[Essays] October Week1: Colonization, Gandhiism, Volunteerism, Personification, Social Transformation

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Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks)

  1. Democracy, Extremism
  2. Society, Rights issues
  3. Gandhi
  4. Sanitation
  5. Education

Democracy, Extremism

  1. Indian Subcontinent benefited more than it lost from the British Colonization. (Ref This IE column)
  2. Entrepreneurship, civil society, education and youth – the four antidotes to violence. (Obama @UNGA)
  3. Peace – Not merely the absence of war, but the presence of a better life. (Obama @UNGA)
  4. What should today’s politicians learn from yesteryear leaders? (Seminar topic)
  5. Can Voluntarism be a supplement to effective governance? (Context: Modi bashers raising this question to criticize his every move of involving citizens.)
  6. Is the Personification of Power eroding democracy? (Context: same as above + TN protests over Jayalalitha arrest.)
  7. Indian political system will not be beneficial to people unless it is made free from caste, religion and money.

Society, Rights issues

  1. Good conduct cannot be engendered automatically through deterrence and punishment. [Context: SC guideline on police encounters; senior citizen protection law, yet family abandon them- “hidden euthanasia”; gutka-cigar at public places, traffic rule violation, women dignity on tv and media-Dipika episode and so on.]
  2. Culture determines the boundaries to which a society can progress.
  3. In an age of equality, the same law should be applicable to both men and women. (Katju on need for uniform civil code.)
  4. Are Government schemes and monetary incentives viable tools for Social transformation? (Ref: This IE column– If a Government has to pay society to stop female infanticide and open defecation- it means the only reason to do even the right thing= is money.)
  5. The true source of political legitimacy is popular will. (Ref: This Hindu column. But he is fixated over just one argument- J&K flood relief)


  1. Only Gandhi’s philosophy can ensure the betterment of the villages and the poor.
  2. Preserving Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and values is the biggest challenge of Modern India.
  3. World needs Mahatma’s ideas more than ever today. (Sushma- context rising tide of fanaticism, ethnic nationalism, terrorism and disease.)
  4. Does today’s youth have the courage and strength of mind to follow Gandhi?
  5. Is Gandhi still relevant today?


  1. A lot can be done to further the ideal of cleanliness without wielding the broom.
  2. Quit India was a mass movement. Clean India should be too.(Modi)
  3. Is cleaning India the job of sanitation workers only? (Modi)
  4. Cleanliness is next to godliness.


  1. In the long run, EQ (emotional quotient) trumps IQ (intelligence quotient). (Satya Nadela)
  2. Live every day as if it is your last day, but learn as if you are going to live forever. (Gandhi)
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14 Comments on “[Essays] October Week1: Colonization, Gandhiism, Volunteerism, Personification, Social Transformation”

  1. UPSC published IFS scheme.
    Seems Pre 2014 result just to come.

    1. thank you Mrunal for reminding the topics of the whole week to be covered…so much to study…. hope for the prelims results soon:)

  2. it should be out by oct 10 max

  3. Anyone from Delhi having their exam on 19th oct at haridwar? If anyone interested in going together via bus and sharing the cost of the room please ping me…… I am planning to leave on 18th and return the very next day.

  4. UPSC – If you can’t be a good example – then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning!!!

    1. @Khushbu….
      Amazing Saying!!!!!!!
      Infact UPSC itself is hellacious, proved by giving example of this time CSAT Paper. Horrible Warning for 2015.

      Sincere but not Serious is the requirement of UPSC.
      Keep on the right track.
      Good Luck to all Sincere-Guys.

  5. Sir I request you to please make seperate column for those who want to chat that is not relavent to above topics.
    This act is actually diluting tempos of serious candidate.

    And sorry for my comment to be posted here. But needed to note this point. Hope u forgive me.

  6. format for education both questions..

    education as form /means of learning………from dark towards light
    education system since ancient times..from esoteric /closed to open exoteric system
    as means of socialization to enhance emotional values.. ..sympathetic bonds
    current system oriented towards intrumentalising…..jobs oriented psychology
    education system should be holistic toward human needs ..social good for humanity…due to alienation from materialistic world back towards emotional needz….

    using both quotes in bw acc to question

    please mrunal rectify it ….i know there is much

  7. cleanliness next to godliness
    as way of life…since ancient times….importance also described by various trough examples
    impact on health ………mind……..creativity….psychology….efficiency…. output…..economy….nation
    environmental issues globally
    medical conditions….. ebola…simply disinfected by soap…(as it don’t like soap)
    but complicated dynamic word….people limiting the duties ..ways of life…obligations….lack of infrastructure…..awareness
    waste management….wealth from waste…..new opportunities…jobs…impact on all sector from agri( compost/organic fertilizer) ….to tertiary sector(jobs..electricity..fertilizer…reuse /recycle industry)….

    holistic cycle may begin parallel lines….

    plz mrunal sir….rectify this ……….


    1. tourism boost….general….better environment….medical tourism(due to cheap services)…….international image……

  8. On british colonization:
    -Social- eradication of various evils like sati pratha,purdah,child marriage etc.
    -Political – political unification of various territories, our constitution still contains many provisions which have been borrowed from britishers.
    -Infrastructure & development – development of railways, telegraph,well planned modern cities.
    – Cultural – unification of people belonging to different cultures, reformation of our own culture due to western liberal influence
    – Architecture – lutyen’s delhi,parliament, rashtrapati bhawan, gateway of India, Victoria terminus (gothic & indo-sarcenic architecture came to india)

    -years of colonization kept us underdeveloped not only on economic front but also educational
    -partition and undemarcated borders is a british legacy
    -no development of indigenous industries and decline of our own exquisite handicrafts, artisans etc

    kindly add more points…

    1. good–
      -edu…recovery of ancient past…….english major asset of today’s indian human resource…..education helped nationalism as removed –comminication barrier. collage etc

      — middle class emergence
      —print media …weapon of todays democracy
      —initiation of globalisation of today’s relevance

      divide and rule….communalism…regionalism…ethnic wars/cconflicts
      corrupt practices …system of secrecy….all are legacy
      environmental damage…forest clearance for various use
      loss of indigenous agri system…varieties…etc..land tenure system …peoples plight..famine..etc

  9. i am MA english and m preparing for upsc 2015 ..my optional is sociology ..i love this subject
    my prob is tht my general knowledge is not ZERO but is in negative side of it ..have started with NCERTs and THE HINDU .
    Would like to know if i m on the right track ..


    1. add digit left side of ur ZERO

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