[Topper’s Interview] Anoop Shetty (AIR 140 /CSE-2012) Kannada Litt, Agriculture, No Coaching

Bio Coaching Inception Study Momentum Strategy: CSAT (Aptitude) Strategy: General studies (GS) Mains 2013 Optional Subject #1: Agriculture Optional Subject #2: Kannada Literature Optional Subject in Mains 2013? Compulsory papers Essay Previous Attempts Insecurity  about “Profile” Career Backup Family [...]

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[Interview] Arvind Menon (AIR 201/CSE 2011) shares his success-story (Malayalam Litt. + Pub Ad)

Introduction Inception Essay Your Study plan CSAT (Paper I) General studies About the CSAT aptitude Mains Examination Optional Subject #1 and #2 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION MALAYALAM LITERATURE Interview Marksheet Introduction Name Aravind Menon Roll number 238947 Rank (CSE 2011) 201 [...]

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[Toppers Interview] Abhishek Kumar Tiwari (AIR 69 / CSE 2011) gives History & Political science strategy

First attempt, no coaching and Abhishek Tiwary walks away with 69th Rank. And today he shares his journey and preparation tips for both History and Political Science, for the benefit future UPSC aspirants. Introduction Essay Your Study plan CSAT [...]

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[Toppers Interview] Sridhar PN (AIR 267 / CSE 2011) first attempt, Anthropology & Public Administration

Introduction Essay Your Study plan CSAT (Paper I) General studies CSAT Paper II (Aptitude) Mains Examination Compulsory Language papers General Studies paper I General Studies paper 2 Anthropology Public Administration Marksheet Introduction Name Sridhar P N Roll number 311458 [...]

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[Toppers Interview] B Fouzia Taranum (AIR 307 /CSE2011) shares her Sociology, Public Administration, GS preparation strategy

 Introduction Family and Friends Your Study plan CSAT (Paper I) General studies GS Mains PUBLIC ADMIN SOCIOLOGY Marksheet  Introduction Name B Fouzia Taranum Roll number 275787 Rank (CSE 2011) 307 Optional Subjects Public Administration Sociology Medium for Mains Exam [...]

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[Toppers Interview] Om Prakash Kasera (AIR 17/CSE 2011) working professional without Coaching cracks IAS exam and shares his journey studyplan and preparation tips

Prologue This gentleman was once rejected for a call centre job, but then he went on to ace the Chartered Accountants’ exam, was selected for IIM Calcutta. And now he has cracked the mother of all Exams, and that [...]

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