Generic Viagra is a full-fledged substitute for the original Viagra manufactured by Pfizer (USA), despite the fact that generics of this medication are produced by various pharmaceutical companies based in different countries of the world. How is this possible? The thing is that the basis of both a branded drug and all its generics is the same chemical substance called Sildenafil citrate, which, in fact, determines the positive effect of Viagra on potency and allows to use it to combat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
Despite the fact that the main active ingredient in the original Viagra and its generics is the same, a lot of men who have experience taking the original medicine and its analogues note that the side effects caused by them are different, or at least not completely the same, as well as the degree of their manifestation. At the same time, different generics also lead to the occurrence of slightly different side effects. What can such variations be associated with if the same Sildenafil citrate is present everywhere? Note that we are talking about the situation when the dosage of branded Viagra and several its generics is the same, for example, 50 mg per pill.
The reason for such differences lies in the fact that the degree of purification of the active substance contained in different generics is different. Despite the fact that the auxiliary substances can also vary, in the vast majority of cases they do not have a slight influence on the patient’s organism, since they determine only the color and taste of the pills, as well as their density and weight. The degree of purification of Sildenafil directly affects the number and severity of side effects. So, the most cheap Viagra may contain poorly cleaned Sildenafil, if the manufacturer of such a generic decided to save on modern equipment and technical processes. As a result, a man will experience a severe headache, tachycardia, nasal congestion, or a disturbance in color perception after taking such a medicine, which doesn’t contribute at all to the pleasure of sex and may be unsafe for health. A low-quality generic can lead to significant drops or rises in blood pressure.
Meanwhile, quite often you can find reviews of patients who claim that their body tolerates cheap Viagra generics better than a branded drug. This is also possible and happens quite often, since top manufacturers of generics of various drugs against erectile dysfunction, including Viagra, make great efforts to ensure that their drug is not only cheaper than branded one, but also more attractive to consumers in terms of action. Thus, large Indian and Canadian pharmaceutical companies purify Sildenafil Citrate with much more modern equipment, even compared to the one used by Pfizer. As a result, men who take generics of their production experience much less pronounced side effects – mild nasal congestion or dizziness, or headache which disappears within 10-15 minutes. Some men don’t notice any discomfort at all after taking high-quality generic Viagra, while the branded drug is known to be tolerated not very well by a large number of patients.