anthropology Paper I: Section-B
  4. Anthropology Paper 2: Section A
  5. Anthropology Paper II Section B


  • There are EIGHT questions divided in Two Section, Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all.
  • Question no. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE from each section.
  • Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Admission certificate which must be stated clearly on the cover of this Question-cum-Answer (QCA) booklet in the space provided. No marks will be given for answers written in medium other than the authorized one.
  • Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.
  • Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the answer book must be clearly struck off.
  • 250 marks | 3 hours.

Anthropology Paper 1: Section A

Section A
Q.1 Write notes on the following in about 150 words each: 10 x 5 =50

  1. How do you situate Anthropology in Social Sciences?
  2. Various types of descent
  3. Totemism
  4. Linguistic Anthropology
  5. Carbon-14 method of dating

Q.2: 20-15-15 (250 words each)

  1. Why has the concept of Culture Relativism been so dear to Anthropologies?
  2. Bring out the distinguishing features of culture and civilization.
  3. Where do you situate ‘live-in relationship’ within the institution of marriage?


  1. Discuss the impact of globalization on tribal economy. 20m|350 words
  2. In what ways is Functionalism different from Structural Functionalism? 20m|350 words
  3. Differentiate between Economics and Economic Anthropology.10m|150 words

Q.4: 20-15-15 (250 words each)

  1. Discuss the impact of urbanization and feminist movement on family.
  2. Bring out the contribution of Turner and Geertz in symbolic and interpretive theories in Anthropology.
  3. How does taboo serve as a means of social control?

Anthropology Paper I: Section-B

Q.5: 150 words each 10 x 5 =50

  1. Role of primatology in Anthropological studies.
  2. Differentiation between Child Growth and Development.
  3. Ageing and Senescene
  4. Twin method in human genetics
  5. Demographic transition

Q.6: 20-15-15 marks (250 words each)

  1. Give a broad outline of Patheolithic culture emphasizing upon its tool technology.
  2. What do you understand by ‘Genetic Load’ in a population? How is it measured and what are the important factors that can influence it?
  3. Justify “Though human growth is under tight genetic control but it is influenced by various environmental factors.”

Q.7: 20-15-15 marks (250 words each)

  1. Discuss the relevance of Case Study method of data collection.
  2. Elaborate upon major human adaptations to heat and cold.
  3. What are genetic markers and what is their usefulness?Why are blood groups considered as good genetic markers?Illustrate with examples.

Q.8: 20-15-15 marks (250 words each)

  1. Discuss how Neo-Darwinism integrated the fields of Genetics and Evolution.
  2. What is meant by epidemiological transition?Elaborate upon its causes and consequences highlighting major health problems of our adult population today.
  3. Differentiate between Race and Racism.What are three major races of the world ?Give important biological criteria used frequently for such a classification.

Anthropology Paper 2: Section A

Q1: 150 words each x 10 marks x 5 questions = 50 marks.

  1. Sufi tradition of Islam
  2. Threat to tribal languages in India.
  3. Examine the debates related to Ramapithecus.
  4. Discuss how Louis Dumont explained caste system.
  5. Discuss salient features of mesolithic culture in India with special reference to western India.

Q2: 15-15-20 marks

  1. Examine Nature-man spirit complex as an ecological concept.
  2. Indian Paleolithic culture can neither be conceived chronologically homogeneous nor as a unfiorm cultural phase.-Discuss.
  3. Discuss the significance of study of religious centres to the understanding of Indian civilization.

Q3: 25+25marks

  1. Examine the anthropological contributions dealing with tribes and Indian civilization.
  2. What is Jajmani system?Examine the views on Jajmani system as an egalitarian as well as exploitative system.Give reasons for its decline.

Q4: 15-15-20 (250 words)

  1. Indian farmers are not slow to react to economic opportunities.-Discuss this statement.
  2. Examine the criticisms on the concept of dominant caste.
  3. Discuss the contributions of H.D.Sankalia to prehistoric anthropology in India.

Anthropology Paper II Section B

Q5. 150 words each x 10 marks x 5 questions = 50 marks.

  1. Government Action towards Left Wing Extremism.
  2. Role of Gramasabha under PESA.
  3. Impacts of sanctuaries and national parks on tribal populations.
  4. Linguistic classification of Indian tribes.
  5. Ethnic movements in India.

Q6: 20-15-15 marks

  1. Fifth Schedule and Sixth Schedule of the constitution are built on the foundations laid by the colonial Government. discuss.
  2. Discuss the significance of cultural and administrative factors in tribal development.
  3. Examine the impacts of green revolution on rural poor.

Q7: 20-15-15 marks

  1. Discuss the criticism levelled against anthropology in the context of ‘Isolation,and assimilation debate’on tribal populations.
  2. Assess the contributions of early 20th century ethnographic tradition to Indian anthropology.
  3. Discuss how British policies dispossessed tribals of their communal properties and agricultural lands.

Q8: 20-15-15 marks

  1. Discuss the alternatives for shifting cultivators in the context of ecological costs and humanistic concerns.
  2. Examine the impact of non-tribal contact on socio-cultural institutions of tribal people with suitable examples.
  3. Discuss the Social disabilities suffered by scheduled castes.

