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  1. Instructions for UPSC Mains Sociology Paper
  2. Sociology Optional Paper 1: SECTION-A
  3. Sociology Optional Paper 1: SECTION-B
  4. Sociology Optional Paper 2: SECTION-A
  5. Sociology Optional Paper 2: SECTION-B
  6. (Poor quality PDF) Original Scan for Hindi Medium

Instructions for UPSC Mains Sociology Paper

  • For each paper: Time Allowed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 250
  • There are EIGHT questions divided in two Sections and printed both in HINDI and in ENGLISH.
  • Candidate has to attempt FIVE questions in all.
  • Question Nos. 1 and 5 are compulsory and out of the remaining, THREE are to be attempted choosing at least ONE question from each Section.
  • The number of marks carried by a question/part is indicated against it.
  • Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the Admission Certificate which must be stated clearly on the cover of this Question-cum-Answer (QCA) Booklet in the space provided. No marks will be given for answers written in medium other than the authorized one.
  • Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.
  • Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the Question-cum-Answer Booklet must be clearly struck off.

Sociology Optional Paper 1: SECTION-A

Q1. Write short answer of the following in about 150 words each: 10×5=50           

  1. How is objectivity different from value neutrality? Discuss with reference to Weber’s views on methodology.
  2. How did the emergence of industrial society change the family life in Western Europe?
  3. How is sociological approach to human actions different from that of psychological approach?
  4. In what way biographies could be used to study social life?
  5. How can we use reference group theory to understand fashion in society?

Q2.Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. Which research technique would be most suitable for the study of consumer behaviour and its social correlates? Explain.20 marks
  2. Identify the similarities and differences between Marx’s theory of ‘alienation’ and Durkheim’s theory of ‘anomie’.20 marks
  3. How could one use Merton’s concept of deviance to understand the traffic problem in urban India?10 marks

Q3. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. What do you understand by gender? How does it shape ‘male ‘identity?20 marks
  2. “According to Max Weber, ‘class’ and ‘status’ are two different dimensions of power.” Discuss.20 marks
  3. Using Merton’s concepts of ‘manifest’ and ‘latent’ functions, explain the persistence of corruption in Indian society.10 marks

Q4. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. How does Weber use the notion of ‘ideal types’ in his theory of bureaucracy?20 marks
  2. In what way ‘interpretative’ method is different from ‘positivist’ approach in the study of social phenomena?20 marks
  3. Using Mead’s theory of symbolic interactionism, discuss the stages in the formation of gender identity.10 marks

Sociology Optional Paper 1: SECTION-B

Q5. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 10×5=50

  1. For Marx, class divisions are outcomes of ‘exploitation’. Discuss.
  2. What are the distinctive features of social organization of work in slave society? How is it different from feudal society?
  3. Discuss T. H. Marshall’s views on citizenship.
  4. Distinguish between Political Parties and Pressure
  5. “According to Durkheim, the essence of religion in modern society is the same as religion in primitive society.” Comment.

Q6. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. “Power is not a zero-sum game”. Discuss with reference to Weber’s and Parsons’s views.20 marks
  2. Critically examine the functionalist views on the institution of family. How do those help us in understanding family in the present times?20 marks
  3. What do you understand by institutionalization of ‘live-in-relationship?10 marks

Q7. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. How is religious revivalism different from communalism? Elaborate with suitable examples from the Indian context.20 marks
  2. Education is often viewed as an agency of social change. However in reality it could also reinforce inequalities and conservatism. Discuss.20 marks
  3. According to Marx, capitalism transforms even the personal relationships between men and women. Critically examine with illustrations from the contemporary Indian context.10 marks

Q8. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. How is the increasing use of technology changing the status of women in Indian society?20 marks
  2. Write a short essay on the Latin American perspective on ‘dependency’.20 marks
  3. What do you understand by social movement? How has the mobilization by Scheduled Castes helped them in constructing a new identity?10 marks

Sociology Optional Paper 2: SECTION-A

Q1.Write short notes with a sociological perspective on the following in about 150 words each: 10×5=50

  1. Gandhi’s efforts on communal harmony
  2. Modernisation of Indian traditions
  3. Types of kinship systems in India
  4. Features of caste system
  5. G.S. Ghurye’s Indological approach to understand society in India

Q2. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. Analyse the different views on integration and autonomy of tribes in India.20 marks
  2. Discuss the social background of Indian nationalism.20 marks
  3. Define Patriarchy. How does it impact the overall entitlement of a girl child in India ?10 marks

Q3. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. Give a sociological analysis of the problems of migrant urban poor.20 marks
  2. Discuss the problems of religious minorities in India.20 marks
  3. Write some of the important social reforms in India for the removal of untouchability.10 marks

Q4. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. Discuss the status of women among the emerging urban middle class.20 marks
  2. Describe the impact of land reforms on the peasants of Indian society.20 marks
  3. What is the idea of ‘Indian village’? Explain.10 marks

Sociology Optional Paper 2: SECTION-B

Q5. Write short notes with a sociological Perspective on the following in about 150 words each: 10×5=50

  1. Trends of Infant Mortality Rate among females10 marks
  2. Domestic Violence Act, 2005
  3. Dynamics of Contemporary Dalit movements
  4. Impact of privatisation on educational disparities
  5. Rural landless labourers and development induced displacement

