[Win20CSP] Mrunal’s Free Economy Update Lecture#8: IMF,WTO,RCEP,D10 & More Updates in Pillar3B

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Mrunal New Economy Course for UPSC
  1. Prologue
  2. Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#3B: WTO-IMF,RCEP etc
  3. List of Topics to be covered in next free Lecture
  4. Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021


Step#1: Download Free Handout & Step#2: Attend the Free LIVE lecture

[Win20CSP] Mrunal's Free Economy Update Lecture#8: IMF,WTO,RCEP,D10 & More Updates in Pillar3B

  1. (Assumption) You’ve attended my full-length economy course anywhere in 2019.
  2. 💾Download this PDF file containing Update Pack. Note: Handout on Pillar#3 is already uploaded..
  3. No need to take printout immediately, considering the Corona Lockdown. For the same reason, I’ve not kept any blanks in it.
  4. 📡Attend theFREE LIVE lecture HERE on 31st August, Monday, 9PM NIGHT. It’s called ‘Unacademy special classes’, which means it’s basically free to attend for everyone.

List of Topics to be covered in Next FREE Lecture #7

As you’re aware, I cover the economy in six pillars.  This Monday lecture, we’ll see following topics

What are the new updates since Prelims-2019?

  • 🌐🗡👨‍⚖‍🛐IMF gives loan to Pakistan (2019)
  • 🌐🗡👨‍⚖‍ (Non-Bretton Woods) → Multilateral Development Banks
  • 🌐🛒 Theories of International Trade
  • 🌐🛒👨‍⚖‍ World Trade Organization: Kazakhstan Summit #cancelled (2020-June)
  • 🌐🛒🚫: Tariff Barriers against international trade: Dumping
  • 🌐🛒⚔️🧔 WTO Disputes : India’s export incentive schemes
  • 🛒⛷📝Free Trade agreements → TPP11
  • 🛒⛷📝 Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
  • 🛒⛷📝 Trade agreements → USMCA & AFCFTA
  • 💼Budget-2020: FTA ‘rules of origin’ (उत्पत्ति के नियम)
  • 🌐🛒🤼‍♀‍ Burning issues in International trade
  • 🌐🛒🤼‍♀‍Protectionism, Trade war: संरक्षणवाद, व्यापार युद्ध
  • 👻🌐🛒🤼‍♀‍: 🔫💊Protectionism → Medicine and Defence
  • 👻🌐🛒🤼‍♀‍: 🛒🧔 Protectionism → Indian Govt procurement (सरकारी खरीद)
  • 🌐🛒🤼‍♀‍🎃USA’s Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) list
  • ⚖️🎃USA Reciprocal Trade Bill/Act (पारस्परिक व्यापार विधेयक / अधिनियम)
  • 🧔🤝🎃 India-USA limited trade deal (सीमित व्यापार सौदा)
  • 🌐🤝 International Groupings: G7, D10
  • 📝📡⛷🚫🖋Osaka declaration: why India refused to sign
  • 🤧 ⛴✈️ Vande Bharat Mission 2020- Indians ki watan-waapsi
  • ⚖️☪️✋:👷‍♂‍👷‍♂‍Kuwait Expat Bill
  • And more!

Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021

I’m also pleased to inform, my full-length LIVE batch for Economy for UPSC CSE-2021 Prelims and Mains is currently going on.

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Stay Tuned for the Remaining [Win20CSP] Pillar#/4/5/6 update packs at Mrunal.Org/Download

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    Sir, please upload monthly or bi-monthly updates for all pillars, so that we dont have to wait long for your updates…..
    also that way we can rely on your updates only(which are crisp, classified & sorted in a good manner in form of pillars and worth relying upon).
    O/w we have to study monthly compilations(lots of random unnecessary info).
    Monthly updates for all pillars could be covered in a few videos as well. Also, for topics that are still developing, teach them later as per your convenience(as you say, avoid day to day commentary).
    Please give it a thought

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