1. Democracy, Development
  2. Globalization
  3. Society, Culture, Religion
  4. GS4 / Ethics

Democracy, Development

  1. Democracy is an exercise in public reason.
  2. The democratic, intellectual and military might of Modern India. [Kiren Rijiju says these 3 will shape India’s foreign policy in years to come.]
  3. Though Directive principles are non-justiciable, they are fundamental in the governance of the country. (Pranab)
  4. How can India convert it rapid urbanisation into an economic opportunity?


  1. Irony of Modern Economies: Heads the capitalist wins, and tails the system loses” (Rajanbhai)
  2. What should be India’s Foreign Policy framework- Hawkish or Dovish? (Kiren Rijiju says follow neither, but just be “firm and responsible”.)
  3. Ideological colonisation in 21st century. (Pope says when Western powers impose their views on developing countries before granting financial-aid- that is one type of ideological colonization. For example, if an African country passes law against Gays, then its financial aid is stopped.)

Society, Culture, Religion

  1. Without conversion of mind and heart, the social structure that perpetuate inequality, cannot be destroyed. (Pope)
  2. With the emergence of modernity, has religion as a social institution lost its hold over society and its people?
  3. Limits of “free speech” in contemporary society. (Context: Charlie Hebdo, Perumal’s Novel, Amir’s Movie PK)
  4. Civilisation: an evolution from barbarianism into intellectualism.
  5. No human progress is possible without emotional violence with benevolent intentions.

GS4 / Ethics

  1. “Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position” (Gandhi. And Niti Ayog’s press release quoted it.)
  2. Education is meant to strengthen one’s wisdom rather than making a living, isn’t it?
  3. “Let the windows of my mind be open to winds from across the world, but let me not be blown away by them.” (Gandhi)
  4. “To see every being as equivalent to one’s own soul, is the supreme means of attaining deliverance.” (Sankar Dev in Kirtan Ghosh)
  5. An efficiently governed State needn’t be a democratic State, should it?
  6. Improvement in governance is a continuous process. (Modi)
  7. Good governance requires a radical reorientation of mindsets and methodologies.

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