[Conversation] Western Ghats: Overview of Physical Geography, Rivers & Biodiversity

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Mitrapal Philosophy
  1. What is Western Ghats?
  2. Administrative Regions
  3. Western vs Eastern Ghats
  4. Western Ghat: Forest
  5. Western Ghats: Rivers
    1. West Flowing Rivers
    2. East Flowing rivers
  6. Western Ghats- Other Names
  7. Agriculture
  8. Western Ghats: Biodiversity

Western Ghats has been in news because of Gadgil Committee report controversy.

What is Western Ghats?

Western Ghats Map

  • Entire tract of hills from the Tapi to Kanyakumari is called Western Ghats.
  • Length =approx. 1500km and Area= approx. 1.6 lakh sq.kms
  • About 30% of the area of the Western Ghats Region is under forests.
SIX StatesThree (important) Passes
  1. Gujarat (portions of Dang Forests).
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Karnataka
  4. Goa
  5. Kerala
  6. Tamilnadu
  1. Thalghat
  2. Bhorghat
  3. Palghat

Administrative Regions

(no need to mugup table, but if you’re from any of these districts, be more prepared for “profile based” interview questions on Western Ghats).

The DangsAhmednagarBelgaumIdukkiCoimbatore
NashikDakshin KannadKollamKanyakumari
Uttar KannadaThrissur

+ UT- Diu Daman (Silvassa region)

Western vs Eastern Ghats

Almost Continuous hillsDiscontinuous hills (thanks to River deltas)
avg. height : 1500 to 2000 mlower: 500-700 m
Highest peak: Anai Mudi (Kerala)Dewodi Munda (Odisha) (as per Majid Hussein). Update: Highest peak in Eastern ghat is Jindhagada peak Andhra- it is few meters taller than Dewodi Munda.
Fast flowing rivers, donot form deltaLong broad rivers, form delta.
Narmada-TapiKrishna, Kaveri, Godawai (these origin from Western Ghats though)
and Mahanadi
Flow into Arabian sea.Into Bay of Bengal.
  • Land between Western and Eastern Ghats=Deccan plateau.
  • Nilgiri hills connect Western and Eastern Ghats.

Western Ghat: Forest

Western SlopeEastern Slope
Rainfall: 200cm70-200cm
Tropical Evergreen+ Semi Evergreen.Moist Deciduous (also known as Monsoon forest)
There is no definite time for trees to shade leaves.
Hence the jungle appears green throughout the year.
Trees shed leaves during dry season.
  1. Rosewood,
  2. Mahogony
  3. Ebony
  4. Aini
  5. Cedar
  6. Hollywood ock
  7. Kail
  1. Teak
  2. Sal
  3. Shisham
  4. Mahua
  5. Sandalwood
  6. Mahua

Western Ghats: Rivers

  • Three main rivers of South India= Krishna, Godavari and Kaveri. They originate from Western Ghats.
  • Traditionally these water resources were used to irrigate the valleys for paddy and arecanut cultivation.
  • But later, construction of major river valley projects =irrigation + power generation.
  • The steep slopes to the western Ghats = ideal for constructing dams and hydel power generation.
  • In recent years construction of resorts and hill stations started around lakes and rivers. E.g. Amba Valley, Lavasa.
  • Rivers flowing from the Western Ghats drain almost 40% of land in India.
  • Roughly 250 million people depend on these rivers .
  • From Western Ghats, rivers originate and flow in both directions: West and East.
West Flowing Rivers
Origin (both MP)Amarkantak hillsSatpura Ranges.
States coveredGuj, MPGuj, MP, Mah.
Other namesRevaHandmaid of Narmada.
  • Coastal plains between Western Ghats and the Arabian sea are very narrow. Hence, these coastal rivers are short (compared to East flowing rivers)


East Flowing rivers- they drain in Bay of Bengal
OriginNasik, Mah.MahabaleshwarBrahmagiri Range
Length (km)15001400750
Water Basin coversMah, MP, Odi, AP*Mah, Karn, APKarn, Ker, TN
Other namesDakshin Ganga/Vridha GangaGanga of South
Misc.notesSivasamudram water falls.
  1. Manjra
  2. Wainganga
  3. Penganga
  1. Tungabhadra
  2. Koyana
  3. Ghatprabha
  4. Musi
  5. Bhima
  1. Amravati,
  2. Bhavani,
  3. Hemavati
  4. Kabini.
Type of Delta?LobateArcuateQuadrilateral
  • *NCERT Class 9 Geography: Chapter 3 page 21.
  • Every once in a while, UPSC has a nasty habit of asking MCQ question from “delta-type” (Lobate, Arculate etc.) so do mug it up hahaha.
  • Mahanadi also drains in Bay of Bengal but it comes from Chattisgarh=not part of Western Ghats.


