[Answerkey] Prelim-2017: Polity & International Relations MCQs solved with Explanations: right to vote, cabinet FORM of Govt, Legal process for DPSP

Polity Answerkey for UPSC Prelims 2017 Pol.Sci Bolbachchan (2 MCQs) Preamble to DPSP (8 MCQs) Preamble (2 MCQs) Fundamental rights (2 MCQs) Fundamental Duties (2 MCQs) DPSP (2 MCQs) Federalism (3 MCQs) Executive (2 MCQs) Legislature (2 MCQs) Judiciary [...]

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[Polity] Mock Interview Questions for UPSC IAS/IPS Civil Service Exam: Tenure of VP, RPA-PCA-Sasikala, Judicial Overreach, Campaign Manager

Prologue Vice President as President? Governor's Power Campaign manager Election Commission related Freedom of Expression Judicial overreach Polity: Sasikala, RPA, PCA Prologue Like any other daily wage laborer, I find seasonal employment as mock interview panelist after declaration of [...]

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