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  1. Instructions for UPSC Mains Political Science Optional Paper
  2. Political Science Paper 1: SECTION-A
  3. Political Science Paper 1: SECTION-B
  4. Political Science Paper 2: SECTION-A
  5. Political Science Paper 2: SECTION-B
  6. Original Scan for Hindi medium

Instructions for UPSC Mains Political Science Optional Paper

  • For each paper: Time Allowed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 250
  • There are EIGHT questions divided in two Sections and printed both in HINDI and in ENGLISH.
  • Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all.
  • Question Nos. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE question from each Section.
  • The number of marks carried by a question/part is indicated against it.
  • Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Admission Certificate which must be stated clearly on the cover of this Question-cum-Answer (QCA) Booklet in the space provided. No marks will be given for answers written in medium other than the authorized one.
  • Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.
  • Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the Question-cum-Answer Booklet must be clearly struck off.

Political Science Paper 1: SECTION-A

Q1. Comment on the following in about 150 words each : 10 marksx5=50

  1. ” … political theory is not an escape mechanism but an arduous calling.” ( John Plamanetz)
  2. “All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility.” (J. S. Mill)
  3. “Nationalism is not a mere political programme but a way of life like religion.” (Aurobindo Ghose)
  4. “India has thrown up a form of judicial democracy that has no parallel anywhere else, and has nurtured a kind of civil society that is uniquely its own.” (Bhikhu Parekh)
  5. “Power is never the property of an individual; it belongs to a group and remains in existence only so long as the group keeps together.” ( Hannah Arendt)

Q2. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Comment on the view that socialism in the 21st century may be reborn as anti-capitalism. 20 marks
  2. Examine the conditions that are required for the maintenance of legitimacy in modern societies. 15 marks
  3. Evaluate the contributions of Buddhist tradition to Indian political thought. 15 marks

Q3. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Explicate the conception of justice in the critiques of communitarian theorists. 20 marks
  2. Examine the conception of the State in the ideologies of Fascism and Marxism. 15 marks
  3. How is liberty a precondition for equality? Explicate the relationship between equality and liberty. 15 marks

Q4. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Explain how Machiavelli’s application of empirical method to human affairs marks an important stage in the evolution of political science. 20 marks
  2. Central to Aristotle’s political thought is his classification of the different types of political constitutions in the Politics. Evaluate. 15 marks
  3. Explicate the features of deliberative democracy. 15 marks

Political Science Paper 1: SECTION-B

Q5. Comment on the following in about 150 words each : 10 marksx5=50

  1. The dilemmas of the human rights movements in India
  2. Relation between ethnicity and democracy in India
  3. Increasingly higher focus on Directive Principles of State Policy
  4. Marginalization of the left ideology in India
  5. The role of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in promoting good governance

Q6. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Discuss the working of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes to curb violence against Dalits. 20 marks
  2. Examine the scope and limitations of women’s movements in India. 15 marks
  3. Explain how peasant movements promoted nationalist ideas during the struggle for Indian independence. 15 marks

Q7. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Discuss the nature of reforms of the electoral process in India and explain the further scope for reforms. 20 marks
  2. Examine the debates on the appointment procedure of judges to the higher judiciary in India. 15 marks
  3. Explain how the participation of women impacted the functioning of rural local bodies in India. 15 marks

Q8. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Explain how pressure groups have been influencing public policy-making with suitable illustrations. 20 marks
  2. What are the provisions for constitutional protection of right to freedom of religion and how far have they succeeded in promoting secularism in India? 15 marks
  3. Account for the changes in the socio-economic profile of legislators during last one decade in India. 15 marks

Political Science Paper 2: SECTION-A

Q1. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each : 10 marksx5=50

  1. Party system in India is neither western nor indigenous. Explain.
  2. In what respect is the new social movement new in nature? Discuss.
  3. Do you agree that the U.N. has failed to contain transnational terrorism? Elaborate your answer with examples.
  4. “The Feminist approach to international politics is biased.” Comment.
  5. “Ukraine crisis is a product of power politics and geo-politics.” Comment.

