[Download] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject Notes by IAS Tejas Parmar

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Shri Tejas Parmar (IAS, alumni SVNIT-Surat) had cleared the UPSC civil service exam in 2015. Presently he is serving as the District Development Officer (DDO) of Amreli district in Gujarat  His optional subject was Gujarati literature. He had prepared over 200 pages notes for it.  He got them scanned and shared it with me, for the benefit of the future …

[Ebook] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject: Topicwise Question papers for UPSC Mains Exam (2007-19)

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Prologue Gujarati Literature Paper1: Topic Frequency Chart GLP1-Block#1: ભાષાનો ઇતિહાસ, ઉચ્ચારણ,બોલીઓ GLP1-Block#1A: ભાષાનો ઇતિહાસ GLP1-Block#1B: શબ્દ ભંડોળ, વ્યાકરણ GLP1-Block#1C: ધ્વનિ-ઉચ્ચારણ વિજ્ઞાન GLP1-Block#1D: બોલીના પ્રકારો Guj.Litt Paper-2: Topic Frequency Chart GLP2-Block#1-કૃતિઓ મધ્યકાળની GLP2:- વસંતવિલાસ GLP2:- કાદંબરી-ભાલણ ? Additional Prep. Sources for Guj.Litt Prologue We’ve created an ebook with topicwise and yearwise papersets of Gujarati Literature Optional Subject (2007-19) for UPSC Civil …

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[Topper’s Interview] Tejas Parmar (Rank-310/CSE-2015) Gujarati Literature, B.Tech from SVNIT, Worked in Tata-Hitachi

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Candidate Profile Education Introduction Electronic Vs Paper material Tempo and style Struggle of a Senior player Working professional Prelims (CSAT) General studies Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude Prelim accuracy Mains: Compulsory language paper Mains: Essay Mains General studies paper 1 to 4 General Studies (Mains) paper 1 General studies (Mains) paper 2 General studies (Mains) Paper 3 General Studies 4: Ethics, Integrity, …

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[Download] Gujarati Literature Optional Subject Mindmaps/Notes for UPSC Mains Examination

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Prologue Structure of the Notes Folder 0_Syllabus_TopicwiseQP_2008 P1_1_Bhasha_Boli_Udbhav_Grammar P1_2_Sahitya_Prakaro P1_3_Yug_Writers P2_1_Kruti Video: How to kickstart Guj.Litt Preparation Download Link for Notes Topicwise Previous Years Guj-Litt Paperset Prologue Here are my own notes / mindmaps on Gujarati literature optional subject, that I had made years ago but lost in backup DVDs, but now found it. These notes are in .mmap (Mindjet …

[Strategy] Gujarati Literature for UPSC Mains Exam: Previous Papers, Topicwise Booklist

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This set of 4 videos, should clear most of the confusion regarding how to prepare Gujarati Literature, topicwise booklist etc. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0A116218CF7AB117 Links to individual videos: Video #1: History and Evolution of Gujarati Language Video #2: Medieval Gujarati Literature (+Booklist) Video #3: All the remaining topics Video #4: Misc.Tips on Guj.Litt Preparation Q. Where to find the previous …