Q6. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. What are the main features of the second wave of Women’s movement in the Indian context ?20 marks
  2. Discuss the ‘Chipko movement’ as an example of eco-feminism.20 marks
  3. Discuss the impact of globalisation on the workers in the Informal sector.10 marks

Q7. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. What are the demographic projections for the ageing population (60+) for the next decade? What are the implications for formulating policy for them ?20 marks
  2. What are the possible underlying causes of the spurt of increased violence against women in public spaces in the last decade ?20 marks
  3. How do caste and class come together in creating the category of extreme poor ?10 marks

Q8. Answer the following: (20+20+10 marks)

  1. Many caste conflicts are between castes which are close to each other on the hierarchical scale.’ Give a sociological explanation for this phenomenon.20 marks
  2. Tribal conflicts based on ethnic differences often camouflage a struggle for political and economic advantage.’ Substantiate with examples.20 marks
  3. Who are the elites? Discuss their roles in bringing social transformation.10 marks

(Poor quality PDF) Original Scan for Hindi Medium

Click me to download originally scanned paper- containing both Hindi and English questions. Although PDF quality is not that great, so better wait for UPSC to upload papers in next 30-40 days.

Visit Mrunal.org/download for more questions papers of UPSC Civil services Mains examination.

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  1. Remaining papers will be published tomorrow. If any papers not found then just wait for UPSC to upload it on its site in next 30-40 days. (They did the same after Mains-2013).

  2. Mrunal sir !,

    i found the paper 1 quite easy as compared to last year paper, attempted it full, though was short on some points in religious revivalism, and latin american concept of dependency

    Paper II was quite lengthy as long topics were given less weight age, comparatively, it was a bumpy ride on paper ii. wasn’t able to finish the paper, 2 questions short

  3. Dear , sir please upload IB ACIO 2015 PAPER STUDY PLAN and UPPSC Revenue Inspector study plan and previous papers……

    Thanks in Advance….
    Mukul bhooshan.

  4. Thanks Mrunal…Btw,Socio ppr is easy in comparison to other optional ppr.

    My Score-

    Essay= 6/8 (Jo mai likh sakta tha easily)

    G.S-1= 22/25 questions

    G.S-2= 17/20 questions

    G.S-3= 15/20 questions

    G.S-4= All Clear(Happy to see Ethics Question)

    Optional(Sociology) = About 80% Done

    Thanks to Mrunal.Credit goes to you…Preparing for 2015.

      1. @ Samy….J.p Singh or TMH ki Panday ki book sociology me kafi acchi help kregi jis se basics clear ho jayegae.Then NCERT..Or Answer Writting me koi current example ke sath add krenge to answer ki weight bdega.

      2. @ Samy, I ll not Prefer to any coachingwala notes…Sab Me to Books ki Copy he hoti and approx 90% materials same hota hai unka..Best Options are always Books. u can also read some interviews to protect yourself from Coaching wala and his notes.uploaded on Mrunal.

    1. Brother, i am also preparing for 2015.. having sociology as optional.. i just want to hav a discussion on this subject.. would u guid me..?
      My number 9716263455

    2. Agree with Viku – Sociology paper 1 was easier, provided you can club theories with their application.
      Paper 2 was very general, may be contemporary examples would fetch more marks.
      I managed to attempt both Paper 1 and 2 completely. But looking at last year’s marking can’t say it will fetch good marks. Had given interview last year but suffered due to less marks in socio, so those who are still contemplating may review their decision.

      Books – Harlambas and Holborn ( Most coaching notes are summarization of this book),
      For broader perspective of subject – Sociology by Anthony Giddens (optional)
      George Ritzer (Just read 6 scholars + Comte and Spencer from this book)
      Nangla – India sociological thought ( Pick only scholars mentioned in the syllabus from this book).
      Oxford Handbook of Indian Sociology – Veena Das (again like Giddens for broader perspective, can be skipped).
      Indian society can be covered from IGNOU material.
      If you want to read more then, Change in Modern India (by MN Srinivas) and Change in Indian society (Yogendra Singh) are also handy.
      However, unlike Viku, I would suggest you to refer to some coaching class notes, as there might be few things not covered in above material. For that refer to – Upendra Classroom notes.

    1. Is it there any who is providing answer writing for socio with good discussion ? or self writing assessment can also lead to confidence

      And please help Is coaching notes shall be used for taking overview (some good points can be picked from) whom you prefer according to current trend of upsc paper?

  5. Sir is UPSC still following scaling system in mains or not Sir please reply fast because I want to opt maths optional and also tell me about how the marking scheme in maths optional e.g if i found the answer right I will be awarded full marks or not or UPSC wants step by step solution

  6. Sir I’m confused between geograhy n sociology optional, seeing 2013 sociology was easy but in 2014 geography I m feeling very easy though I have not choosen n took coaching for any optional yet . I m from computer science background… Please suggest asap Sir…

  7. sir kya ham apne otional subject ko two or three attept ke bad change kar sakte hai jaise yadi hame other subject lena ho.

    “which will be the best optional in following__Philosphy,Sociology ,Shikshasastra, Political science, Geography

  8. Sir mera mains hai 28 October se …Aap kuch model answers send kr skte ho plz …. Maine pdh to liya h sb but answer kaise likhna h smjh ni aa ra h ….May u plz help me …..anilmishraen1015@gmail.com. Ye meri id hai ……9716637596 ye mera whatsapp nmbr h plz send kr dijiye ….I need it veri badly plz ….

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