1. MPPSC Girl Topper’s Profile
  2. Why did you opt for civil services?
  3. How to approach MPPSC Prelims?
  4. MPPSC Mains Exam Preparation
  5. Answer writing for mains:
  6. MPPSC Interview
  7. My interview Trascript
  8. Marksheet
  9. Concluding words

MPPSC Girl Topper’s Profile

  • General profile: hello everyone, this is Shivangi Agarwal (23) from chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh), presently working as Assistant account officer (Urban administration and development department) in shajapur. I m selected as deputy collector by securing 2nd rank in mppsc 2017 And also selected in mandi ASI and assistant auditor under state finance services in 2017.
  • Education: bachelor’s in commerce (2015) from dr. hari singh gaur university( sagar uni.) and also pursuing masters in commerce (management).
  • Family: my father owns a sweet shop in chhatarpur and my mother is a social worker. We are 3 siblings and I m the youngest one.
  • Hobby: research, arts and craft, travelling, meditation.

Shivangi Agarwal

Why did you opt for civil services?

3 basic needs of human- money, power, respect and civil services fulfill all three of these.  As a normal student I was also in dilemma during my final semester of graduation for choosing the right carrier, here my brother guided me to pursue civil services, as in private sector you can benefit only a small section of society, but through civil services you can serve the masses and can benefit them directly and it gives my inner satisfaction.

How to approach MPPSC Prelims?

Mppsc nowadays has become very diverse like upsc and require a lot of smart study. We need to understand that it asks very basic questions on any topic or subjects and not everything under the sun. So before start preparing for mppsc, one need to go through previous year papers to understand its trend And after that stick to syllabus, As there is no separate preparation for prelims and mains. So I would suggest to prepare for both and keep your booklist short. Here is a short analysis of prelims examination:

Prelim Paper1: General Studies

  • Paper1:- general studies (100question=2marks each=200marks) + no negative marking
  • Some core areas from where questions generally arise:
  • History- Indus valley civilization, maurya dynasty  gupta dynasty, tri partite battle, delhi sultanate, mughals  Marathas, Indian independence movements, governor generals/viceroy- time work and events, caste mov., religious mov., slogan, eminent personalities etc.
  • Geography-need to learn in 3 perspective that is m.p. india and world- any topic such as important river, mountain, tribes, crops, minerals…with map practice
  • Economics- FYPs , schemes of India + m.p. gov,  various indexes and india’s ranking, terminology of economics,
  • Polity-few articles, CAA, making of constitution, 12schedules and some commission
  • Science- discoveries, invention, disease, vitamins, and a basic knowledge
  • Miscellaneous- various superlatives, organizations, days, person in news, sports (tournament, terminology, awards, players), list of PM, vice president, president, CM etc
  • Computer- basic questions are asked from this section.
  • Acts- 3:sc/st act, human rights act, and civil protection. Can be read from bare act.
  • Current affairs: person in news (new appointment/ceo/md), international summits, pm visits, sports tournament etc.

Recommended Book list Madhya Pradesh Prelims?

  1. Lucent general knowledge
  2. Madhya Pradesh general studies (poornekar one liner/ mahavir publication)
  3. Acts from bare act
  4. And one current affairs magazine

Wisdom words:-

  • For prelims- practice more and more MCQ, give mock tests (don’t think to solve mcq after completing syllabus because its never gona happen, so practice on a daily basis)
  • For practice- you can prefer online as well as offline mode ( I preferred online, as it saves our time of checking it and show our comparative performance)

Paper2- csat (qualifying)

It consists of math reasoning Hindi and English, as this paper is qualifying so does not demands any specific time

MPPSC Mains Exam Preparation

PAPER 1 PART A – History and culture

  1. World history : Mrunal.org, crash course videos(youtube channel) and internet feeds
  2. Indian history : Ancient and medieval from any specific history books and NCERT books and modern History from SPECTRUM’s Book on Freedom Struggle (English or Hindi)and Video lecture by Pratik Nayak at Mrunal.org
  3. Indian culture: Youtube Lectures by Ms.Ishani Pandya, and Nitin Singhania’s book on culture (Hindi or English).

PART B – Geography and Disaster management

  1. Indian and world geography : Youtube lectures by Ms. Rajtanil Solanki,  NCERT Textbooks from class-6 to 12th
  2. Disaster management : NCERT books for disaster management
PAPER 2 PART A – Polity

  1. Indian polity : M. Laxmikanth
  2. Internal and external issues: video lectures by mrunal.org
  3. Bare act for Indian constitution

PART B – social sector

  1. Mrunal.org has a lot of stuff on society and social sector
  2. Schemes from govt. Websites and PIB
  3. International organisation from internet and websites of respective organisations.
PAPER 3 PART A : Science , Mathematics & reasoning, IT and environment

  1. Science: NCERT ( 9th and 10th) class and LUCENT (science)
  2. Maths & Reasoning :M.Tyra
  3. Information Technology: Online sources
  4. Environment : Book on environment by ShankarIAS and internet

PART B : Economy

  1. Ncert books of class 11th
  2. Mrunal.org lectures and articles on economy
  3. Indian economy by Sanjeev Verma
  1. Lexicon for Ethics by Chronical Publication.
  2. Mrunal articles and videos on ethics (very effective)
  3. Case study plays an important role, practice them. You can prepare from mrunal.org/ethics
  4. Philosophers from Internet
  5. Ias.innoshiksha.org for thinkers
  1. Hindi Grammar books of class 9 & 10
  2. Lucent Hindi for grammar and introduction to hindi
  3. Prepare few translations both Hindi & English before exam.

