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  2. Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#3: International Trade, BoP, WTO-IMF etc
  3. List of Topics to be covered in next free Lecture
  4. Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021


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  1. (Assumption) You’ve attended my full-length economy course anywhere in 2019.
  2. ?Download this PDF file containing Update Pack. Note: Handout on Pillar#3 to be uploaded on 17th Aug Monday by 5:00PM..
  3. No need to take printout immediately, considering the Corona Lockdown. For the same reason, I’ve not kept any blanks in it.
  4. ?Attend theFREE LIVE lecture HERE on 17th August, Monday, 9PM NIGHT. It’s called ‘Unacademy special classes’, which means it’s basically free to attend for everyone.

List of Topics to be covered in Next FREE Lecture #7

As you’re aware, I cover the economy in six pillars.  This Monday lecture, we’ll see following topics

What are the new updates since Prelims-2019?

  • Post-Coronavirus & Atma-Nirbhar Bharat initiatives for international trade e.g. negative prices of crude oil in USA, India imposes more control over Chinese FDI, Defense FDI raised to 74% in automatic route and more.
  • ??Economic Survey 2020 Vol2Ch3 New data import export, FDI, FPI, trading partners, BoP etc from 2018-19
  • Gross Terms of Trade and NET ToT
  • ? Remittance: Global migration report 2020 (अंतरराष्ट्रीय प्रवास)
  • Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD)
  • Updated the timeline of oil price fluctuations
  • Updated the list of GI product approved in last year
  • SEZ Sunset clause in Income Tax Act
  • Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP)
  • (Full) Budget-2019: New announcement related to FDI and FPI
  • ?Budget-2020: Rules of origin in the free trade agreements
  • Added a list of Cabinet Committees, because Modi 2.0 Government added 2u cabinet committees after the general election 2019
  • IFSC Authority Bill, 2019
  • Net International Investment Position (NIIP)
  • Disequilibrium in BoP: Factors responsible.
  • Rupee exchange rate:  new factor CoronaVirus Force Majeure, RBI’s Dollar shops in the March 2020.
  • Updated the names of new chiefs for World Bank and IMF
  • IMF loan to Pakistan
  • Anti dumping duty on PTA, DGFT’s ARTIS portal
  • Added some new theories of international trade
  • WTO appellate body stalemate
  • RCEP: Why didn’t India join in 2019-Nov?
  • G20: OSAKA DECLARATION why India did not sign Data declaration?
  • ??ES20 Vol1ch5 Talks about doing “assemble in India for network products” to encourage our exports but we will see that in pillar 4B along with make in India.
  • Updated the annual summits of international groups, international report, summits, themes of 2019-20
  • This and many more – minor updates.

Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021

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