[Essays] November Week3: Garrison Governance, Dignity of Labour, Rationalist Thinking, Age of Knowledge

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. Globalization, Diplomacy
  2. India, Democracy, Governance
  3. Ethics, Good governance, Accountability
  4. Science-Education
  5. Frontline Fodder Nehru Essays

Globalization, Diplomacy

  1. Secularism: The compelling necessity for today’s world.
  2. 21st Century: An age rich in promise, An age full of challenges. (Modi in Australia)
  3. The importance of economic integration for world peace and stability. (Modi in Australia)
  4. Relevance of Nehruvian politics and Gandhian ethics in today’s World.
  5. Can India become world leader by exercising soft power and economic diplomacy alone?
  6. Outer Space and cyber space: Instruments of connectivity and prosperity, Frontiers of conflict and rivalry. (Modi in Aussie parliament. Although he said similar in past also)

India, Democracy, Governance

  1. Are the policies and ideologies centered around social justice impeding the long term objective of caste-free Indian society?
  2. Relevance of Garrison governance in an independent democracy. (Context: J&K, north-east: Garrison governance involves boots on the grounds with a few feel good handouts. Read this column.)
  3. Can India transform its divisions into diversity and variety into plurality?
  4. Is poverty of resources- one of India’s strengths? (Context: Jugaadu inventions, MARS-mission etc.)
  5. The need for dignity of labour in India. (Modi says its missing).
  6. Indian Constitution: the will of an enlightened nation.
  7. Secularism, democracy and pluralism- the three fundamental principles of Indian polity. (This seems to be the favorite phrase for Hindu columnist, I’m seeing it for the 50-dozen times.)
  8. India- the nation of heterogeneity, multiplicity and complexities.

Ethics, Good governance, Accountability

  1. Unless it’s people-centric and people-driven, any reform is bound to face resistance and failure. (Modi)
  2. Only a plural society, and a mature system of governance can protect the civil liberties of the weak. (VP Ansari)
  3. Media: The great enabler of citizen’s rights. (Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore)
  4. Without transparency, autonomy is an unchecked right to do wrong. (for GS4)
  5. The greatness of humanity is not being human, but in being humane. (for GS4)
  6. The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success. (Gandhi, GS4).


  1. Rationalist thinking, scientific temper and Opportunistic Godmen in India. (Context: Baba Rampal.)
  2. India: the “vishvaguru” (world teacher) in the age of knowledge. (Modi in Australia)
  3. The future of India: Entrepreneurs, inventors and dreamers.
  4. Education- the Vaccine against all ills of society. (Malala’s father)
  5. All education is a search for truth and a pursuit of social betterment. (Dr. S. Radhakrishnan)
  6. Education: the potent vehicle for social emancipation and economic rejuvenation.
  7. Science- the enzyme of hope, an elixir of development.

Frontline Fodder Nehru Essays

@Mains-2014, many of you may be neglecting frontline because exams are near. But if time permits, do go through latest frontline issue (December 2014)- for fodder on Nehru specific questions in GS-descriptive/Essay. Here are the selected links:

  1. Nehruvian Scientific Vision
  2. Nehruvian Economic vision
  3. Nehruvian Development Vision
  4. Nehruvian World Vision and Diplomacy
  5. Nehruvian Modern State
  6. Nehruvian Secularism

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34 Comments on “[Essays] November Week3: Garrison Governance, Dignity of Labour, Rationalist Thinking, Age of Knowledge”

  1. All education is a search for truth and a pursuit of social betterment. (Dr. S. Radhakrishnan)

    Education has shaped the destiny of nations in no small measure. Nations consigned to poverty, social disorder and economic malaise have advanced through superior knowledge built by a strong education system. In ancient India, there were globally-famed seats of learning like Nalanda and Takshashila and others. The scenario today is starkly different. Our institutions lag in international rankings brought out by reputed agencies. They need to adopt an effective strategy to project their achievements.
    We, as a developing nation, have to search for solutions to issues like renewable energy, climate change, drinking water, sanitation and urbanization. It is incumbent on our institutions to align their research priorities with these challenges. Our institutions have to be the breeding ground for creative quests and cutting-edge technological developments. They have to encourage their students to satiate their curiosity and chase their creativity. They have to imbibe in these young minds a scientific temperament and a spirit of inquiry. Our have institutions to support an eco-system where innovative ideas born out of novelty of the common man are mentored.
    Central Universities have a pioneering role to play in setting standards for higher education across the country. They have to be a catalyst for rejuvenating other institutions of higher learning in their region thereby reducing regional academic imbalance. More importantly, they have to become a vehicle of social rejuvenation by extending the reach of education through extension work in adjoining areas. They have to reach out to people in their region by disseminating knowledge, encouraging innovation, promoting environmental conservation and developing skills. They have to elicit the participation of talented local youth, increase their employability and usher in upward mobility of the deprived sections of the society. Their work must resonate the needs and aspirations of the people.

    1. nice article sir. just a little suggestion that using of lucid language instead of high level phrases will be bring more fruitfulness. thank you.

    1. Pallavi,
      Points and ideas are good, but in the Opening paragraph:
      Wrong: Democracy is the government of people , by the people and for the people
      Right:Democracy is the government of the people , by the people and for the people

      Famous quotes must be written verbtim without errors.

      In the first paragraph, “Hence” used in two sentences one after another, this should be avoided.
      Wrong: …and it’s accessibility to people. (it’s = it is)
      Right: …and its accessibility to people.

      Avoid unnecessary use of sentence connectors like “That” and “which”. use comma as and where necessary.

    1. concentrate a little more on General Awareness – Insurance, IRDA, about the company,.. and for all other topics IBPS Preparation is enough,….

      1. come what may , your website is unique.
        your concept teaching is amazing its a one one time investment made by you making us be an all time customer.
        thats what we call a succesful product.
        thank you

      2. Hi Mrunal Sir,

        I could not find any option for registration at official website of Frontline magazine.

        Please help how I can register for the same or atleast send the link

  2. mrunal sir thanks but plz send nov w1 w2 current issues/sayad mains me kuch aa hi jaye. thanks

  3. sir could you please give some hints for geography mapping (last one year indian places in news)questions for cs mains.

  4. hi sir,i have one query. Shall i follow the pattern(syllabus) of bank clerical exam for united india assistants exam??

    1. knight rider:
      Appreciable attempt but Please avoid spellings mistakes like “schedule cast”.
      Avoid lengthy sentences because then more chances of making mistakes in phrasal verbs and prepositions.
      wrong: Gandhiji called “Harijan” to this people..
      right: Gandhiji called these people “Harijan”..

    1. Sabyasachi,

      1. You're quoting statistics like 17.4% in 2014, 48.5% in China…How will you memorize/recall them in exam? Approximation is sufficient. More than this, more than that.
      2. William Gibson quoted twice in the same page. This should be avoided.
      3. some mistakes in apostrophes. e.g. Governments' should act upon …..
      4. Majority of the points seems to be centered around "conflict and riverly", You should add some more points about "connectivity and prosperity"
  5. Those who wish to take up Exams in Insurance domain can try to workout Books from Sashi publications, who have special books for IRDA

    Insurance Examinations. GA will be similar to your SSC clerical paper, and IBPS paper.. basic science and history, current economics …..

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