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    1. When paper was easy then how it is not a scorong subject ? Plz eaborate did not understand the correlation .

      1. because for social topics u dont get easy marks

        1. yes vibhor u are right and also paper correction will not be liberal

          1. Can Some one please help in how to acquire the study materials for Anthro and suggest which one is better Rc Reddy, Munuratnam, Braintree or Vaids… am not on Delhi or hyderabad so taking coaching is out of choice.. Please say .. thanks for your help..

          2. vaid’s is not at all good, he will not teach anything,he gives study material and make us to study the whole thing, u believe or not he have completed the classes within 1 month…i have taken anthro in vaid’s and vaid is coming to hyderabad to 21st century ias institute where the fee is only 25,000 where as in delhi vaid’s institute it is rs.38,000/-…braintree fellows didn’t start any classes for june batch so don’t keep faith in them too…r.c.reddy’s muniratnam sir teaches well..lakshmaiah sir of lakshmaiah ias institute also will satisfy u to some extent

          3. As I am staying in neither of the metropolitan states I dont think I can even attend any coaching by any of them.. I was asking if I can get the notes from anywhere … like if as per you muniratnam or lakshmaiah are good, is it possible ti get there notes.. Thanks for all your help..

          4. postal coaching is available at vaid’s ics…his material is good but better u study standard books prescribed Dr.Vijay (ias) on the mrunal’s site

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    1. study of reports by anthropologits on developmental studies would be fruitful

      1. anthropologists**

      2. Where can i get such reports?

    2. hi, planning to tk anthroplogy,plz giv sme insights as to how marking are in this .. I wont tk coaching bt hv good list of all standard books,wl tk suffice? plz advice as m in dilemma regardin philosophy vs anthro

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  13. what is d approach for first question I n paper 1/!!

  14. The last part of question 3 here in paper 2 is actually the last part of paper 4.. Please correct that mistake Mrunal otherwise some people who have attempted are prone to get shocks!

  15. hi can anyone who took anthro advice me as to how should i start and make this subject scoring i was having science background..i thought to opt history earlier please lemme know which one is better history or anthro and how should and with what all books should i start with..help will be appreciated..

  16. @pramod do u have any idea about sapiens ias coaching… i m willing to join plz do tell if u or any of ur frnd knows abt this.. plz

    1. friends i can say only one thing..good coaching for anthropology optional is not available anywhere especially in delhi…but vaid’s material is good and within delhi u can get some good guidance from vaid sir but he will not teach u everything, u should ask him if u have any doubts

      1. hi can you suggest as to how should we start studying for anthro..should we refer notes from vaid sapien etc is it required…i am clueless..as its new subject for me ..and is it better to take anthro or history is better optional

        1. start with p.nath for physical anthro n majumdar n madan, ember & ember for social part…for paper 2 go with nadeem hasnain’s books of indian anthropology and tribal india

          1. please some one tell me other than these books how helpful are these coaching materials.if yes then which one to pick

  17. there is a shop in ashok nagar cross road in hyd vikas book house

    1. Thanks for your Valuable suggestions .. Also another question are there any books available fr solved mains question papers for anthropology… thanks

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  19. PAPER WAS NOT TOUGH . Stress should be given on writing style.

  20. plz anyone who knows about Sapiens Ias….. help me… i m going to join… is is worth????

    1. I don’t know about sapiens , but i am attending class of Srinivas Sir and i can tell you this that he is really good. Why don’t you some demo class for yourself and then join

      1. Hi Ashish;

        Can you please say if its possible to get Srinivas Sirs notes as attending classes is not possible in my end..Thanks a lot..

        1. No boss , he does’nt provide with printed notes but make them write in class itself.

      2. contact details of srinivas sir plz…which institute does he teach??

  21. No solved papers for anthropology Available .target ias academy in hydbd is good for anthropology coaching

  22. Books for anthropology
    1.anthropology thought–makhan Jha/gaya and upadhyaya
    2.indian anthropology-and general anthropology ..~nadeem hasnain
    3.tribal india.-nadeem hasnain
    4.physical. anthropology..-p.Nath
    5.socio-cultural anthropology. -nadeem hasnain
    6.last 5 years mains question papers.
    7.a 400pg book for writing answers
    8.syllabus copy
    9.a set of study material from any of good institute
    10.websites to be followed are ministry of tribal affairs, survival international, prs bill track.,
    anything. U ppl wanna add to this is welcomed …thanks

  23. Rai: Sapiens ias is satisfying to some extent. But his method of teaching might let u stuck in class for long hours leaving with little result. Anyway he dictate his notes in class better u buy notes from market only. Dnt waste ur money here !

  24. Solving previous years qp since 2010 for anthropology …is dat enough? plz anybody with anthropology option reply

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  27. Kindly upload sanskrit optional paper also.

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  29. i am goinig to lakshmaiah sir for anthropology . he teaches very effectively and conduct exam every day. he is taking only 15 hrs per week as he is going to delhi to teach anthro at mitra’s IAS at new delhi .his books are published by govt of andhra pradesh govt . they r excellent .

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