Highly scoring section enhance your ranking.  Prepare wisely (more focus required by English medium student)

  • Read editorials and articles on current affairs to collect good content on contemporary issues.
  • Practice good Hindi essays on static issues (English medium student should take it very seriously)

Answer writing for mains:

  • It is the deciding phase for any aspirant as mains comprises of 1400 marks which is more than 80% of total marks for selection I.e. 1575 marks, your answer should be to the point and relevant. It should not contain any vogue information and wrong facts.
  • -Practice is the key to get success in mains
  • write in simple, easy, and lucid language (instead of bookish)
  • -write 3 specific points in 3 markers (prepare them religiously). Lucent is a good source for it.
  • -maintain readable hand writing throughout the paper.
  • -don’t leave any question unanswered in mains.
  • -maintain writing speed by practice
  • -try to right in bullets in 6 markers also but not in all 6markers
  • -your copy should be balanced with some bullet point’s paragraph and charts or map in answers. Do not use all 4 in all the answers. Write according to demand of question
  • -One page for 6markers answers 3 pages for 15markers is more than sufficient.
  • -stick to syllabus in mains preparation instead of running for completing books.
  • -prepare miscellaneous topics of mains sincerely such as paper2 part 2 (education, health, issues, organization etc) topics paper 3 energy environment science and tech and economy.

MPPSC Interview

Interview plays an important role in your selection an up gradation of post this is the most versatile part of the exam process where you can get high marks with comparatively less hard work.
Areas of focus: Bio-data, Hobby, academics and job profile if you are working. Current affairs and contemporary social issues and government policies. Rest everything about interview is unpredictable. So its better prepare everything because it decides your selection & post

  • do not give wrong answer, simply say no or sorry if you don’t know the answer.
  • -Be confident, polite and firm.
  • -Take a stand on any topic if required but also respect the views of interviewer
  • -if you know a portion or part of answer, ask them to try or reply a bit before doing so.
  • -show all your ethic here :P
  • -wear decent clothes (but it does not influence your marks)

My interview Trascript

  • Interview board:– Mr. Bipin Beohar Sir
  • Panel:– 3members
  • Language:– Hindi + English
  • My interview starts with my biodata- schooling.

Chairman- questions

  • So shivangi ji apne apni schooling maharishi vidya mandir se ki hai, what is the ideology of maharishi ji,
  •  why did you taken admission in that school.
  • Tell us Article 35a issue
  • Case-  ek mahila hai jiske 2bacche hai or uski shadi ko abhi 7 saal poore nahi huye hai, uske in laws usko dahej ke liye pareshan karte hai isliye vo suicide note likh kar suicide kar laite hai, or same condition me ek aur mahila hai uski shadi ko 7 years complete ho chuke hai or vo b suicide note likh kar suicide kar  laite hai. Toh dono caes me se kis case me dowry act ke under case chalega or kis me nahi, or agar nahi toh usme kya hoga?

Member1- questions

  • Discussed more about article 35a(came from presidential order in our constitution)
  • Who sits in satpura bhawan and  ballabh bhawan.
  • What was the ltte issue of srilanka
  • Did our prime minister done wrong in sending Indian army for peace in srilanka?
  • If you were secretary to PM, what would you suggest to him?

Member2- questions

  • Kya ap janti kya Saudi Arabia me abhi kya chal raha hai?(satta ka sangarsh)
  • India me aisa konsa state hai jaha parents ke property me pehla hakk ladkiyo ka hota hai.

Board members were very polite and cooperative. It went for apprx 20-22 minutes and was satisfactory.


Paper Subject Total Marks Obtained Marks
1 GS1 300 185
2 GS2 300 194
3 GS3 300 168
4 GS4 200 133
5 General Hindi 200 119
6 Essay & unseen passages 100 052
Interview 175 138
Final total 1575 989

Concluding words

  • 3p’s to get success in this exam: Patience, Persistence and Practice
  • As this exam ask some absurd questions in prelims(mainly in 2017prelims) require a lot of  patience and practice along with applying elimination method in mcqs
  • Practice lots and lots of mcq for prelims and do answer writing practice for mains.
  • Once you have decided to do something (mppsc/upsc) give your 100% for at least 1 year.
  • All the best to all the follow aspirants who are targeting MPPSC 2018.