1. Diplomacy & globalization
  2. Democracy & Development
  3. Society, Culture, Religion
  4. GS4

Diplomacy & globalization

  1. Strategic autonomy and no military alliances: the two tenants of India’s foreign policy.
  2. India’s growth and development agenda requires Equidistance diplomacy with all major powers of the world.
  3. “Terrorism is today an industry of evil. It is not just a threat to peace and security but an attack on humanity as a whole and civilization” (Pranab)
  4. The long journey of freedom, through space and time of world, has not ended yet.

Democracy & Development

  1. Progress is necessary, but without responsible development, we will be the agents of our own destruction.
  2. Only sharp and sustained focus on improving governance, can ensure a better quality of life for ordinary Indians.
  3. An effective judicial system as an integral part of the economic reform agenda.
  4. Democracy thrives on the checks and balances and countervailing powers of its institutions.
  5. The need to isolate student politics from mainstream politics in India.

Society, Culture, Religion

  1. The argument for temple reform, not for lowering their importance in the life of an ordinance person- Gandhi.
  2. The modern concept of life requires tolerance for others. -Mohan Bhagwat
  3. Can the spirit of India be kept alive in an era of Cultural homogenization? (Sushma)
  4. “Oneness” is the absolute truth and the permanent reality of the Indian way of life. (RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat.)
  5. The fine line between censorship and moral responsibility. (Context: AIB Roast.)
  6. The Child is the father of Man (Wordsworth).


  1. Productivity is rarely dependent on the work of a single worker or supervisor, but is the result of combined efforts. In this backdrop, suggest measures to improve the productivity of Indian bureaucracy.
  2. Those who have a “why” to live, can bear with almost any “how”- Friedrich Nietzsche. Substantiate  with life of a famous personality.
  3. The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas- Scot Fitzgerald. Elaborate with example of a famous public figure.
  4. As an administrator, who will you implement the “Quest for excellence” in your work-culture?

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