1. UGC vs IIT controversy
  2. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  3. President speech on teachers day
  4. PM Modi’s speech on teacher’s day
  5. HRD minister’s speech

UGC vs IIT controversy

Why controversy

  • 2014, August: The UGC has directed all academic institutions to follow the 10+2+3 model, under the National Education Policy.
  • UGC sent this direction to IITs as well.
  • But IIT directors did not like it. NOT ONE BIT.

IIT-Arguments: UGC mustnot interfere because:

  • We are governed by the IIT Act, 1961.
  • The apex body for all IITs is the IIT Council.
  • The UGC and AICTE chairmen are members of the IIT Council. So at max, UGC chairman should only raise matter to IIT Council, rather than writing to all IITs.
  • The UGC’s Education Policy is based on old commissions like, Radhakrishanan commission and Kothari commission on higher education.
  • Their “Baba-adam” time ideas are not suited for dynamic institutions like IITs.
  • IITs have evolved a unique model for higher education in science stream- Even many international institutions envy it.
  • In this model, All students — engineering and science — are admitted through the same entrance process.
  • Then a set of 10 courses in natural sciences, engineering sciences, technical arts, social sciences and humanities is taken by all students.
  • IIT awards degree based on “credit” system and not based on the number of years completed.
  • An intelligent student can register for more credits and graduate earlier than usual.
  • This is not possible in a rigid 10+2+3 program of U.G.C.
  • So, instead of asking “us” to follow their model, they should follow our model, to encourage a vibrant academic environment and help desi-universities compete at the international level.

Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan

What was his contribution to British and post-independent India?  100 words

  • Taught philosophy in Madras Presidency college. Later served as VC of BHU and DU.
  • Had met Gandhi and Tagore, wrote many articles to propagate their ideas.
  • Was a member of Indian education service (IES)- he toured in India and Britain, met with college students and spread ideas of nationalism, even at risk of losing his ‘sarkaari job’.
  • Chief of UNESCO’s University Education Commission
  • Indian’s ambassador to Moscow.
  • Served as VP twice in the 50s. Asked Eisenhower to jointly work for peace with India.
  • Served as President from 1962 to 1967
  • During Chinese invasion, even suggested Nehru to replace Krishna menon- because Menon did not enjoy confidence of the three service chiefs. (Later, Menon was made to resign- but we had already lost the war).
  • 5th Sep: his birthday celebrated as teachers’ day

President on teachers day

5 sep India’s teachers’ day
8 sep International literacy day, UNSECO. Theme 2014: “Literacy and sustainable Development”.


What did President say?
World Problems How teacher can help?
violence, terrorism, intolerance and environmental degradation
  • Teach values of ruth, tolerance, integrity, secularism and inclusiveness to the kids.
  • Make them knowledgeable and worthy global citizens.
  • Teachers influence the life of students by being their role models.
  • Teachers are the beacons of light who guide and motivate students throughout their academic life and even beyond.
  • Teacher impart not only knowledge and learning but also our traditional values.
  • Gandhi, believed that student interest in learning is sustained not only by the subject but also by the teacher’s quality.
  • Hence we need to improve teaching quality and learning outcomes in our schools.
  • Challenge: salary, working conditions.
  • Government initiatives for 2014:
    • Sarva Shikha abhiyan ~29k crores.
    • Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan ~5k crore.
    • New School Assessment Programme
    • Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya New Teachers Training Programme
    •  setting up virtual classrooms as Communication Linked Interface for Cultivating Knowledge (CLICK)
    • Toilet, drinking water facilities in schools.

PM Modi on teachers day

  • Importance to girl’s education. An educated girl, educates two more families.
  • Concern over higher drop-out ratio among girls in rural, due to unavailability of separate toilet facilities in schools
  • A teacher can play important role through a person’s life. Teacher-student relationship must be nurtured.
  • Education should become a force for the nation’s character building.
  • Children can contribute to nation-building through cleanliness, saving electricity and water.
  • in Japan, the teachers and students together keep the school clean – this is part of their character building. Can we not make it a part of our national character building?
  • Will launch a programme on the lines of “Vaanche Gujarat” (Read Gujarat).Digital India mission to reduce digital divide.
  • Nation building should be a national movement and every citizen should be associated with it.
  • eminent citizens- doctors, lawyers, Cas, should try to teach at least one period a week in a nearby school.
  • why many bright students do not want to become teachers. good teachers are in short supply. India is a young nation. Can’t India dream of exporting teachers of high calibre?
  • Ask any great person in the world about the success in the life he or she will definitely tell two things. First this is my mother’s contribution and second, my teacher’s contribution.
  • Today, everything is done by Google Guru and you have the habit to go to Google if you have a question- Although one gets the information but not the knowledge. (therefore, google cannot replace a ‘teacher).
  • Sports and outdoor activities are important.
  • Inspirational lives of great personalities can shape our character. He advised students to read biographies of great people.

HRD Minister on Teachers day

  • Devotion to a teacher is devotion to God. (Shwetashwatar Upanishad)
  • Guruwe Kalyan Mitra –Mahayan Buddhism (Teacher is a friend who strives to bring about our well-albeing)
  • Teacher’s purpose is not to create students in her own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.
  • Teacher doesnot simply graduate students, he graduate lives, and builds the character of a whole civilization.
  • The most accomplished scholars should teach the youngest students
  • School is the first formal socializing experience of the child.
  • Schools reflect deeply embedded cultural beliefs.
  • If our teacher is not a few steps ahead of time, the society will not be ahead.
  • Asking questions is more important than finding answers.
  • Solutions must be developed locally, not by “arm-chair specialists” but by teachers and practitioners. Often the next big achievement comes out of such creative disequilibrium!
  • Focus on new teaching methods-Interactive pedagogies, projects with communities, context based learning transcending the text, peer learning.