Q2. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. “Despite so many agreed areas of cooperation, innumerable institutional mechanisms and a permanent secretariat, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has not taken off as a meaningful regional grouping.” Discuss. 20 marks
  2. Critically evaluate the approaches of global south towards addressing environment concerns. 15 marks
  3. Critically assess the changing nature of the concept of national security. 15

Q3. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Argue a case for U.N. reform in the context of changing global milieu. 20 marks
  2. Who was Mr. ‘X’ in international politics? Elaborate his approach to foreign policy. 15 marks
  3. “Morton A. Kaplan’s system theory is contrary to the fundamental precepts of systems approach.” Comment. 15 marks

Q4. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. How do you explain the growing importance of multi-national corporations (MNCs) and civil society in contemporary international politics? 20 marks
  2. What is ‘global village’? Elaborate its main characteristics and also the factors that contributed to its growth. 15 marks
  3. Discuss the main factors that have contributed to the gradual transformation of the world from ‘Billiard Ball Model’ to ‘Cobweb Model’. 15

Political Science Paper 2: SECTION-B

Q5. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each : 10 marksx5=50

  1. Is India’s quest for a permanent seat in the Security Council a possibility or just a pipedream? Elaborate with reasons.
  2. “Afghanistan is a litmus test for India’s ascendance as a regional and global power.” Discuss.
  3. “EU – India relations have a long way to go before they can purposely be termed strategic.” Discuss.
  4. Do you agree with the view that the USA is of late willing to treat India as a partner rather than merely a camp-follower? Give reasons for your answer.
  5. Discuss the grounds for India’s opposition to NPT.

Q6. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Evaluate the recent changes in Indo – Japan relations. 20 marks
  2. “Federal units are critical in the making of India’s foreign policy.” Examine this statement with reference to the role of West Bengal vis-à-vis Bangladesh. 15 marks
  3. “India’s policy of non-alignment has been guided by the genius of the Indian people and their interests.” Explain. 15 marks

Q7. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. Analyse the drivers of Indo – Russian relations in the post-Cold-War era. 20 marks
  2. Examine the implications of turmoil in Iraq and West Asia for India’s security and foreign policy concerns. 15 marks
  3. Evaluate India’s participation in United Nations peace-keeping operations over the years. 15 marks

Q8. Answer following (20+15+15 marks)

  1. The Ministry of External Affairs is losing its importance in the making of India’s foreign policy with the parallel rise of the P.M.O. Explain. 20 marks
  2. “Some of the major changes that occurred in India’s foreign policy after the Sino – India war in 1962 were within the larger framework of continuity.” Discuss. 15 marks
  3. In the history of foreign policy, seldom have relations between any two nations blossomed as fast as they have in the case of India and Israel. Discuss. 15 marks

Original Scan for Hindi medium

Click me to download originally scanned paper- containing both Hindi and English questions.
visit Mrunal.org/download for more questions papers of UPSC Civil services Mains examination.

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82 Comments on “[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: Political Science Optional Paper 1 & 2, including Hindi medium PDF”

  1. History optional paper plzz….

  2. Electrical engineering paper please

  3. Paper was easy and traditional one . I feel sincere study of any single coaching notes was enough. It was my 4th mains with political science and i am quite satisfied. Pol Sc paper almost seems traditional every year so as a subject, one can select political science as an optional and pol sc can be prepared very well too.

    1. what about scores ? are they proportional to efforts and what you write in papers (pol sc)?

      1. As such, marking is always average in Pol Sc papers and this never goes below average marks i.e. you can always expect 190 to 215 in general though subject specialist get more too.

        1. sir ji please tell me the strategy and books we have to read for pol science

          1. Pravin, i would suggest that any coching notes are far better than books in Pol Sc and you can use books too also but i found notes are enough and useful for the mains every time . In Eng medium, Shubhra Ranjan Ma’m notes are the best and in Hindi, Rajesh Mishra Sir notes are THE BEST.

    2. are u sure pol science is good option specially IR part @checkandmate

      1. As much I know, there is no fear in choosing Pol Sc as an optional. I , myself have faced 2 interviews with Pol Sc optional and IR paper is easier and more scoring than Theory Paper ( First Paper ).

    3. Can I prepare without coaching

      1. First, collect the notes from any xerox shop, try to read and understand and check the last years papers and your situation that time solving the papers. I think, for theory topics, coaching is needed but rest can be prepared self with help of notes.

        1. Hi Sir Iam a non delhi and need of Political science material could u plz tel me how can i get it either through online or any other plz suggest sir..

        2. @checkmate i was relying on sir for theory part but today he said that he is running out of time and wont be able to take my optional..i started reading OP Gauba but unable to understand also i am unable to understand the question paper..

    4. Could you plz share your strategy, books etc..
      Any links of blogs which are good to follow.
      I’m planning to shift from pub ad.
      Thank you

      1. My medium is Hindi so i can just suggest Hindi material of Pol Sc if you wish. For IR paper, I had followed IDSA site, it is very nice and gives analytical articles for IR. Though people suggest about World Focus Magazine too but i did not find it much useful or analytical. Also The Hindu’s IR pages and articles and C Rajamohan’s articles in Indian Express are nice too for mains preparation.

