Disha Publication is offering FREE BOOKS of its 2 newly launched series to 100 lucky Aspirants. The 2 Series are Landmark Series (9 Books) & NCERT PLUS Series (5 Books). These Books are aimed at simplifying the UPSC preparation. This offer is available till 20th of April. Hurry and register yourself NOW!

About Disha Publication

In the past two years, Disha Publication has emerged as a market leader in the UPSC Test Prep category. Disha is among the top three UPSC publishers and has produced more than 25 Bestsellers in the last 2 years which instantly captured the market. Some of our popular books are the

  • 26 Years Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers (English & Hindi),
  • 10 Years Prelims Year-wise Solved Papers (English & Hindi),
  • 8 Years Mains Year-wise Solved Papers (English & Hindi),
  • 6 Years Mains Topic-wise Solved Papers (English & Hindi),
  • Compendium Series,
  • 151 Essays (English & Hindi),
  • Mastering Essays (English & Hindi), etc.
Disha has partnered with the best and most sought after authors, who are renowned in their respective fields, such as Mrunal Patel, Dr Awdhesh Singh, SiddharthArora, Ashish Malik, AmanSoni, Deepanshu Singh, Ravi Pathak and Ajit Kumar Jha among others.

After seeing indomitable success in various previous publications released by Disha, we have come up with a unique methodology that will help UPSC aspirants in preparing in a hassle free way.This unique methodology will be implemented through the launch of 2 new series – 35 Landmark series and NCERT Plus series.

35 Landmark Series:

The focus of UPSC is increasingly shifting towards checking candidate’s ability to link Landmark Events with Government Objectives like 5 trillion Economy, Atamnirbhar Bharat, Swachh Bharat, Corruption Free India, Doubling Farmer’s Income etc. or Societal Goals like Inclusive Growth, Poverty alleviation, Sustainable Development, Gender Parity, Freedom of Speech etc. Disha’s 35 Landmark series is essentially based on this theme and provides the required analysis so that the aspirants discover deep insights which helps them the Mains Answer Writing.

Divided into Nine categories which include Political developments, economic developments, ancient and medieval history, modern history, ecological developments, Supreme Court Judgements, Science & Technology, International Developments and Social Developments, all nine textbooks contain thirty-five of the most important and notable events or milestones in that particular field.

Each Event includes background, objectives, overview, timeline, facts you need to know, Key terms/people, the political, social and economic impact of the same and concludes with a way forward.The presentation of the books is unique and empowered with flow charts to enable easy retention of the content. These books have been prepared after thorough research of previous year papers to identify the most important Events for the exams.

NCERT PlusSeries

This is supplemented with the launch of the much awaited NCERT Plus series consisting of five books which include History; Indian Polity; Indian Economy; Geography; and Science, Technology & Ecology covering NCERT concepts of classes 6 to 12.

Apart from the availability of NCERT Based, Past & Practice Questions, both for Prelim & Main, these books have set an unconventional premise of tweaking questions to be in line with the UPSC and State PSCs pattern of questioning. The books have been divided into Units which are further divided into Chapters. Detailed explanation to all questions is provided. The Mains solutions are in adherence to the word limits.In other words, it is a complete must have series for Prelim & Main Exams.

Clearly both the series aim at changing the way students used to prepare for UPSC. Certainly, Disha Publication is increasingly becoming the choice of thousands of aspirants because of their modern and updated approach of introducing such differentiating features which makes the aspirants come closer to their goal of cracking the UPSC examination.