[Essays] November Week4: Classical Arts, Security Trilemma, Think in India, Soullessness of men

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. Education, Culture
  2. Economy, Welfare
  3. Globalization, Diplomacy
  4. India, Democracy
  5. Media, Journalism
  6. Judiciary

Education, Culture

  1. Classical arts: our link with the past, foundation for current thought and platform for future action. (Pranab, but who has 2500 words worth content for this !?)
  2. Four pillars of spirituality – truthfulness, compassion, austerity and purity. (Pranab again)
  3. “The future belongs to science and to those who make friendship with science” (Pranab quoting Nehru).
  4. The need for promoting creative thinking and a spirit of inquisitiveness in our learning institutions. (Pranab fourth time)
  5. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” Pranab quoting Aristotle. [Pranab to essay quotes = Navjotsingh Siddhu to Shaayaris.]
  6. Need for “Think in India” initiative (Smrit Irani says it’ll prevent brain drain).

Economy, Welfare

  1. Economic growth: the bulwark against insecurity (NSA Doval)
  2. Only the Inclusive societies can unleash the potential of everyone.
  3. It is not wealth that creates roads but it is the roads that lead to the creation of wealth. (Modi quoting Kennedy)
  4. Indian Corporates:  Captains of the industry or freeloaders of mixed economy? (Rajanbhai says wilful defaulters are freeloaders).
  5. Government which governs the least, is the best government. (Henry David Thoreau)


  1. “In forest, field and den, The cry goes up to witness, The soullessness of men.”(Many Contexts: rapes, wars, global warming)
  2.  “A good motive, sincerity, and infinite love can conquer the world.”(Someone’s letter to Hindu.)
  3. Security trilemmas of the modern world. (Context: Action taken by Country -A to protect itself from country-B, makes Country-C feel insecure. e.g. Pak developing nukes against India but USA afraid Taliban will snatch it.)
  4. Why are respect and restraint fast diminishing among Modern societies? (may be because everyone is watching Big Boss season 8)

India, Democracy

  1. India: a geographically drawn land with emotional singularity.
  2. India: where the good is not aspiring for greatness.
  3. Secularism: keeping religion out of politics. Democracy: keeping politics out of religion

Media, Journalism

  1. Real democracy depends on informed citizenry. (Katju)
  2. If the press is not fair, it will soon cease to be free. (Ex-CJI Venkatachaliah)
  3. When journalists place cleverness in preference to honesty, and loyalty to values..


  1. A strong judiciary: key to safeguarding democracy in the country
  2. A society that looks to the judiciary and the press alone to solve all its problems is indeed a weak society. (Ex-CJI Venkatachaliah)
  3. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty  (Thomas Jefferson)

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Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

7 Comments on “[Essays] November Week4: Classical Arts, Security Trilemma, Think in India, Soullessness of men”

  1. 19.5 hrs remaining. Thanks to Mrunal for half my knowledge base :-) But my SBI PO health checkup is on 16th so that might be an issue. However the exam goes, thanks bhai for all your help.
    PS Globalization Q2is Vivekananda.

  2. Economic growth: the bulwark against the insecurity.

    With the predicted growth of 5-6 % in the fiscal year, India is still one of largest importer of military hardware.
    India aspires to be global power, but it is still vulnerable at its borders. With Pakistan’s proxy war, China’s Physical developments, migration from Bangladesh, India is prone to multiple threats externally. Therefore there is a need of establishment of physical barriers on the long borders like fences, lightings etc. But India’s defence expenditure is about 3 percent of the GDP. To protect, it needs to spend more. To spend more, it should have more. Thus it links with the growth of the country.
    In context of defence, India has moved to indigenous manufacturing. INS Vikrant, INS Vishal are some of the examples. This requires capital both human and resources, technology. These comes with an expensive offers. Though DRDO the only research and development wing of the defence, India needs more physical institutions which can inject competition that can develop new technology. Upgrading arms, inclusion of more police and army personnels requires money.
    Internal security also important domain to consider. As there are more institutions developed, the more is employed, ensuring the youths are provided with job. This can prevent them from joining the insurgent organisations.
    Security in terms of food, the recent Food security act can also be assured, if with the growth India can bring down poverty.
    But it cannot be said only economic growth brings us safe realm. It is development with should touchdown upon every end of the country. Though India grows at a faster pace, the internal insurgency in central India are linked to the lack of development.
    To conclude with the Retd Genreral SS Mehta, “A safe India, where human capital is enriched progressively, a technology driven India, a selectively self –reliant India, will bring down the masses, specially the youth the much wanted pride and self-esteem.”

  3. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”

    may be the effect of globalization or increased standard of living, there is much increase all fields especially educational system.. once education is considered as an enlightenment thing which makes one a complete human and gives him enough wisdom to discriminate what is good and what is wrong. but unfortunately nowadays most of the crimes are committed by literates rather than illiterates such as cyber crimes and using social media for terrorist activities…
    once children used to spent most of their childhood up to 5 or 6 years of age at homes getting enough affection from parents and moral bondage to them… but due to increased competition and lack of time parents to take care of them, children are thrown int to this competitive world at their early age which creates much pressure on their little minds and make them emotionally detached to their parents and to their country.. education became job and career oriented rather than life oriented without having basic moral way of thinking.. this system gives one capacity to dump in much much material but reducing thinking and discriminatory capacity…
    education not just to earn money, but to lead a moral and disciplinary life ,which needs a change in primary education

  4. Hi Mrunal,
    Request you to please write a note on ” red sanders” in your next article. It’s coming many times in HIndu since more than a month .

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