Western Ghats- Other names
  1. Maharashtra
  1. Karnataka
Nilgiri hills
  1. Tamil Nadu
Same as above
  1. Kerala
Anaimalai + Cardamom hills.

Geologically, the Western Ghats is subdivided into three parts

  1. Surat to Goa
  2. Goa to Nilgiris
  3. South of Palghat Gap


Agriculture in Western Ghats
RegionCultivation of
Hill slops
  • Earlier slash and burn type agriculture. Nowadays Terrace farming.
  • Millets and legumes.
  • arecanut
Coastal areas
  • coconut, mango, jackfruit

Plantation crops

Introduced by Europeans in Western GhatsNative to Western Ghats
  1. Tea
  2. Coffee
  3. Rubber
  4. Tapioca
  5. Potato
  1. Pepper
  2. Cardamom

Forest produce

  • Pepper, Cardamom,Honey,Wax, Myrobalan (Small Fruit),
  • Bamboos + Reeds = For Basket Weaving
  • 1980 onwards = explosion of forest-based industries such as paper, plywood, polyfibres, matchwood, tanning etc.

Western Ghats: Biodiversity

Western Ghats flora fauna

  • The Western Ghats is one of the Biodiversity hotspots of the country.
  • The wild relatives pepper, cardamom, mango, jackfruit and plantain=found here.
  • Thousands of endemic* species of flowering plants, insects, trees, fishes, butterflies, dragonflies, mollusks (land snails) present.

*What is Endemic Species?

  • Any species which is exclusively confined to a particular geographical area and it is found nowhere else in the world.

Nasikabactrachus sahyadrensis

  • Recently discovered frog species in Western Ghats.
  • It proves that Western Ghat was once part of ancient Gondwana region.

Western Ghat: Notable wildlife

Western ghat wildlife

  1. Tiger
  2. Elephant
  3. The Indian Bison
  4. Lion-Tailed Macaque
  5. Wynad Laughing Thrush (Songbirds)
  6. Travancore Tortoise
  7. Uropeltid Snakes
  8. Several Species Of Legless Amphibians.

In the next article, we’ll see the threats to this rich biodiversity of Western Ghats.

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    1. only 2 hotspots

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      2. Indo Burma

      1. Hi Manish from MoEF 3 hotspots
        Eastern Himalaya, Western Ghats, Indo Burma.

        1. Those are national hotspots, assigned by the government also mentioned in the year book. while Western Ghats/Indo burma are biodiversity hotspots which are internationally acclaimed

    2. According to IYB there are 4 Biological Hot spots
      – W ghats
      – Himalayas
      – North East (part of Indo Burma)
      – Andaman & Nicob Islands (closely related to Sundaland HS of SE Asia )

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    1. It is simple:
      1. Godaveri Delta can be termed arcuate and lobate delta.
      2. I’ll explain Arcuate Delta means arc shaped and Lobate means having rounded projections, Arc is a rounded projection and hence “Lobate is Arcuate”.
      3. But there is difference also- an Arc can be concave and convex Lobate form requires a convex Arc. So a delta having a concave Arc shape is not Lobate and hence “All Arcuate is not Lobate”

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    2. It is a bit complex. Narmada river does not flow through Maharashtra. What you see in Wikipedia is the extension of Narmada Basin, there is a difference. Narmada basin does go through Maharashtra[Dhule District] and even Chattisgarh[Durg District]. The data given in Wikipedia is a straight copy paste of the info given in Narmada Control Authority[http://nca.gov.in/nb_geogr.htm]. The site doesn’t seems to be updated as they still regard Durg District as a part of MP and not Chattisgarh. So correct this when making notes. Hope I could help. Feel free to correct any mistakes.

      1. I am from durg and there is no narmada basin in durg.

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  31. Deltas:-
    Kaveri–Last word:i(for all sub)–>quadrilateral
    Godaveri–Last words ga/ra(for subs)–>lobate
    Krishna–all other–>Arcuate

  32. UPDATE:Highest peak in EG is JINDHAGADA(Andhra).

  33. India’s largest boundary is with Bangladesh… 1496 km.
    [Length of western Ghat is 1500 km.]
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  36. Which is the Highest peak in Eastern Ghats? pls clarify
    As given above is : Dewodi Munda (Odisha) (as per Majid Hussein). Update: Highest peak in Eastern ghat is Jindhagada peak Andhra- it is few meters taller than Dewodi Munda.
    In Wikipedia : Arma Konda (1680 m)
    In NCERT class 9 ch 2 Mahendragiri 1501M

  37. Which is Highest peak in Eastern Ghats? pls clarify
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