    5. checkmate can you suggest some pol sc test series (online if possible) for answer review or can you provide you email address so that i could sent my answers to you

        1. I dont think that there is any Online Test Series for Pol Sc is available !!

        2. Thanks Mate !! hope we we will be in touch for doubt clearances and strategy etc. 4 mains mean a lot mate . You have lot of experience . Hope you will help novices in pol sc like me , though I have been preparing for the last 4 years , Thanks again.

    6. m also preparing in Hindi medium for political science..m suffering shortage of material for theory part…and i solved both paper by sitting home only..m unable to complete both paper in 3 hr. time…plz suggest any idea..and share your experience..
      in papaer 1 sec. a..question no. 1-a ( statement of john plamnetz) and statemnet of Bhiku Parekh i didnt recollect) because i never heard these two authors before…m badly struggling in pap1-sec.a…plz help me and guide me…

      1. Rohit, let me know first what material you have read so far for theory paper so i can suggest proper and these 2 names are new for me though Bheeku Parikh is known for his multiculturalism ideas too but i managed anyhow but i dont know it is right or not. I just stayed on the key word….Political Theory and Judicial Democracy and just wrote around that getting the idea of statement. And, time was not a short in Pol Sc paper but for GS, i had to struggle and manage for time.

        1. Till now i have studied only sikkkim manipal univ. Pol sci material and ignou ( only those topics and thinkers name given in upsc syllabus) and op gauba-rajneetik sidhhant ki rooprekha)

    7. do you have vajiram or rau,s academy political science material…………….

    8. did you get through any mains till now?

  4. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपका ।

  5. I am asking this because i am planning to change my optional

    1. did u have pub ad as optnal…bcz i had pub ad optnal…nd i also want to change my optnal….i m also thnking abt taking pol sc…

  6. Thaks sir ji

    1. Yes Anirban . I have been a victim of pub ad for 4 years .. I had started groundworks one year ago in case .

      1. Yes Anirban . I have been a victim of pub ad for 4 years .. I had started groundworks in pol sc one year ago in case .

  7. As such, marking is always average in Pol Sc papers and this never goes below average marks i.e. you can always expect 190 to 215 in general though subject specialist get more too.

  8. Thanks a lot checkandmate!! and ATB for the mains 2014 results ..

    1. Thanks to you too and same to you :)

      1. Thanks Mate !!

  9. I’ve Public Administration as optional but couldn’t clear the prelims though.
    Seeing this year Pub Ad paper, thinking of changing optional as it seems difficult. Kindly help.

  10. sir mathematics papers plz

  11. I am unable to categories the news as I want to make notes from news papers
    For example polity,national, international news

  12. anyone please suggest books for paper I: section A

    1. If your medium is English, i would suggest Shubhra Ranjan Ma’m class notes are better than book reading.

      1. Hi CHECKMATE, I think either you are serious fan of Subhra Mam or simply her Brand Ambassador. Come one bro, Do you need to get the paper cleared only on the basis on notes ? Grow up and come out of graduation mind. From notes you will only get information, not knowledge. Study Pol Science as much as possible and make your own notes. That will be much better for our own depth and breadth of knowledge.

        1. No offence . but notes of whichever teacher act as a summary of a topics which you can look up as reference when you are going through a chapter or topics .. Notes have got significance , you will realize after you get some experience in mains I guess . There are so many books in pol science – pol theory , global politics , IR … you will end up in a confused state of state . Here notes comes handy (After all you have to write 150 or 250 words).

        2. first of all, i am not an english medium student so i have never read Shubhra Ma’m notes in detail, 2nd thing is that may be you are more experienced than me but i have faced 2 interviews and 4 mains with Political Sience and got nice marks always with notes reading of my coching class in Hindi so friend with my experience and suggestions from some of friends of english medium, i told about Shubhra Ma’m notes..its fine if one can prepare from books and i have no problem whatever you think ….wish you good luck :)

      2. Hi Where one can find subhra mam’s notes,i stay in mumbai.Please help.

      3. I have Subra Ranjan mam class notes.. but they are 4 yr old(2010 batch class notes), do you think they will suffice…. atleast for the static portion viz. theory etc

    2. political theory: as per my point of view: there are two ways for getting success in political science. 1) taking coaching and following their instructions and you have to maintain your notes separately by interlinking the current affairs………………………2) independent preparation………. how? step-1) intially you go through the entire syllabus of paper-1 section -a , though you are not understanding , but, you have to underline unknown meaning …………. result: it will give an idea step -2) now , start your reading ,though you are not understanding, but you have to note down the meanings (which you underline earlier)……………result…..it will give you a confidence ( which is the weapon for any success) step -3) now, take the topic syllabus wise, go through with invetigation method: means( using internet: raising questions: using ppts:wiki…………….) ……………result : it will give you a experience step -4) please make notes of your own methodology ……………………..result………….it will make you a master…………if you think in a practicle way ……….it will give make you expert…………………heartful thanks for reading this with patience………………this is useful for only beginers………………..

