1. Democracy-Development
  2. Society-Religion
  3. Globalization, IR
  4. GS4: Ethics

Write essays on following topics in 1500 words each


  1. Republic is a Government of laws, not of men. (Gerald Ford)
  2. Indian Constitution is secular, with or without any words in Preamble (Justice VN Khare).
  3. Can Democracy and free market economic model work together?
  4. Importance of education, knowledge and skills for social, economic and political transformation of a country. (Hamid Ansari)
  5. Role of Parliament in Democracy and Development. (Subject of LUCKNOW conference of speakers 2015)


  1. Dignified irreverence- the most important quality of a cartoonists (R.K. Laxman)
  2. “No society is inherently secular, but all societies have to be consciously secular”- Prof. Romila Thapar
  3. Diversity in Indian society is a fact of life, and any other path will only see “obstacles.”- Hamid Ansari
  4. “Homogeneity- a fictional notion. Diversity- a fact of life- Hamid Ansari.
  5. The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen. (Tommy Smothers)
  6. Does Censorship reflect society’s lack of confidence in itself? (Potter Steward).

Globalization, IR

  1. Only when China and India have developed will a real ‘century of Asia’ emerge- Deng Xiaoping
  2. Can Nation-States a synonym for war and exploitation, ever realize the dream of peace and prosperity?
  3. The geopolitical and economic factors shaping triangular relationship among India, China and USA.
  4. The spectacle of weaponry during Republic day parade- Is the celebration of “righteous violence” justified in a Gandhian Country?

GS4: Ethics

Discuss / elaborate following statements:

  1. Simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer- Gandhi. Illustrate with a real life incident.
  2. The disconnect between a problem and a solution, is often most appalling lacuna of Indian policy making. Illustrate with a real example.
  3. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail- Benjamin Franklin.
  4. The difference between organisations that achieve their visions statements and those that don’t is defined by how well their leaders are able to communicate them to their followers. Elucidate with example of any famous leader.
  5. Our childhood has the potential to determine how our adulthood pans out. Narrate the important events of your childhood that have shaped your present personality.

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