✍️[EssayPoints] No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. — HERACLITUS

कोई भी आदमी कभी भी एक ही नदी में दो बार कदम नहीं रखता, क्योंकि दूसरी बार वो नदी भी बदल चुकी है, और आदमी भी.


Man River Description
Patriots Freedom Struggle 1) Gandhi-ji from Non-Coop (1920) to Salt March in 1930 (actively breaking law)
2) Shaheed Bhagat Singh participated in Gandhi-ji’s Non-cooperation but later switched to revolutionary methods.
Sportsman Game 1) Rahul Dravid (as Captain) lost 2007 World Cup but Dravid (as Coach) won U-19 2018 World Cup.
2) Ganguli as Captain vs BCCI President
Politician Election Modi’s campaign strategy in 2014 vs 2019.
Modi as CM vs Modi as PM
Civil Servants Administration IAS/IPS as DM/DCP in 80s who now became chief secretary/DGP in 2020s -has to show different tact in handling new challenges.
Businessman Market 1) Mukesh Ambani evolved from Petroleum tycoon to entertainment/communication tycoon (Jio, Network18, Viacom)
2) Steve Jobs turned around desktop PC centric Apple (1980s) to mobile-tablet centric company (2010s).
Author Audience ki Taste 1) J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter for children, but when her fan-audience grew older she wrote Cormoran Strike Detective Novels under pen name Robert Galbraith.
2) Chetan Bhagat shifted from Novelist to Columnist/Motivation speaker/Youtuber as audience mode of content consumption changed.
Artist Audience ki Taste 1) Gulzar Songs from Mora Gora Rang Lai le (1963) to Beedi Jalayi le (2006)
2) 70s BigB vs Present BigB.
Youtubers Audience ki Taste Prank-video makers of 2015s have become podcasters sharing life stories 2023s.
Teachers Coaching Industry 90s ke Chalk-talk teachers using Memes/Webseries References to explain topics.
Traveller Town joy of 1st visit vs next visit after decade.
Parenting Child first-born child receives more affection/care than the second child.
Lover Relationship Babushona-giri & possessiveness of 20s vs maturity in 40s.
Exception: Devdas who cud not evolve with time & died with alcoholism.
Superhero Villain Ironman was more cocky in first movie but showed more maturity in the “End Game”.