  13. Such as i have done graduation with political science. Sir please tell me What is significant of political science in bank.

  14. Paper was easyyyyy….really ..thanks mrunal sir ,

  15. The paper was a good one and required a mix of focused as well as dispersed preparation. Certain questions depend on how well you tackle them and how well the issues are dealt with. Hope to get over 200 in my maiden attempt as the answers are precise and have a well rounded approach. Rote learning was relegated by me. Lets see how I fare up. Will post my views once mains results are out in March 2014.

  16. Thnkx mrunal for the quetion paper, as I didnt give ths years mains, bt m also given last year mains in political science nd m going to write next yers mains que, those who choose pol sci as optional pls b calm, nd 1st of all make your track from last 3yrs que a
    paper analysis nd make chart for every point in the syallabus, nd b4 tht think abt the whole issues tht inida is facing in the world in current scenario, such as energy secure, power game, south asia, indian ocean, regions of the world such as APEC, ASIAN, CENTRAL ASIA, SOUTH AMERICAN, EU, UN, RUSSIA ND CHINA ND PAK/AFGHN in particular, form your quetion on tht pattern, think deeply how indias intrest in those continent, ones you make your chart thn look for those things closely in selected books, and do not read whole book.

    1. Thanks Aaron for inputs.

  17. Use frontline for criticism of govt policies.

  18. electrical engineering paper please

  19. First attempt.. Civil Engineer..had no clue abt d subject…opted fr it due to sheer interest in Intl Relations.. started prep after declaration of pre result. Just Shubhra Ranjan notes, laxmikanth n Hindu. Think i did pretty well.

    Anyone wid non pol sc background n planning to prepare fr 2015 mains please reply. We can h relevant discussions

    1. Yeah i m interested….can i hv ur mail id..if possible cell no….currently m studyg gs n pol.scnc as optnl in vajiram..

  20. Hi Sir Iam a non delhi aspirant could u plz tel me how does i can get any coaching material plz help me sir

  21. i have taken political science as optional and very confused about the correct order to approach,, im currently completing O.P Gauba’s Political theory with notes as suggested by one of my senior, pls tell me where can i find Shubha Ranjan madam’s notes, heard a lot about it. i am preparing from mumbai

      1. and get her notes . plus guidance you need .

    1. ma’m notes can be bought from any Xerox shop of Mukherjee nagar or from rajinder Nagar in about 1000 rupees.. notes are cheap also rather than buying postal course from the Institute…

    2. hello civil service aspirant , could you please suggest , what is the approach to read o.p gauba,s political theory.

  22. Aspirants who have opted POLITICAL SCIENCE add optional, I request you to share your mail id’s, so that we can create a common platform for discussing more on this discipline.
    This is arjun, novice aspirant and opted for political science optional.

    mail Id: v.dhanunjayareddy@Gmail.com

    1. Hi Arjun,
      I think it would be better to create a whatsapp group for the same.

      Please confirm ur response


  23. Aaron, Billu,New era,SVC,Sandip: share your mail id’s please

  24. kamal.kishore.iitr@gmail.com
    But CHECKMATE is the guy YOU CAN TRUST (with 4 + YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS GUIDE) in pol science while you can take guidance from other fellows aaron , billu , sandeep etc.
    I seem to have some problems in theory part …. with rest I am comfortable as I have done them in details during preparation

  25. friends, my contact number is 9015761880 and 8502802545. i dont have proper internet facility at every time to reply at same time so i could not reply earlier , i hope we can talk and share things on calls if its easy for us. its really my pleasure to share my little knowledge with everyone. thanks and Happy new Year to all of us.. :)

  26. For pol science as a optional, have to read whole op gauba book or according to syllabus. .plz reply

  27. Sir, does economics optional score in hindi medium in IAS

  28. Hi checkmate and guys , I am thinking to take pol scie as optional subject , Guys i had not taking any special coaching for pol scie ,, I started preparing myself plzz suggest me materials for initial to start with this subject . And where should i get this material i am leaving in pune.

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